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    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    I wouldn't go that far. I used to watch a lot more hockey. I don't have as much free time these days... I used to watch a lot of CHL games (mostly with Wings prospects), 50-60 Griffins games a season, and every Wings game. Now I barely watch anything outside of Wings games (still don't miss a single game), and maybe 10-20 Griffins games, and nothing noteworthy outside of that... I never voted Trudeau. You hate Canadians? Me neither. I know as much about politics as Jonas knows about hockey...
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    Most underrated D-man of his era.
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    Hall of Fame Boards

    Yup, everyone here has a reputation and knows each other well. That's what I love about this board and why I've never migrated off. I think the board felt a lot more like HF boards back in the Wings heyday. Since the team declined, and therefore the number of fans, this board has only increased in the dysfunctional family feeling. Those who remain are the true hardcores. When the team gets good again bandwagon fans will come back, and this group will be able to say we were here through the bad times... Keep it real you lovable f***s
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    May as well have asked me to become a Leafs fan
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    I so much want to checkout during the summer, but I think this site will die if any of us did that. And this is why we must over-analyze all summer and start flame wars, for the good of the forum...
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    Wings acquire Adam Erne from Tampa

    I think one of the reasons why Yzerman makes such good deals and has such good relationships with other GM's is because when it comes to small moves like this, he does just that. If you offer sheet a team for a player like that, I think you just make an enemy.
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    News From Around the NHL

    Totally agree about the goaltending. It's a bit of a truism to say that you need a hot goaltender to win the Cup, but it's hard to build around that. In fact, it's one of those rare situations where having the "best" goaltender hardly ensures you'll have "good" playoff goaltending. Consider that NONE of Luongo, Lundqvist, or Price have a Cup. Also totally agree that a group you can "build around" is a better situation than a few "elite" guys. But that's where I think positional strength matters. For instance, say you've got a couple workhorse centers but they're guys who don't score a ton relative to their peers. No problem if you collective group of wingers do score more than their peers. I don't think we need Super high scoring (80-100 point centers). Another 70 pts. guy will do as long as he's an assist machine. Because I think ALL of our top 6 wingers (and maybe one of our 3rd liners too) are going to score 20-30 goals. In this thought experiment lets use a Claude Giroux type. A top 9 of Larkin, Giroux, Veleno, Mantha, Bert, AA, Zadina, Ras/Berggren/Mastrosime/Svech, probably brutalizes opposition defenses without a single "elite" talent. Same with the defense. I think they need to collectively be able to put up points, without the need for any one player to be an offensive stud. A couple 30 point guys paired with a couple 40 point guys are a really good top four as long as they can defend competently.
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    by his own team's fans even
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    The 91 of Ryans

    Hall of Fame Boards

    Ah. But so will the mods. And the Banhammers will drop. And the site will be gentrified. And the lovable misfits who kept this place alive will be forsaken. BUT, new accounts will rise from the ashes. I'm calling dibs on Zadinaisthefuture right now.
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    Hall of Fame Boards

    Between this site and HF boards there's only like 15 actual people posting. I alone am running like 10-20 sock accounts at any given time.
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    Hall of Fame Boards

    I go by my nickname over there "ChrisReevesLegs" Sorry for any confusion
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    I'm sure glad we're back up and I can quit going to Reddit now. I missed you guys.
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    Reddit red wings thread

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    I'm so sorry Jimmy. I used to like you. It's like I dont even know who you are anymore. RIP brotherman
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    r/detroitredwings is great for breaking news and fun facts, but reddit conversations are so surface level and lacking depth. Comments like "Yzerman is lit fam, rise to the top" and real discussion goes unnoticed. It's also completely lacking in any sense of comradery or community. On LGW I know who has something between their ears and who's full of s***. I know who favors rebuilding and who favors going for the cup. I know who follows prospects and knows there stuff and who doesn't. Reddit is full of randos and you have no idea who you're talking to on a daily basis. Call it clicky and highschoolish, but I'd say the true hardcores are still at LGW. Only the fairweathers make their way to reddit. Reddit is a dying site anyway... you're about 4 or 5 years late to the party there Jiim. I give it 3 more years before most users have moved on to the next thing. Reddit lost a lot of its luster in the past 2 years as they've tried to go corporate mainstream. Same thing happened to Dig before them. If you like LGW and want something more involved for the time being, go to HF boards. Reddit is s***.
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    In the last two years we've acquired Witkowski (fought Mantha), Nemeth (fought Mantha), and Erne (fought Athanasiou)... Who is fighting Boeser and Werenski this season?
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    He's one of the reasons why I really wanted Holland to "replace" Lidstrom and/or Rafalski. Put Kronwall with, say, Brent Burns and you've got a legit top pairing. I do feel like Kronwall got kinda shafted in that sense; he stepped into the 1D roll on a blue line with no depth and management basically told him -- every year -- that 1) he was on his own and 2) it's playoffs or bust. Raw deal, but he never complained to the media, never pouted. He went to work, did his job, and led. Like a boss.
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    2020 Draft Thread

    If only we'd gotten Zadina AND Veleno! Snark aside, I hear ya. All things being equal, I probably take a centerman or defenseman over a winger. But nothing's ever equal, so whatevz. I think the best drafting strategy is to just go with the guys you like the best. (Within reason.)
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    ely s

    Howard = Average

    I´m not a big fan of spending big bucks for a goaltender. I was ok with Howard the last years and will be ok with him the next two years. To me he is real solid and sometimes close to spectacular. There were plenty of games where he kept us in the game and really often was left alone after bad outlet passes. His numbers are, for a defense like we had the last years, absolutly ok and I don´t think a Bobrovsky would have won us like 10 extra games. Howard on top of his game is all you need and to get that for $4M per year is totally fine with me. The "high end" goalies get $10M per year, I prefer a Howard and $6M in cap space for another quality player
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    Hall of Fame Boards

    Part of me still thinks the rest of you are one person and I'm just sitting here watching you debate yourself.
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    Seems a little like another Abdelkader to me. Edit: You'll all remember Erne from his bout with noted Red Wings tough guy Andreas Athanasiou in 2017. It was a draw, so apparently he fights as well as Abby does too.