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    So then the back of his jersey would say "LRKIN"? What good would that do?
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    Grand Master Y in the Wings locker room - 'So who in here wants to get traded'? Players response -
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    This team needs a tremendous shake up. If we can't land first or second overall something drastic must happen at this point, even consider trading Larkin. This is not NHL level hockey. I feel like this team might be a bubble playoff team in the AHL. Maybe.
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    This is painful... but it does highlight how well Bernier has played despite his so so stats. Saw our lineup on Instagram and a damn near cried. HF we're bad.
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    I would jump on Laviolette right now, while hes still out there. It's a start. Okay this was funny
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    Sup loo. I think they're lazy and they suck and they need to be punched in their heads. And I know just the man for the job...
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    Fire everyone. Trade everyone. IDGAF at this point.
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    This is just incredibly embarrassing, how can you just let this continue to go on at the rate it is? Blashill has to go. There is hardly any leadership to be found on this team. I really hope they do not plan on making Larkin captain either, he absolutely does not deserve it and has shown that he is entitled and full of himself. It's also too bad so many useless f***s who don't do anything (such as Abdelkader) are going to screw things up so badly for this team's progress for a few more seasons.
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    if Howard stayed in, no doubt my prediction of 5 in the 1st was happening.
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    Went and saw that new movie 1917 last night. Won't post spoilers, but I was kind of disappointed. First off it's not a war movie, it's like a slow paced journey film following one soldier not fighting 90% of the time. So don't get suckered in like me thinking you are gonna see waves of soldiers getting machine-gunned in the trenches. You're not. It's one of these movies that's good to watch once, but you'll probably never watch it a 2nd time. Very slow paced at times. Sort of a lack luster conclusion. Beautifully set and beautifully shot, if you can look past the constant close up camera angles on one character for an entire movie. When they do fight in the movie it's super frustrating to watch. Guys literally hip-firing long rifles and stuff. Bullet impacts hitting places that make no sense based on the angles. All in all 5/10, but probably 6/10 on the big screen due to the cinematic value of the movie. And that's your monthly mooooooooovvvvvvvvvieeeeeeee review!
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    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    So the Griffins had themselves a game tonight. https://theahl.com/stats/game-center/1020189 Cholowski goal. Seider goal. Two Rasmussen goals. I love the Seider goal for multiple reasons, the biggest one being that Seider would even be the F1 in the first place... Dude is pure concentrated DGAF and I love him for it.
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    2020 Draft Thread

    I just think we need a superstar forward to come and tear the house down with the new kids coming but ya unfortunately we gotta wait and see where the chips fall f***en 18% is a travesty for how s*** we are
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    And that, my friends, is called a winning streak.
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    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    Rasmussen finally back in action tonight.
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    Pekka Rinne now has more goals than our 4 million dollar man Abdelkader this season
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    Yeah I didn't really get the hate on this one. Larks was most definitely making the comments because of how he feels he's played this season and nothing more-he simply feels he doesn't deserve to go so he'll take the time off...I love Burke but he just misread what he was saying, no big deal it happens and at this point Im sure Larkin wishes he reworded it or simply kept his mouth shut like burke suggested he should. Also why are we choosing between Zadina and Fabbri? I prefer to be stoked we have them both and hope we can lock up Fabs. The thought of them sprinkled into our current line up with Veleno, Ras, Svechnikov and our mystery draft after losing some dead weight makes me happy
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    [insert hype] [insert music] [insert lgrw] [insert alcohol]
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    I'd love to see our trash get recycled for a young guy like Kapanen!
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    Are...are they s***posting irl?
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    Another aspect is the lack of secondary scoring this season. We have none. All teams have to do to keep the Wings off of the scoreboard is to zero in on Larkin. That's a lot of s*** for a 23 year old player to deal with. I think he has been handling it pretty well. This is another big change from last season, as we had AA tearing it up elsewhere in the lineup. Once we have secondary scoring on a regular basis, opponents have more to worry about. That opens up more opportunities for Larkin. This is one of many reasons why I think he'll be fine.
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    To be fair to @Dabura I wasn't trying to say this team doesn't need those types of players. And I don't think he was saying that signing said players should be THE priority. I'm just saying that this team sucks because it SUCKS.
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    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    Yeah, I watched. Was a pretty good game. All of the players we need to get going had good showings tonight. Svechnikov didn't get a point, but played well, and would have been the 3rd assist on the Cholowski goal. Great setup by Veleno by the way. Ras had a good game, with two goals. Tap in on a beautiful play by Terry and a beautiful tip on a shot from Hicketts. There were a couple times we had all five 1st round picks (Rasmussen, Veleno, Svechnikov, Seider and Cholowski) on the power-play. Hopefully they can build off this game, stay healthy, and go on a bit of a run here. They're currently outside of a playoff spot...
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    BB and Honker play well together... see what happens when you shoot de puck, Wings? As for a social life... I basically never had one. This is it. LOL