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  1. David Farrance listed one spot below Hague is from my hometown. Saw him play high school as an 8th grader and man can this kid move the puck up ice. Really smooth skating puck moving defenseman. Not very big. Probably 5'11" 180lbs but he was fun to watch. Not saying we should draft him but awesome to see him moving up the rankings.
  2. This is disappointing. I already know Lashoff brings nothing to the table. I want to see what the others have to offer.
  3. Beat me to it haha
  4. Pretty good stuff here
  5. I am probably just biased playing defense my whole life. Seeing the amount of space and chances the team as a whole gives up is ridiculous. There's no doubt that Mrazek has been as bad as the rest of the team. I wouldn't even be opposed to trading him for the right price. That's if Howard can stay glued together long enough to find another solid young goalie.
  6. I agree Mrazek has had a bad year but as far as last nights game against the Rangers, I don't think there was much he could do. Two seam pass one timers to guys completely unmarked, two goals by their defenseman standing in our crease surrounded by red and still going untouched. 3 on 1 rush on the power play with 4 players caught behind their goaline. That can not, should not, happen at the NHL level. Mrazek needs to get his s*** together for sure. But he hasn't been the issue in every single game he's played like some want to think. After every goal there's always 5 or so posts blaming Mrazek, even if it's a 5 on 0 tick tack toe goal. Starting to get old.
  7. I haven't been able to watch as many games as in previous years. I'be been trying to tune in to see AA and the young players but, even with them playing fairly well, it's tough to watch. I'd like the draft and free agency to start tomorrow because that's what I am really looking forward to.
  8. AA will probably get benched for that through the legs shot
  9. Defense fell apart really quick
  10. How about you give everyone else a break. Everyone knows that this entire team is a complete mess outside of a few players. It's not just Mrazek.
  11. 3 on 1 shorthanded. Let's blame the goalie. That's logical. Yea he could have played it better but that play should have never happened
  12. Yea I don't know if the young guys have attitude problems or not but if I was treated like Mantha or AA being referred to as spare parts or randomly being scratched while being a top player on the team I'd be pretty upset. Especially watching dumps like Miller, Sheahan and the other scrubs receive consistent ice time.
  13. I pretty much agree with you on this but Sheahan and Miller are still a part of this team and therefore should be held accountable by their play. It does not look good to punish your good young players for making mistakes and learning when the vets on the team make the same mistakes, even worse mistakes and still get big minutes.
  14. Can we just dump everyone on vegas and start from scratch?
  15. I'd like to see some of these opposing forwards think twice before crashing the net or trying to screen the goalie. None of our current D even attempt to clear the front of the net and if they did I'm almost positive they would fail. Kronwall - Old. Broken. Soft DK - Soft Green - Mobile. Good offensively. Soft Jensen - Playing above expectations. Soft Ericsson - Giant. Pylon. Soft XO - Soft I would love to hang out in front of the Red Wings goal. Free points. No consequences