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    Kane’s 1st game as a Red Wing (2009 me is losing it rn) I expect nothing short of nasty filth from this team tomorrow night.
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    Those forward lines are really good. If we can get Edvinsson in the lineup and maybe shore up our goaltending at the deadline we're a really competitive team. We've got scoring on every line, responsible centers on each line, lefty/righty on each line, size, toughness, skill. Aaaaannnnd we're getting our lineup sorted earlier than most so we've got 75% of the season to work on chemistry and gain reps. We could really be on to something here. Veleno-Larkin-Raymond Debrincat-Compher-Kane Fabbri-Copp-Perron Ras-Fischer-Sprong Kostin Walman-Seider Edvinsson-Gostisbehere Chiarot-Holl Petry
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    New New Prospects Thread

    Can we banish that name from LGW.
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    Eddog vs. Seider

    I believe Orr was such a great fighter that he didn't have to drop them that often. I can't remember him losing a fight, at worse a draw, but usually he landed more than he took.
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    Eddog vs. Seider

    I don't care whether Seider fights or not, but I do wish Kostin/Fischer/Chiarot would have beat the sh*t out of someone last night. Both Fabbri and Larkin got hit hard in the numbers. Would have liked to see some kind of response there.
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    Tage played. Kane didnt. That is all.
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    Was waiting for this. And now the thread can die.