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    Great move by Larkin. Glad the chokejob in the third didn't cost them both points.
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    LARKIN!!!!!!!!!!!! EAT A DUCK, TRONNA
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    Let's just hope the Wings don't get caught looking past this game here in the third. Skate-to-throat. Bury the Leafs under their own hubris. Will never get old. nahhhhhhhh
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    This team is an absolute blast to watch.
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    You're complaining about people complaining. Except, where the people complaining were just doing hockey fan things and complaining about refs (hi, welcome to sports fandom), you're on a weird moral crusade to shame fans for doing fan things. And you're throwing in "subtle" political jabs which scream, "I'm smarter than most people and I wish you deplorables would get on my level, same with Americans who don't believe in science." All of which is fine. Just know that if complaining about refs on a hockey message board is lame, you're also being lame, arguably even double-lame.
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    Bull s*** bull s*** Mickey "let's listen to them!"
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    Today I learned. People dive when they have NOBODY between them and the goalie.
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    This is starting to tilt heavily in favor of the Leafs, need to tighten up and get it together.
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    Indeed. Nothing like seeing the sour faces of the Leaf fans who paid $500 plus to sit along the glass, and watch their team lose to one of the 'bottom feeders'.
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    It was nice that Rob Shick did that little explainer segment. Basically amounts to an unofficial mea culpa on behalf of the evil, biased, conspiratorial zebra cartel.
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    It's hockey.. people get hit. People also get penalized for embellishment that didn't happen
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    Screw Canada man - they all be fugly! 'MURICA!
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    DD out multiple weeks

    Bring up McIlrath for a couple games and pair him with Witkowski on defense. Bring back the memories of Bob and Joey
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    Yeah, well, you know, That's just like your opinion, man.
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    Excellent game so far. Gotta love the fact that we're staying with these guys with two of our best out of the lineup.
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    Eddy Pasquale is getting his first NHL start tonight for Tampa. So he's definitely going to get a shutout... also, shutout, shutout, SHUTOUT...
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    Well, 30 other teams learned that they can spear our guys on the bench and not get disciplined, so that precedence has been set by @NHLPlayerSafety. hype... In other HYPE news, I am sure Stevie Y will be at the game tonight, officially watching his Lightning, but in reality watching and evaluating players/coaches futures on HIS team in red.
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    In Praise of Tyler Bertuzzi

    Sheesh. Even Jesus is left handed. SMH.
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