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    2022 TDL

    You don't feel we have enough D-man prospects? Plus, I am not too keen on trading away a 1st that could possibly end up being Conner Bedard.
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    The Calder conversation should begin and end with Seider. Anyone else just exposes it as a popularity contest.
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    Calder Chance of landing in Detroit?

    It was destined to be Zegras the minute he assisted on that goal from behind the net. NHL fans/media love nothing more than flashy players. People talk about Quinn Hughes like he's one of the best defensemen on earth, because he's flashy, despite the fact that he's got 6 more points than Seider and is abysmal defensively. Zegras will win because he's showy, but he's not the NHL's best rookie. Not by a mile.
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    Jonas Mahonas

    2022 TDL

    they wont. just dreaming