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  1. Ah the old "do you know who I am?" line. Same line Pat Kane uses to wheel broads at the bar. Classic.
  2. I think it's for the best. What's the point of having him if they never use him. Maybe he'll get a shot there and turn his career around
  3. Living around Sabres fans my whole life, I have heard this joke directed at them a lot. I never thought it would be used at the Wings expense lol
  4. Yea but Mantha is our only winger that can score and not get knocked around in the corners. The rest of the wingers are soft and less effective.
  5. Without a solid puck moving D-core any more offense we bring in might not help. It takes a long time to develop defense and we need our defense to start being good by the time Mantha Larkin and AA are in their prime. Trouba would be a solid start but I don't think he would help much unless we start developing our current prospects into top 4 dmen and start drafting some high caliber dmen as well. Once our defense is established we can start bringing in offense to compliment our young forward group, since forwards usually take less time to develop.
  6. I'm really excited for this years draft. Even tho it's weaker than most I feel like there are a lot of potential outcomes. It will be interesting to see how everything plays out. Plus there are 2 kids from my hometown in the draft. Probably later round picks but it'll be cool to see where they go.
  7. I think if one or two of these guys can work their way into the top 4 and become contributors on the power play then we'll see a huge improvement on d (if we can trade or draft a #1/2 guy). Yea they might not be big, but the way the game is played these days, you have to be able to move the puck. That's why the team now is so awful. Every dman makes terrible decisions or holds onto the puck too long.
  8. From what I've hear Hronek is having a pretty solid year in the OHL. Close to a point per game. Hopefully he can keep building on that and crack the line up by the time guys like Mantha, Larkin and AA are in their prime. Same goes for a bunch of our younger prospects.
  9. Well that's good
  10. Coreau is bad
  11. If this organization isn't a seller at the deadline after this then everyone deserves to be fired
  12. Worst penalty kill system I have ever seen. Also what the hell is Nyquist doing swinging his stick around?
  13. Isn't it a lottery now?
  14. Svech looks like he is just starting to get his footing in the AHL. After a slow start there's been an improvement in his numbers. I haven't been able to watch him play so I'm not sure how he looks but he is starting to produce more. I'd say leave him there instead of ripping him away from his success to play with this mess of a team
  15. Loyalty has crippled this team and will continue to do so until Holland is gone. He doesn't run this team like a business. He runs it like a beer league team. Get a group of guys that you know and enjoy being around and keep them around as long as possible, even if they can't perform on the ice/behind the bench, because you need someone to drink with after you lose every game.