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  1. I think they are bringing all the youth into Detroit and Grand Rapids to see who could possibly be a part of this team in the future. Youth movement is in full effect now.
  2. Hronek with some nice mitts
  3. DK and Howard are making my drunk go soft
  4. It'd be great if Tatar scores in ot and celebrates by punching Andersen in the face.
  5. With his size and skill set Svech could be a very good player for the Wings in the future if he continues to go to the front of the net. I don't think he'll be a super star by any means but who knows. Kids only 20.
  6. They look good so far
  7. You're spare parts aren't ya bud
  8. If you're not going to block the shot gtfo of the way!
  9. Wow Did Larkin ever get walked on that one and DK loves screening the goalie without ever blocking shots
  10. And if Sheahan matched his goal total from last year. If Larkin didn't have a sophomore slump. If Tatar, Nyquist, DK, and others didn't regress. If AA and Mantha got big top 6 minutes all season. So many what ifs.
  11. They need to change how the draft order is selected pretty soon. I can't remember where I heard the idea but someone mentioned that the team with the most points from the trade deadline til the end of the season, who does not make the playoffs, should have the best chance of getting the 1st overall pick. This would make tanking a bad idea but not sure how it would affect teams that are just plain bad. I wish I could remember where I heard it but that's the price of drinking. And there's been a lot of drinking this season.
  12. I can only watch the 1st period. Work sucks
  13. David Farrance listed one spot below Hague is from my hometown. Saw him play high school as an 8th grader and man can this kid move the puck up ice. Really smooth skating puck moving defenseman. Not very big. Probably 5'11" 180lbs but he was fun to watch. Not saying we should draft him but awesome to see him moving up the rankings.
  14. This is disappointing. I already know Lashoff brings nothing to the table. I want to see what the others have to offer.
  15. Beat me to it haha