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    I just want to take this time to let everyone know that I sometimes watch the games with closed captioning on and when they were talking about a player from Manitoba the cc said “man toga” and I feel like that should be the Mood for the whole season honestly.
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    Jersey Wing


    These are the standings: http://www.espn.com/nhl/standings This is a parade route
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    HAHA they chose a chucky cheese robot and named it GRITTY lmao Oh damn they have a backstory for the monstrosity too lol THANK. YOU. SO. MUCH. PHILADELPHIA.
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    Jersey Wing


    At least one time in the preseason I'd like Ehn, Athanasiou and Frk on a line regardless of position so I can market shirts that say "The Frk-Ehn-A Line"
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    It's the most Blashill thing I could possibly think of.
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    Zadina has been invisible tonight.
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    Things are supposed to get BETTER after your balls drop.
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    Yeah, I'm not really digging the "GDT#". That was fine for preseason, but I think we need to go back to the old format with date, time and opponent in the thread title...
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    2018-19 Season Lines Thread

    So Sulak made it over Hicketts and Hronek? Ehn and Svechnikov made it over Witkowski? Good things are happening!
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    apparently Cholowski is also a fan of the Evil Kermit meme...
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    Kids, kids, kids!
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    AA was a force tonight. Vanek is a madman and he and AA have undeniable chemistry.
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    I hope some of these kids play so good it's impossible to send them back down.
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    Why is it being called GDT9? Preseason is over. It's the first regular season game. I can't keep adding 8 to games all season long. Someone please fix it.
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    Such a sexy jersey. I own 7 NHL jerseys... All Red Wings. F*** every other team... But I want one of these so bad...
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    Damn, one of the coolest jerseys of all time fersure. Was kinda hoping Seattle was gonna steal 90% of the colors and design though...
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    Howard = Average

    Love or hate Howard, it would be a smart move to trade him this season and acquire assets. Assuming he puts together another decent season, and a team is in need of a goalie at or before the deadline... Bernier is a capable starter for a non-playoff team. Much like Howard, he's not going to win or lose many games on his own, but he'll keep his team in most games, which is all you want as a bottom third of the league team. I think Sateri could be a viable backup options as well. If we can trade Jimmy for a 2nd, or even 3rd round pick by mid-season, I think you'd be foolish not to...
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    And that boys, and girls is what this team needs - a guy who can finish. Hopefully Zads can erase the horrible memories we all have of logo hunting shooters we've been inundated with for the better portion of several years.