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    RED WINGS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNDEFEATED IN THE PERLINI ERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Because this game has been so fun to watch...
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    Imagine living in Baltimore.
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    I picked a bad time to quit drinking
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    Next game, Perlini. Next summer, the cup. LGW!!
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    HYPE! Givani Smith has been recalled, look forward to him flying around like a cannon ball out there
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    Just think of it like we hit rock bottom, then tripped and fell down the stairs into the basement, then tripped again down an old cellar well, and now we're exploring the ancient ruins of a lost city beneath the surface It'll be fun
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    I never miss a game. Sticking with them (and LGW) through good and bad times... this will get better.
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    This is gonna be a long season.. thanks for those of you sticking it out and showing up for these games. GDTs are a sacred part of the regular season routine.
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    Blash replacement story

    I'm not against the idea of seeing what Blash could to with some talent beyond just one line.
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    Roses are red Existence is pain Rhyming is hard SHOOT THE F***ING PUCK
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    Illitch Holding Hires PR Firm

    Also: more Carley Johnston.
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    2019-20 Red Wings News, Notes & Quotes...

    Pretty much all of this. I don't see this as a galaxy brain move or 4D chess or anything. I think Yzerman saw an opportunity to address some immedate, pressing needs for cheap and so he did it. If Hronek isn't putting up points, Yzerman probably doesn't make this trade. If we're getting good production from our secondary forward scorers, Yzerman probably doesn't make this trade. If we're not getting pushed around physically and we're not struggling to spend quality time in the o-zone, Yzerman probably doesn't make this trade. If this team isn't in desperate need of any kind of pick-me-up it can get, Yzerman probably doesn't make this trade. Perlini can help us right now. Regula's two years away from getting a nine-game cup of coffee with the big club.
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    Big goalies have been our kryptonite since forever.
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    I'm legit excited about this. I really hope he can carve out a role in our bottom six. Decent skill and plays with an edge. Worst case scenario, he's an Abdelkader type player. Just don't ever pay him like Abdelkader... He was suspended last game for a low bridge hit earlier this week. I hope he brings some of that physicality tonight. Edit: here's the hit...
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    Big E Appreciation Thread

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    Big E Appreciation Thread

    Nirvana is possibly the most overrated band in history. Come at me, nerds.
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    Youtube: Jon Ericsson Ultimate Career Highlights Actually way better highlights looking back than I expected Yes Glad to see Yzerman finally stick it to Devellano. Ericsson sent down, Biega sent down... This can only mean one thing, no? With a rebel yelllllll, she cried MO! MO! MO!
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    this season is boring, need more kids less washed up guys