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    2020 Draft Thread

    Yep. We're guaranteed a top 4 pick. And if we don't get Lafreniere, there's 3 other guys I am very excited about.
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    I think some of you guys are way too short sighted and/or don't know how asset management works, specifically when it involves players. As an example: Daley is worth a 5th round pick. As much as people thinks he sucks, he's still a veteran NHL defenseman, which has some value. If no one is interested in trading a 5th for him, you have 2 options. 1: Stand pat and hold on to him. Or 2: trade him for a lesser value. A lot of you would choose the latter. Trade all the past-their-prime vets for peanuts if you have to. Just get rid of them. There's one problem with that. Yzerman would develop a bad reputation among the players. In 5 years or so when this team needs to acquire better players thru free agency or trade, why would they want to come here? A big name player may fear signing a big contract to play in Detroit out of fear that Yzerman will just dump him for a bag of pucks once his play no longer matches his pay, which often happens towards the end of long term contracts. As a result, players with NMC may refuse a trade to come here. UFAs may insist on a NMC in their contract because they don't trust Yzerman not to do that to them as well. They may demand more money or just not sign with the Wings at all. How does that benefit the long term success of this team at all? Players are not lifeless objects. They're human beings. The more you treat them like "things" and less like people, the less likely they are to want to work for you. That's not to say that a GM should be a pushover, a good GM isn't. But you have to be able to juggle what's best for the team with what's best for the players. And getting a 7th round draft pick for guys like Daley would be insulting, and the short term benefit to the team wouldn't be worth it in the long run.
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    Point being, the deals were beatable. And if the cost of an asset was a player, pick, money, or combination, I would think money alone would be the best. Because, guess what? The player costs money either way. The floor and ceiling are not far apart. Especially when the ROI could be ticket prices, merchandise, advertising, etc. Which comes from the PLAYER.
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    That's quite a few presumptions Incorrect. We did have a young winger to move: Athanasiou. We also had Fabbri, Mantha, Bertuzzi who are all on expiring contracts and could be moved. You don't know that in the slightest You also don't know that Why would they limit themselves to one move? And if they did, how does that benefit them at all? Keep beating this drum, but again, no, they are not "very rare". They happen multiple times a season every season.
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    I hear this every year, and I don't agree. Every GM has tolerances. More or less risk that they're willing to assume. A conservative GM makes fewer moves with the same roster as a risk taker, in theory. Some GMs would never, ever, ever, trade a 70 point player (Holland). Some would trade them for Tyler Seguin (Nill). Some would trade them for Adam Larsson (Chiarelli). Seems like Yzerman, so far, has very low risk tolerances. He even said today in his presser that every player has some kind of value at the deadline, and yet he only made two deals. The fact that he didn't trade a Glendening, Helm, Bernier, or Fabbri DOES NOT mean that there was no market for them. It could mean a few other things too. Maybe the market was weak and they have more value to your team. Maybe you're scared to trade a better than average player. Maybe you weren't willing to pair them with a prospect or pick to get a more valuable asset. I don't know the story with Yzerman, but I do know that pairing Barclay Goodrow with a 3rd round pick was worth a 1st rounder today. What's Fabbri and a 2nd get you? Glendening and a decent prospect?
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    "Fr - end" Ho ho, that is brilliant sir
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    AA traded to oilers

    Not that I want to trade any of these guys, but I'm pretty sure Mantha, Zadina, Hronek, and Seider could all get a first. Maybe even Bertuzzi.
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    AA traded to oilers

    Daley and Bowey will be gone in July and then the team will be pure once again
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    AA traded to oilers

    Your expectations were too high
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    LOL I was wondering if anyone else remembered him. He actually made me hate the Wild.
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    if Parise gets traded,then all the hype back in 12 was all for nothing! Too fricking funny! Now, with Suter having his verbal agreement with Detroit, and then ultimately getting convinced to pick Minny, you have to wonder if we could've won something between then and now with Suter as out top D. We had a pretty damn good team in 2012-2013. If Suter had signed here, our D would not had crapped out so quickly, maybe things here would'v been different and Suter might have had better results when it comes to playoffs and possible Cups. Where is @centcougar when we need him!?!
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    I just learned sumthin... Apparently Timashov was born in the Ukraine, but mom moved with him to Sweden when he was a wee lad so he considers himself a Swede... And he’s about to become Larry Murphy’s favorite player...
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    Green was never gonna get us anything. He is damaged goods at this point. At this stage, Green is very much a player where you simply accept the highest bid. He also had a modified NTC, which typically reduces any potential return.