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    The 91 of Ryans

    Which Extra Forward Should Sit?

    Who really gives a f*** at this point? Blashill sucks Rasmussen sucks Mantha DEFINATELY sucks Zadina sucks Svechnikov's done All the other guys who always sucked still suck. Jork frivkig pot Ammeyeright?
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    Sure our opponents are out-scoring us 29 to 14 - more than double - so far, but have you seen our PP%?? 29.4%! That has been a lingering problem on this team and Blash addressed it and fixed it. I submit this photo of our great coach in honor of accomplishing this feat:
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    You sound just like my therapist.
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    Hahaha man this team is horrible for being almost at the cap. Those lines strike fear in no opposing goalies. Even Niemi.
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    I'm positive Blash will be looking for a job next season
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    Problem is we have 3 fourth lines and an AHL defense corp
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    I don't think Svech will turn out to be much but I still wanna see him play this year, definitely sucks But Witkowski punches ppl
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    Which Extra Forward Should Sit?

    Yeah, I don't know... I wonder if as a team you get more out of having a guy like Witkowski on the ice even if he isn't as likely to score as Frk... seems like he's a positive presence, and maybe they need more of that at the moment? Dunno.
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    Mantha is Lazy and He Sucks

    Must agree with most here...Mantha was invisible, and when I did pay attention to him - he was floating.
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    Jeff Blashill Positivity Thread

    not if you played vice city
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    Just think, Blash has been around longer than these guys were...positivity BTW, Kyrie was better. Anyone who knows who Mr. Mister is is too old to be a millennial.
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    Hey, if I was 6'6 and my team was this bad, I'd be kicking ass every game. This kid is just a tall wimp from the looks of it. Those are called basketball players.
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    Had to login to pay my respects to the nostalgia. Love it!
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    This right here. I've said it numerous times before...Blashill is trying his best to be a Babcock clone, and he's failing miserably...Once again - what 'message' is he trying to send by pulling Howard last night only for Bernier to take the loss (even more baffling considering he let Bernier rot in net the previous game). This better be his last season behind the bench.
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    All of this is absolutely true, especially the first point and the one about Hronek. Only 4 players are trying is what gets me. I remember seeing this last year and the year before. We get down in a game, especially on the road, and we just quit, except for a few guys. As for Hronek, I feel bad for him. He's a little a ball of chaos for our defense every time he's out there and not in a good way either. He's always making a bad pass, in the wrong place, taking a bad penalty. He reminds me of Brett Lebda and that's NOT a good thing. This is definitely Blashill. In addition to losing and getting worse each year, we've watched good young players regress, we've seen them not prepared to play, we've seen them put in situations they shouldn't be in (Glendenning as second line center, Ras in the press box). Its not even the losing that gets me down on him right now, its the no sign of progress or hope. We're giving up tons of goals while not really getting any consistent offensive pressure, which leads to very few goals. Saying an AHL roster is better than ours is nonsense. We have some high end talent mixed with NHL ready talent like Larkin and AA. I've seen coaches do a lot more with a lot less. My biggest concern is that Blashill will screw up our incoming young talent (Zadina, Cholo, Veleno, Ras) and the rebuild will take even longer.
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    Bernier this morning on the phone with Holland...
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    I'd send Rasmussen back to Junior, and go with something like this: Nyquist-Larkin-Mantha Vanek-Neilsen-Abby Frk-AA-Bert Helm-Glendening-Ehn
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    Which Extra Forward Should Sit?

    Speaking of extra forwards... ...but I say go with Ras and rotate frk/witko.