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    Down go the Bruins! Even in the deepest desperation for a tank loss, I will never not be happy about this.
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    RED WINGS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Played a hell of a game this afternoon. I am damn proud of the boys right now.
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    Ive watched every Wings game the next day, due to being in the UK, and this is the first one I've watched live (streamed) and we beat the number 1 team. You're welcome.
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    Bernier been really good this season.
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    I'd look to any of the 35 year old guys. Crawford, Greiss, Elliott, or Halak. If you're shopping in the UFA market you're always going to be overpaying, so at least do it on a short term deal. All of those are having decent seasons, which is all we'd really need them to have for us. The under 35 crowd is all going to want more term than we should be giving out. Best of the bunch are Holtby and Markstrom and I wouldn't want to pay either of them what they're going to want (and on the term that they'll want) either.
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    Found no better thread to post this. Pretty funny.
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    Yaaay Red Wings Yaay sorry its all I got this morning . I don't have much hope for trade deadline. The hype is weak with me I just want to get to the end of this sh**show and pray the draft is kind to us
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    apology for poor english shop in matvoror wear hat detroit work girl eyes to me "Wing win?" "Yes, I like win" happiness
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    nelson mandela would be proud
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    You do realize that we'd have to win 7 straight (not happening), and the team ahead of us (LA) would have to lose 7 straight (not happening) just to get out of last place. In order to jump at all in the standings, we would likely have to win something like 17 of the final 27 games, assuming all other teams keep a similar pace as they've played all season. We've all but locked up the 31st spot. It's okay to root for some wins...
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    Yzerman called it in the summer: We have some good young talent in the system, but we don't have enough of it. That's it. That's the situation. Everything else is noise. "But this team is historically awful. Surely that speaks to the sheer hopelessness of the situation." I hear that. But, I mean, while it's easy to complain and doom-'n'-gloom about the situation (God knows I've done my fair share of that this season), I'm honestly not sure there's a meaningful difference between finishing the season with a -50 goal differential and finishing the season with a -150 goal differential. If you're finishing -50, you're a really bad team. The Devils are currently at -49. If you're finishing -150, you're a really bad team ravaged by a perfect storm of suck. The Wings are currently at -96. IMO, the Wings are a really bad team that's been ravaged by a perfect storm of suck. Part of me feels that we as fans should treat this season the way players treat unbelievably awful losses: dump it from memory, move on. I know we need to be angry. I know we need to be sad. I know we need to point fingers and cast aspersions. I know some people will have to pay a price. I get all that. What I'd caution against is trying to draw lots of major conclusions from a season that's only been a disaster in the sense that it's executing Yzerman's vision too well. This team was built to fail this season. The team's just being "extra" about it. What to do? Well, I think Blashill probably has to go and I think that could be simple addition by subtraction (and that's not factoring in the potential New Coach Boost). This team shoots the puck only as a measure of last resort, and we have precious few high-percentage shooters even with Mantha and Athanasiou in the lineup on a regular basis, so it should come as no surprise that the goals aren't coming. This team surrenders both the middle and the top of the D-zone and our D group isn't particularly good at blocking shots and our D group isn't physically capable of consistently clearing out the crease, so it should come as no surprise that we're getting lit the f*** up on a nightly basis. So Blashill is probably gone and that's probably good. Additionally, we'll be shedding some zombie veterans around trade deadline time and in the summer. And we'll be getting at least one "elite, elite" prospect in the draft. So I'm not all that worried about the state of things. Push the original rebuild timeline back a year or two or three and let's continue to acquire young talent and shed old talent and see where we are in a year or two or three.
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    Yup might skip this one and take a nice bath instead. Pic related. It's me.
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    The HYPE! lives in you.
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    I am just sick of listening to Blashill.
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    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    I'm not super-high on him either. At the same time, though, we're definitely learning the true value of steady, dependable two-way defensemen this season. Hopefully he can be that kind of guy for us in this callup, or at least show signs that he's capable of being that kind of guy next season.
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    Cholowski Sucks

    Bert has been great, Zadina is progressing nicely, Mantha was having a breakout season, Hronek keeps getting better, and Larkin is heating up after a sluggish season with extra focus on D. Blash has been great handling those guys. Neither are underachieving. It's all the aging vets who aren't doing anything. It's the lack of NHL quality D and mediocre Howard that has killed us most of the season. None of that is Blashill's fault.