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    I’d like to think Yzerman will have a big impact on all the players. From our tired old veterans to the kids and everyone in between. This guy is one of the greatest players of all time and he did everything he could to win, but did it in a very quiet way “leading by example.” He has the kind of “cred” no other GM or coach has in this organization. I’d like to think that knowing he is now your boss will shake up attitudes, competency and most importantly accountability. That may be the best thing about this move. In a nutshell he is a true leader.
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    Jeff Riger‏ @riger1984 FollowFollow @riger1984 More Heard today that Yzerman might bring Sergei Fedorov into the organization. Fedorov currently doesn’t have a “solid” job in hockey and he and Yzerman remain close. If true, Fedorov should demand a hefty salary, great benefits and of course his number hanging from the rafters. 7:39 PM - 19 Apr 2019
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    He's handing over the job he's occupied for 20 years to someone else. That has to be, in some way, emotionally draining. It was probably sinking in at the press conference that its all done. He's moving on/up.
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    I mean, it’s not really an interview about him. Did you look at how Chris Illitch looked? He looked clueless and bored.
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    7-up with vodka. Sneakyyyy....
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    You obviously don't understand the power of bad press and media pressure. Look how the Clippers owner was forced out of his own franchise. But hey, you're a CNN fanboy so who am I to argue.
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    I'm not so sure about it. Yzerman has been much more aggressive during his stint in Tampa than Kenny has ever been. I for one will be much more excited for the next trade deadlines and free agencys. Not immediately, but the next trade deadline will give us a pretty good idea how Yzermans tenure as a GM will look like.
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    News From Around the NHL

    While looking up Rasmus Dahlin's career stats I accidentally stumbled across the reason why the Buffalo Sabres continue to suck despite having good talent...because they're a team full of ginger dorks. How the hell are you going to win with these dweebs?
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    Weather permitting... No carts allowed yet. We've had a lot of rain lately, as well as the ground thawing, so there's a lot of very wet areas. I don't golf that often anymore. Having some pretty bad back problems that have been made worse by a knee and hip replacement that put my spine off kilter. I'm a 65 year old man, living in the body of a 95 year old, and the mind of a 15 year old. If I were Old Yeller, I would have been taken out behind the barn, years ago. If you yet a "G", you should get one from an Iginla sweater. Always loved the IBINLA look.
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    That sure took a long time to say basically nothing. Welcome home Stevie. It's good to have you back home.
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    Holland is not "crushed". He's a big reason Yzerman is back...
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    Pretty happy the Wings are bringing back Yzerman. To be honest, Holland has started to win me back over the last 2 seasons. He's done some great drafting, he has his flaws without a doubt and I am sure Yzerman will as well. Anyone have a link to his press conference?
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    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    He's not wrong. While I am happy Yzerman is taking over, and while I do think Yzerman is a better choice to lead in 2019 then Holland, let's not forget that even if you erase everything Holland did prior to 2003, Yzerman still hasn't accomplished what Holland has accomplished. Hopefully he does.
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    You're more than welcome to follow your boy Kenny to the newly formed letsgosockeyes.com forum.
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    Perhaps his moves cause the cup to come home a couple of times I think 3 is a good number before he retires(one can wish). Then he is both a LEGENDARY player AND LEGENDARY GM. No way does he come back to the Wings without the thought he can take us to the promised land.
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    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    I was not expecting to read this today, but I am extremely pumped to see Yzerman coming home. Guy was my idol growing up, and it always rubbed me the wrong way seeing him in TB. I remember during some tribute at the Joe, Yzerman was on the screen wearing a TB jacket, and it just didnt look right. Completely agree with what @Dabura said two posts above.I think that Yzerman is going to be very similar to Holland, however where I think they differ is I think Yzerman is more likely to move some of "Hollands guys".
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    I thought resurrection was reserved for Easter Sundays. This might be Detroits biggest signing over the last decade. In Steve we trust from now on.
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    I have a feeling we'll see at least a couple vets permanently replaced by kids this year. Tampa had no problem putting young guys in their lineup. Granted they have a more experienced core but I'm excited to see the changes with who makes it out of the off season/training camp the most.
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    With the Wings loyalty, this may be the last GM the Wings have in my lifetime. I'm smiling from ear to ear. I just can't stop. I hope NHL Network shows this today.
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    Now we just need to get Nick and Igor involved somehow! Ok, ok, asking too much!
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    Pretty fitting that Yzerman is being announced as GM on 4/19/19. What a Good Friday!
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    I didnt know it. Until I just found out that is... cheerio