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  1. Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    While I don’t think he is going to be that big of a disappointment, I do think we should be looking to move Svechnikov at the draft. He could easily be packaged to bring in a high potential D prospect. Holland also has enough draft picks over the next couple of drafts to restock the cupboard with forward prospects. If he isn’t moved and he shows he can’t hack it then Holland loses out on possibly bringing in a key piece. And we’ll be stuck with yet another dud.
  2. Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    I think most would prefer Hanifin, it’s just a matter of how many assets are you comfortable giving up for him. Bean would be way cheaper to acquire but Hanifin might be worth the price as he has already established himself as a very solid defenseman in the show.
  3. Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    Trade AA in a package for the 7th overall and take Wahlstrom. Then trade Svechnikov in a package for Bean. Probably won’t happen but I’m my opinion would extremely speed up this rebuild. Lines 1, 2, and 4 can stay the same. Just add Wahlstrom to Rass and Nielsen’s line. Frk rotates in if needed. Then on D you’ll add Bean and our 6th overall pick to our current prospect pool. All those kids come up in the next 1-4 years depending on their development. We should have a very young, fast, mobile, puck moving d-core.
  4. Rumors Thread

    Sign Kovy 1 year and trade AA with picks for the 7th overall to draft Wahlstrom and one of the Defense Kovy - Larkin - Mantha Bertuzzi - Z - Nyquist Rassmusen - Nielsen - Wahlstrom Helm - Glenn - Abby Frk Daley - Kronwall DK - Jensen E - Hicketts/Hronek/6th overall Everyone else gets traded/starts in GR or goes back to jr. I don’t know. Not focused on work today.
  5. Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    Yea but they are forwards. The team will need a vet on defense to help the young guys breaking into the league. Someone who has been through the ups and downs and knows how to handle themselves through an 82 game season.
  6. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    If AA, Vegas 1st, and 2019 2nd gets us Wahlstrom and (Bouchard, Dobson, Hughes, or Boqvist), I would definitely pull the trigger on that. Especially knowing that we have a bunch of second round picks left that we could use to grab a lot of decent prospects or trade up into the mid/late first round. If the other team involved has decent interest in AA and think he has the ability to help out their top 6 and speed up their rebuild it seems like a fair trade. Not sure who/if anyone values him that much. I’d bet on Edmonton making that trade but not sure about anyone else.
  7. 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    I might be there if Vegas wins tonight. A few of my friends are going and I’m thinking about tagging along for the ride.
  8. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    My list is pretty similar to this. Maybe swap Bouchard and Kotkaniemi. From what I’ve heard Dobson probably has the most solid all around game out of any of the 4 dmen we could take. Hughes is probably the best skater in the draft and has tremendous vision and the ability to create plays with his speed or passing. If we go forward it’s gotta be Whalstrom if available. He could be the elite RH scorer this team desperately needs. Bouchard while probably the most NHL ready defenseman at our position lacks some skating ability and has been known to get beat in 1 on 1 situations by quicker forwards. Gotta love his shot and passing ability tho. It would be hard to pass on him. Idk much about Kotkaniemi other than he’s pretty young for this draft. Already has good size and has been playing very well vs older players. I don’t think I can get mad about any choice management makes unless it’s completely off the board. I just don’t know enough about these players.
  9. Ken Holland

    Hahaha. After the day I had, this gave me a good laugh
  10. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    What if he traded the 6th and moved back a few spots? In the trade he adds a young high potential defenseman and maybe some other pieces/picks, then takes this kid with whatever pick we moved back to. Would everyone be butthurt then?
  11. 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    That’s true they were gonna take Nosek regardless. He looks good on their 4th line with Reaves and Bellmare. He always takes the puck hard to the net. As for the Vegas roster half their team didn’t do much of anything in their previous seasons. Sure they got a lot of depth but no one knew that some of these guys were going to take the extra ice time and thrive. Most these guys were slated to be career 3rd liners. There’s a lot more going into their success than the expansion draft set up. Anyways I’m glad they don’t suck. This league doesn’t need to produce more teams worse than or equal to Arizona.
  12. 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    Everyone is salty because Vegas is better than their favorite team but the league didn’t make some of these GMs give up extra talent in side deals or whatever. Hell we gave up our best bottom 6 forward in Nosek. Would have rather gave up that dud goalie Mrazek but hey at least we flipped him for a pick I guess. Nosek with the go ahead goal
  13. Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    Hughes is an elite skater. He can exit the zone using his speed or by making good outlet passes. I’ve heard he uses a longer stick which seems to take away from his shot but he is able to create chances every time he enters the offensive zone. His defensive game needs work but he has the edge work and agility to stay with players in one on one situations. I’ve only seen him play 5 or 6 times and he is fun to watch. There are plenty of reasons they would take him besides the fact that he is local. I’d still prefer they take Bouchard if he’s available but will not be mad at all if it’s Hughes.
  14. Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    I think HSJs twitter said something along the lines of the Wings won’t be offering him a contract. Then I read some comments and a few people said he regressed this year. I’ll try to find the link but I’ll probably just get lazy and not care.
  15. 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    Yea the defense definitely didn’t help on that 2nd goal. I thought they might just pull him, let him gather his thoughts, then put him back in. Saros has made some pretty good saves so far tho.