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    Thank you Blues for giving the sole possession of the longest cupless streak to the Toronto Maple Leafs
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    Found this over on HF Boards...
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    Not to advocate for Karlsson, but this injury thing is being vastly overstated. In 10 years he's had 3 significant injuries: Groin this year, broken foot/ankle at the end of 16/17 (recovery from surgery caused him to miss first 5 games of 17-18, but he did not actually have any injuries that year), and a cut achilles in 2013. 324 consecutive games played between the achilles and the broken foot. It's not like he has chronic, recurring injuries. Trouba has 3 significant injuries in 6 seasons.
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    I'm convinced it's only to hide their unwashed hair. I usually only where a ball cap when my hair is lookin' greasy and I gotta hide it. Take a shower, no ones whering sock caps in the summer you hipster doofus
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    Awesome to see O'Reilly get the Conn Smythe. Dude is pretty awesome, and had a monster playoffs. Surely the Sabres will regret trading him for peanuts now. Oh wait, it's Buffalo. No they won't.
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    Oh god sad Marchand face is gonna be the new crying Jordan face. Just wait.
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    2019 Draft

    He's a great straight-line skater, but, imo, his lateral mobility leaves something to be desired. What makes the Hughes brothers such great skaters is their edges. They're not necessarily burners, but they don't need to be burners because their quickness, agility, elusiveness means they're going to be driving play and leading you around all over the ice, in all three zones. I've gone full Draft 4 Need. I am a crazy man with nothing to lose and zero effs left to give. I eat my steak with ketchup. Come at me.
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    My eyes!!!!!!!!
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    Jimmy Devellano

    You have to spell it with a bunch of equal signs first. =====D ork! See?
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    2019 Draft

    Yeah, could look at Boqvist last year as a comparable situation. Hardly produced at all at the SHL/Allsvensken level, but was a point/game at the JR level. Comes to NA, and scores a point/game in the OHL. Not hard to imagine that Broberg might have more offense than he's shown. I'd be a little more concerned by some saying he occasionally tries to do too much/make plays he doesn't have the skill for, resulting in bad decisions/turnovers. Smith jokes aside though, I'd consider him if we were to trade down to say 9 or 11. Wouldn't be my top choice, but close enough to be OK with it. But at 6 with at least one of Turcotte, Byram, Zegras, or Cozens guaranteed to be there...
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    f*** pretty much hope he stays far away from everyone of the players you mentioned lol
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    2019 Draft

    You got me. I was wrong. He has undeniable skill, which is why he absolutely tore up Sweden's Allsvenskan (their 2nd level league) to the tune of 2 goals and 7 assists in 41 games this year. I haven't seen dominance like that from a draft eligible player since...wait for it...Gustav Lindstrom had the EXACT SAME production in 2017. We took that guy with the 38th overall pick BTW. So either Broberg is a big reach at 6th, or Lindstrom was the steal of the century at 38th. Either way, I'm sure it will warm your (easily impressed) little heart to know we already have a right handed, Swedish "two way" defender, with limited offensive upside in our prospect pool. And we didn't have to waste a top ten pick to get him either.
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    You gotta actually get there to lose, but sure glad Boston has taken the lead in that there stat. ...oh. and congrats Blues.
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    Just came in for a quick "f*** Boston!"
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    Totally. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Poor presentation and the Blues players didn't even skate with the Cup properly. Nobody took a big lap. They better not do that when Larkin lifts the Cup.
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    Go Blues!!! St. Louis wins 3-2 in double OT.
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    I was so excited I pulled a paul pierce. I need a wheelchair!
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    at least I wasn't one of those pretentious clowns who says "present"
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    2019 Draft

    After watching a bit more footage of him I'm inclined to agree. He's been creeping up my list lately.
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    Gawd I hope Boston doesn't win!
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    2019 Draft

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    That's the thing with Foote. Like I said, I'm not sure that they can afford to lose a top prospect lile him unless they're getting something really juicy in return. I'm assuming they'd be able to dump the Callahan contract without being forced to include Foote.
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    The 91 of Ryans

    2019 Draft

    FYI. There's only a three vowel difference between beast and bust.