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  1. BinMucker94

    2019 Draft

    Out of all the first round picks, ours had the nicest head of lettuce. That’s got to count for something.
  2. When I think of number 56.
  3. BinMucker94

    2019 Draft

    First try...
  4. BinMucker94

    2018 Prospect Tournament and Training Camp

    I got tickets to the prospect tournament. Just wish I had enough vacation to stick around for training camp as well. Either way I’m fired up to watch some puck!
  5. BinMucker94

    Rumors Thread

    1) Wings need this coach. 2) Wings need to embrace the selfish hockey described at the end of the video. 3) AA will thrive by playing selfish hockey.
  6. BinMucker94

    Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    I think you forgot Nyquist too. Unless he gets moved as well. nevermind you just listed mantha twice lol.
  7. BinMucker94

    Rumors Thread

    I’d take him on my roller hockey team
  8. BinMucker94

    Andreas Athanasiou Officially Signed 2 yrs. $3M AAV

    I’m ok with this deal. Let’s see what he can do with a training camp and preseason games under his belt instead of missing the first part of the season
  9. BinMucker94

    Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    Ras would have to go back to jrs and in my opinion that would be a waste of his time and development. He needs to be in the show. Ever since he came back from his wrist injury he was dominant in jrs and i feel that if he gets sent back it will be a wasted year in his development.
  10. BinMucker94

    6/23 GDT - 2018 Entry Draft (Rounds 2-7)

    I’m guessing it got traded. Stop crying. Are you 2 years old? Grow up. You know they like players with good character. It was said that Wilde had some issues off ice that turned teams off. That’s why Holland passed on him.
  11. BinMucker94

    6/22 GDT - 2018 Entry Draft

    All I hear is Waahhhhh Waahhhh Waaaahhhhh
  12. BinMucker94

    6/22 GDT - 2018 Entry Draft

    Maybe you should read through the other draft thread and see what has been posted about the kid. That will help you start to figure out who he is.
  13. BinMucker94

    6/22 GDT - 2018 Entry Draft

    Veleno turns into an absolute stud in chel. That being said I don’t know anything about him other than he was projected mid 1st round
  14. BinMucker94

    6/22 GDT - 2018 Entry Draft

    I could see them still wanting more defense. Hopefully they take a forward they like.