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    On special right now. Buy one Red Wing, get an Abdelkader free.
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    On the one hand I'm glad to see them win one for the dads. On the other hand, I'd like to slap half those dads in the head for conceiving these hacks. I can't wait until we have a real roster.
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    Look upon this face: It is the face of a man who has lost the will to party.
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    For all the jilted lovers out there...Sounds best when you turn up the volume to 11.
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    Rumors Thread

    I heard we're in talks with Calgary and Howard + Abdelkader for their 1st in 2019 and 2nd in 2020 is on the table. Also, Dallas are interested in Daley + 5th in 2019 for 1st in 2019. Looks like we could end up with FOUR 1st round picks this year!!!
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    I'm being glib. He'll definitely make it and he definitely deserves it. That guy is a beast this season. I'm particularly thrilled with how he's turned into kind of an on-ice bully this season. Like he throws elbows and slashes guys and stuff. We need more of that attitude. More mauler sh*t.
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    It gets really old if you lose every night. Wins build character, and let the kids know that if you dig in and play hard, you have a chance to win every night. Thankfully, we don't have enough talent to do that right now.
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    Athanasiou (18), unassisted - DET 3, NSH 2 I'd be ok with a win tonight. Eff the Preds, eff their fans, eff the refs, eff the bad juju stream vibes. Most of all, eff Cholo.
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    Got one that seems to be not-s***. (Knock on wood.) Bless their hearts.
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    Mike Babcock does that constantly and yall can't get enough of that guy. Toronto fans were freaking out about this last week as a matter of fact. Speaking of which, I can't wait until Toronto gets bounced from the playoffs this year so I can point out how it's the third time that Mike Babcock has be unable to win the Stanley Cup with an absolutely LOADED roster.
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    End of 1st. Wings lead 1-0. Preds put nearly 20 shots on goal in a single period. Howard is the only reason this game isn't over after 20 minutes. This is all Cholo's fault.
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    wooooo!! that was a good one, sorry Peckerini (not sorry). LOVE the silence in that arena when the Wings score... blissful... LGRW!!
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    Jimmy is out to sabotage the tank. He has to go.
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    Checking in from the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania on a work trip. I'm going to try to sneak off to Philly this weekend to catch the game. LGRW!!
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    That's usually Vodka and Ambien, but tonight I'll also sleep on the wings of victory.
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    DK sticking his knee out, to give The Preds a PP to start the 3rd. Can't believe that Cholo made him do that. Badass mind control.
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    Gord willing! Mantha on the top line with Larkin and Nyquist.
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    Hamas to the left of me Mossad to the right Here I am Posting on LGW