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    I wonder if WASH getting Cholowski from Detroit for free (via SEA) makes them think they're still recouping losses from the Mantha deal?
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    WITNESS THE POWER OF PURE UNVAXED BLOOD So is the power play strategy the drop pass (again)?
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    Tampa's going 0 - 2 to start the season boys and girls. Wings new PP catches the Bolts by surprise tonight. 5-3 Wings
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    Except they wouldn't have. Detroit's awarded 2nd round pick was #46 overall. They chose Givani Smith with that pick, not Hronek, because they presumably liked Smith better. Hronek would not be a Red Wing without the trade. Holland drafted him with 53rd overall, the pick from AZ in that deal. They would never have drafted Hronek without that AZ 2nd, because they did not have another pick until 107. And Hronek would have certainly been gone by then. You could try to make the argument that they could have drafted him anyway, instead of Smith. But logic would say that if they picked Smith ahead of Hronek, Holland would have most likely drafted Smith instead of Hronek if they only had the one 2nd round pick. In the end, the Wings got Cholowski, Hronek, and cap relief in exchange for Chychryn. Not a bad deal, no matter how much the Holland Haters try to make it that way.
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    21-22 Season opener vs TBL (7:30pm)

    I hope those dark seat covers are washed and ready because its opening night at Little Ceasars Arena™ and Red Wings fans everywhere is ready for heartbreak! HYPE! I also dub this the: HOLY s*** LGW.COM IS NOT DOWN EDITION!
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    Turning the corner starts today boyos
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    Red Wings fans: It's so nice to be back. With all the negative over the last 2 years, it's great to have some positives and normalcy again. Got some exciting new players, 2 dynamic, elite rookies, the future is looking better. NHL: You're playing the best team in the league opening night. Red Wings fans:
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    Cholowski Waived by Seattle

    I think this is then end of the NHL line for Cholo... left exposed by one of the leagues worst teams, claimed and subsequently waived by an expansion team. Looks like an AHL/KHL/European league career ahead. He's 2 years ahead of Zadina on the road to 1st round bust.
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    Rasmus Dahlin and Filip Broberg

    Edvinsson is gonna better than Broberg.
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    Holy overpayments, Batman.
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    Rumors Thread

    Eat your heart out Elliott Friedman…
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    If the league did something with Benn last year this likely doesn't happen
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    Jonas Mahonas

    Rasmus Dahlin and Filip Broberg

    we dont want to trade Eddog. He stays.
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    21-22 Season opener vs TBL (7:30pm)

    3-1 1st goal= Suter GWG= Larkin EN= Hronek
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    21-22 Season opener vs TBL (7:30pm)

    let's gooooo!! finally!
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    Rasmus Dahlin and Filip Broberg

    Broberg: 21p in 89g in SHL since he was drafted in 2019 Edvinsson: 4p in 9g in SHL so far this year.
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    His spot is gonna be somewhere up here on most nights. Bobby lost his spot to Raymond and he doesn't PK so no room for him in the bottom six. Apparently Frau Blashill didn't think Veleno earned a spot over Namestnikov or Gagner.
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    Shanahan trade: 10-09-96 Holland named GM: 7-18-97 Thanks for ruining my hard work, nerd.
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    Ok, I am over it. I am glad that, so far, Raymond and Veleno are staying!
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    Here's to hoping Bobby Ryan gets a contract today! From what I understand, the final cuts are due today.....
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    I don't think Jimmy D gets enough love. He's a legendary hockey figure, has impacted the sport on a profound level, and is truly the man behind the curtain and the backbone of this franchise. Imagine all the dumb crap Holland would have done over the years without Jimmy D there to reach around and slap his peepee when he gets dumb naughty ideas? Sometimes I watch other teams do seemingly retarded stuff and I think it's probably because some of these GM's don't have a Senior VP with 55 years in the NHL to check them when they're doing a stupid. Jimmy basically transcended into the next plane of existence and became the guy who doesn't build hockey teams... he builds guys who build hockey teams. Ken Holland, Steve Yzerman, Jim Nill, Don Waddell. Those are all Jimmy D proteges who he mentored. And each one is in the upper echelon of GMs in terms of quality. Now let's talk about his actual role with the team. He's alternate governor, which means he's basically governor. Chris Illitch is the true governor in name, but do you think he actually serves on the board of governors? No. He's not a hockey brain, and he has a $4 billion dollar empire to run, plus the tigers, and the family real estate holdings. He doesn't have time for this. And that's why he has an alternate gov. Devellano is his proxy and the true governor. Which is exactly why Jimmy is credited with a lot of improvements to the game, like the moving of the draft to the USA, moving it out of hotel ball rooms and into stadiums, 4v4 overtime, and the loser point. The guy is influencing hockey at a meta level. Then the gritty level is... everything I've personally ever heard about the guy is that he sits in his office all day watching tape of hockey and baseball. He's said to have an obsessive level work ethic and is an extremely good judge of talent. Probably why he's basically one of the most successful scouts of all time. He called out Mantha's lazy BS before anyone else. Never doubt Jimmy D. Not only that, but he's also the guy who lobbied hard for Al Arbour in NYI and Scotty Bowman in Detroit. So not only does he know on ice talent, he knows other brains as well. Now on to accomplishments. Jimmy has 7 Stanley cup rings. No one north of 1990 can hold a flame to that. This is exactly the kind of guy you put in place to oversee operations. He's an executives wet dream.
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    I think we should pause for a minute to appreciate the absolute outrage his Mantha comments caused around here. So good. The indignation was palpable. How dare he criticize a 20th overall pick? Lol