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    He just blew by Larkin on the celly but then realized Larkin did all the work so he went back in for the hug haha. You love to see it. Really though, I like Brome. He’s a gritty little bastard and he scored there because he’s not afraid to play in the hard areas.
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    Bernier was just flat out phenomenal. What a performance in net, great W.
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    I'm mailing Blashill an invoice for my $100 NHL.TV subscription this season
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    Seems like the same lines as last night, let's come out better than 7-2 to say the least. RIP Sergei Tchekmarev LGW!
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    Real happy to see Brome pot one, he was so damn excited
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    I'm really baffled by how Bernier never found a long term starter job on any team he's been on before coming here. He's consistently great, he rarely lets in bad goals and he keeps us in every single game he plays in. I don't get it.
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    I always get a kick out of the people who say they're not interested in these types of deals. Most don't work out, but that's not the point. There's zero risk and the history of the NHL is littered with undrafted guys, over-agers, and free agent euros who make this type of gamble worth while. Datsyuk was an over-ager when he was drafted. Martin St. Louis was undrafted. Panarin was a free agent euro. If I were a GM I'd take a swing on these guys every year. It only takes one Mark Giordano to make the effort worth it regardless of how many other guys wash out.
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    He has been a bright spot for us thats for sure. I think he's just been unlucky so far...With the Kings he was stuck behind Quick for 5 years, then in Toronto spent time battling with Sparks and Reimer for 2 years then in 2016 they brought in Andersen. The next 2 years he was behind Gibson in Anaheim and Varlamov in Colorado (Calvin Pickard was also on this squad). He definitely IMO should have beat out Sparks and Reimer but this was also when Toronto were the goalie killers. Job seems to be his to lose now though, he gives them that confidence that Ozzy gave our guys years ago. ALSO it was amazing to see Brome finally pot one tonight too
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    Victory! Wow, I miss this guy.
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    I will be watching... bounce back game? I don't expect them to beat FL, but so long as they try, I am still proud of them. So sad to lose their beloved Cheeka. Let's win for him, shall we, guys? LGRW!!!
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    The best strategy against this team is to keep putting us on the powerplay.
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    Belle Tire Sour Play update: 6.8% Nice that they scored right afterward, though!
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    Guess we can score. With a little help from the other team
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    Oooof, power play. Would be nice to look forward to those, lol. ...or should that be 'woof'?
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    What a clapper Ryan
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    I don't get it either, he's played well for every team he's ended up on. Just wrong place wrong time. Cap issues and/or weird management decisions have led to him jumping around. Quick was the man in LA, which made him expendable. Traded to TOR, where he did hold the starting job for 2-3 years, but they somehow weren't happy when he slipped a bit, so they traded him to ANA (for futures!) to play out the last season of his deal. Toronto has to be one of the toughest teams to play for as a goalie (any position actually) with they're stupid fans.
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    +1 Win or lose, I just want to see them put up a good fight and play a game they don't need to head home embarrassed about. Woah! Deke back in? Was not expecting that
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    Zadina - Larkin - Mantha Ryan - Fabbri - Brome Filppula - Glendening - Gagner Helm - Nielsen - Erne Merrill - Hronek Staal - Stetcher Nemeth - Djoos Greiss Biega recalled from the taxi squad, not sure which defensemen is out but these are how the lines are currently posted up as of today so far, Helm is a game time decision but sounding like he's in. SCORE ON THE PP BUMS LGW!
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    I am fine here... just a bit traumatized by the disregard of our elected officials here... others have it SO much worse than me. I am not complaining. I am scared but it;s getting better, thanks
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    Oh! Can't imagine the last days have been much fun, hope you are getting through it alright...
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    why am I watching this after the week I have had? I live in Austin Texas... check the news in case you've somehow missed what has happened here, Oh yeah, I am obsessed with these crappy Wings... that's is. At least it is not a shut out.
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    This is gonna be like a 9-0 or 9-1 game huh
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    Hello Red Wings fans! Glad to see my favorite forum working for now. Disappointed to see the Wings go down by a goal in the 1st period. Edit: A goal or two Edit #2: A goal or 3 Edit #3: A goal or 4
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    2021 Season

    Evgeny Svechnikov might get another opportunity with Red Wings I don't get why guys like Svechnikov and Smith has to make a huge impact to stick around and get minutes and veterans like Nielsen, Helm and Filppula don't. We are in a full blown rebuild, god damnit.