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  1. I love AA and think he's pretty much the most entertaining player on this team. However, if there's a legit chance at getting a young top pairing dman, I say you gotta move him. As good as he's been and as fun as he is to watch he or Svech would be the first ones I'd look to move. AA still has a lot of work to do to round out his game. He still tries to do too much himself and sort of lacks a team oriented game.
  2. I know but that's why I feel that he wants to prove himself. If he shows up in the best shape of his life and works every shift he could be unstoppable. He has the size, skill, and speed to go up against anyone in the NHL. Also his shot is pretty good
  3. I'm predicting that Mantha will have a big year this season. I don't know why but I just have a feeling he's going to show up and be a monster.
  4. im already bored. guess i have time for another liquor run tho.
  5. If it's Nosek we get no cap relief plus after watching the AHL playoffs I kinda like the way Nosek plays. Not a star by any means but could've been an upgrade to our 3rd/4th line down the road.
  6. Drunk Stan is Mrazek and his attitude. Kyle is Ken Holland. I guess it could be the other way around too if Ken Holland later regrets his decision.
  7. Coreau's size does not help his game at all
  8. Whoever they take with the first pick better be a great skater and have the ability and skill set to create plays.
  9. I can see us losing Mrazek for nothing and have Howard get hurt for a long stretch in probaly the 15th game of the season. Then they'll be stuck with Coreau in net with an unknown back-up. Probably lock in the best odds to get the first pick next year
  10. I get what you're saying. I just feel that with Russo, Hronek, Saarijarvi, and Sambrook all being right handed and hopefully coming through the pipeline in the next 2-4 years, Sproul and Jensen might be surpassed or replaced. Then having a guy like XO paired with one of these guys would make a great third pair. That's a couple years down the line though. I still like Jensen. Hopefully we don't lose any of them but at this point I won't be that upset.
  11. Dumb. I'd rather leave Jensen unprotected. I feel like XO has more upside but what do I know. Oh well. I just want to see how this all plays out already.
  12. My friends who are Sabres fans don't like Lehner but they would absolutely flip the f*** out if they ended up with Howard as a replacement hahahaha. Let's make it happen Kenny!
  13. I like this kid. Mainly because he's from my hometown... and we share the same birthday... and I heard that I have to chase him around in summer league this year. The write up on him makes him seem like a piece this team could use in the future. Very offensively gifted. Still working on his defensive game but his puck movement is incredible. If he goes in the 3rd round ands we use one of our picks on him I wouldn't be mad.
  14. Idk about this. It is hard to guess where Frk might end up but he's got decent size, can play in the corners, and go to the dirty areas. Pulks seemed to hesitate to go into the corners and stayed away from the gritty areas. I'd give Frk a decent amount of games on 3rd line with some power play time to see if he can settle in. It's not like it's going to change anything or hurt the team. I see Nosek as a solid 4th line center who could fill in on 3rd line for a short period of time with injuries. He's got good size, decent hands, and is faster than Anderson. In the 3 games I watched in Syracuse, he was often the most noticeable player on the ice. Always engaged in the physical play and always driving the net. He made a lot of good things happen. Again, it won't hurt the team to give him a decent amount of time to try and get his game going. Thats just my opinion based on the limited time I've seen these guys play. I say give em a shot.
  15. Hopefully he keeps developing and can be an impact player in the future. Would be nice to get a late round steal. It's been awhile since we got one of those.