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    LOL this place is so pathetic that I find out about a wiaver claim in a GDT.
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    Basically this: We've all said some variation of the above at one or point or another (or several). He's been thoroughly scouted and everyone knows the score.
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    Why people mad, these are very fair returns for both players???
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    LOL I thought you would be thrilled with this deal. You LOVE 2nd round picks...
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    I just learned sumthin... Apparently Timashov was born in the Ukraine, but mom moved with him to Sweden when he was a wee lad so he considers himself a Swede... And he’s about to become Larry Murphy’s favorite player...
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    Dreger reporting that Kreider will re-sign with the Rangers, meaning AA just got a lot more valuable.
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    Green was never gonna get us anything. He is damaged goods at this point. At this stage, Green is very much a player where you simply accept the highest bid. He also had a modified NTC, which typically reduces any potential return.
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    A week ago, a 3rd or 4th round pick is about all I would have expected for Green. But with the inflated market, I was hoping he would go for a little more, maybe a 3rd (conditional 2nd) round pick. Oh well. Still a good trade in my opinion. Green has been bad, and often injured, so you take what you could get. If we can get a similar return for Daley now, that would be great. I hope Yzerman is really busy today, and can come away with a couple really good prospect(s) / pick(s)...
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    As long as Al Sobotka doesn't have to enter the game for Calgary and shutout Detroit, I'm good with whatever other outcome occurs. Dang it lol
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    To CAR: Jonathan Bernier, Evgeny Svechnikov To DET: Dominik Bokk do it
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    Holland doesn't trade Mike Green when his value is high. Goes to Edmonton and is then able to get Green for cheap. 4D chess move right there.
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    It probably WAS close, then Kreider re-signed making AA the top remaining forward on the market. Yzerman would be dumb not to wait it out after that. See if any of the Western Conference teams want to pony up more than CBJ.
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    Marchenko and a 1st. Get f***ed Jarmo!
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    I agree that Athanasiou should not be traded, unless there's a 1st round pick, or top prospect coming back. No rush to trade him, and no need to sell low.
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    Al might play between the pipes?
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    Nothing like a little STP to start my Sunday... when I forgot I had the volume way up on my computer sound system. Well.. LGRW! I am first to comment, so let's not have any jokes about having Al playing goal tonight. Never mind... insert your own joke here. Douse those Flamers, my Wings... love, Loooo
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    on TSN's trade bait, AA sits at 7, Green at 35, but at 21 is "Detroit's Cap Space" We could see some big contracts on this team next week and some multiple high round picks!
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    2020 Draft Thread

    Consensus says there is definitely separation between Lafreniere and the rest. There are probably 3 or 4 guys that could go first had it not been the Lafreniere draft. Byfield has been the consensus #2 for a while, and I'm not convinced there is a single person out there who would choose Byfield at #1. Only time could tell how distant the 2-4 group will be. Lafreneie is one of those players who will likely make an immediate NHL impact at 18 years old. Others may take a year or two. So while some of these players may close that gap over the years, Lafreneiere will be in the league earlier and become an impact NHL player at a younger age. A good comparison is McDavid and Eichel. For the record, I'm not saying Lafreniere will be McDavid level. But McDavid was a great NHL player immediately. He was scoring more than a point per game as an 18 year old. Eichel hit a point per game level in his fourth season, so it took him a bit of time to start to dominate at this level, as most high end players do. So while both are great players, there was a big gap early on, Eichel has certainly narrowed said gap since. Of course, there is still no doubt McDavid is in a league of his own. In the end, only time will tell.
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    f*** around and get fleeced on Holland is exacting his vengeance