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    Our old friend, STILL holding that grudge against Babs...
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    Crisis Averted. GDT can resume. props to @wingsgirl001 for this amazing GDT. LGRW!
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    Hopefully we destroy them so the wings Twitter person can reply with a simple “scoreboard.”
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    Athanasiou Rumor

    of course you can... Roooooooyyyyyyy!!!
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    Ok my quick summary of things we've been wondering about the stadium: 1. The horn is the same. Just as loud as the Joe Louis. No difference. Nada. Probably sounds different on TV for whatever reason. 2. The upper bowl seats were a bit crowded. But the view is still just as good as the Joe, if not better because it's more steep so you won't be bothered by some 7 foot 10 inch guy's head. There is a section in the upper bowl though might be partially blocked by this giant wall thing (can't really explain it). I don't know I didn't sit there but maybe they designed it so it doesn't actually block your view and it only looks that way to people not actually sitting there. 3. The stadium is state of the ******* art. I felt like I was down south in Florida or California. It really is a "district" and it's still not done yet technically. 4. They put a lot of work into this and even during the games the lighting/ lazer work and pregame videos are legit. 5. Jumbotron is ginormous. And amazing quality. 6. Stadium was probably 85% filled. Maybe 5% of the people were in the concourse but there were definitely empty seats there, moreso than at the Joe Louis Arena. I'm not sure why. 7. Helm sucks.
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    Forgot I made this last season, must have been drinking heavily toward the end of the season.
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    And of course now you show up. The season has officially started, the resident s***poster has arrived.
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    Athanasiou Rumor

    AA needs to understand that he, and his agent have no leverage here - they never had. Take a 1, or 2 yr deal, and get on with your NHL career.
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    Foiled by Howard's enigmatic five hole again! But seriously, why the hell is Kronwall on the PP over Daley at this point? Kronwall is borderline immobile and struggles to make those in tight plays that are necessary to create space. Plus his timing still looks off.
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    Sweet back to back wins and great to be the ones to hand the VeGan Knights their first L at home. Z MVP
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    So a 4-1-0 start, tough to not get a little excited. The D needs work, there's no doubt, but it's still a bit encouraging.
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    Lets be rational here, E deserves every negative comment.
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    Damn that sexy Larkin and his sexy shorts and high socks, damn him
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    I think Mrazek will start tonight and I think that is a good thing. I want him to play against the team that I bet he is pissed didn't select him in the draft and out to prove them wrong.
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    There's nothing wrong with this GDT! When I first saw it, I didn't think twice or question who made it...it looks just like it belongs here! Great Job! @wingsgirl001
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    lol, instead of Al the octopus they could place this beauty at the LCA's entrance.
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    It's been said that team he's skating with has no intention of offering him a contract. I still doubt the KHL offer thing was ever an actual thing. I mean, I've no doubt a team or two expressed interest in him, maybe even offered him a contract -- but I don't think he ever had any intention of playing in the KHL. I think it was always an empty threat. Bottom line, for me, is he's being a spoiled brat. A baby. A prima donna. And, depending on how you feel about the Hunter family and the London Knights program, you might say AA has a history of petulance. He slid to the fourth round of the entry draft because there were serious questions about his character/maturity. So, no, I don't think you can pin this entirely on Blashill and/or Holland. I mean, I get it. It sucks being an RFA, especially one with no arbitration rights. And maybe it sucks playing under Jeff Blashill. But, like, you have to pick your battles. This battle he's fighting isn't worth it. This is not a good hill to die on. Sign the deal, make over a million dollars for a year or two, and then, if you're half as good as you think you are, you'll get rewarded. It's not like Holland is known for cheating RFAs. If anything, he's known for giving fair deals to his younger players.
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    why was Errorson on the top D line? why do some say that Z doesn't want to move up to the wing? simple... Swedish Mafia
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    This result was a bit of a surprise. Or rather Zetterberg was. I've stated that he'd lead the team on points this season if he stays healthy. But what he showed in this game was next level vision right up there with the best of them of all time. I'm not sure if this is good or bad because of the state of big parts of the team, As of now, I'm all for it since we are on a roll, but is it possible to send Z down to the Griffins mid season if the team is failing and he is not? The rational for this is simple, I stand by us either make the playoffs or have a chance at Dahlin. I don't want us finishing just outside. And I see that play out as a possibility, albeit an early and could change scenario.
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    Ended up watching the third period, as opposed to going to sleep like I said I was going to do. Was too tired to comment here, though. Oof. Anyway, what a third period! Holy hell. Don't look now, but... Green has eight points through five games Mantha has seven points through five games Zetterberg has seven points through five games Larkin has six points through five games Frk has four points through five games
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    NHL recognition is rare usually drool over McDavid and Crosby
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    Someone needs to make a meme out of this. Zetterberg the Knight Slayer
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    What a setup by Hank...
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    Okay thread updated, LGW!
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    All We need is for Petr to get his swagger back!
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    2018 SCF preview right here.
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    I know it's early, and I mean early, but Howard.. amirite? He's been outstanding this season.
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    That extra first-round pick is as good as ours.
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    Mike Green is trying to play his way off this team.
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    We could join Ken and Darren and talk about the new slashing/faceoff rules for the 62nd time
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    I've said it before and I will say it again. Get rid of Sheahan, anyway possible. Sign AA.
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    I wouldn't be opposed to AA on either of the top 2 lines either, just tossing that out there. But you know, Abby and Errorson contracts.
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    Yeah, I'd take Galchenyuk in a heartbeat.
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    Athanasiou Rumor

    You forget: Marc Bergevin is crazy.
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    Let's just throw live babies on the ice and be tHE MOST METAL TEAM IN THA NHL
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    That's why I say hey Man(tha) Nice Shot!
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    If any line needs to get shuffled, it's this 8 51 43 line. Talk about no chemistry out there.