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    WITH PLEASURE! The rebuild we've been clamoring for is here. The youth movement we've been clamoring for is here. Our 1C and unofficial captain is 22 years old. He's put up a goal and two assists through these first two games. Despite being only 20 years old and having zero NHL experience, Dennis Cholowski is quickly establishing himself as a legit top-four NHL defenseman with legit top-pairing potential. He's put up a goal and two assists through these first two games. Last night he logged a team-high 24:50 of ice time. Potential trade chips have played well. Howard stole a point for his team against Columbus. Nyquist has three assists. If Jensen can keep playing like he did last night, his trade value could soar. The power play is scoring goals. Jack Hughes.
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    Dost thou even Hype?
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    I heard the tough part is finding Nemo's.
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    I tell you when I go to watch a game, I go to watch THE GAME. I don't meander around, or go to the bathroom (I make sure I go before the game), or buy anything whether food or souvenirs, because I don't want to miss one bit of the action on the ice.
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    I think @ChristopherReevesLegs just misspelled Kucherov...
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    Maybe we will win a game next week. Not a bad game, Anaheim missing their top 3 forwards and still beat us, but eh. Til next time LGW!
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    he's suffering from a condition known as 'Helmitis', a particularly nasty affliction whereby one's hands slowly but surely turn to stone we can only hope it's temporary...
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    This play is clearly offsides
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    That picture of Nielsen looks like he's taking the draw against a tiny little white ghost. (About the only way they win a face off - bada bing!! )
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    Hello Everyone, Long time reader, rare poster. A buddy and I are making the trip down to Little Caesars Arena from Ontario on Thursday for the Wings/Leafs game. Was wondering if you folks could give me any tips on stuff to do while we are down there. We are staying overnight, and will be arriving hopefully around 4 PM Thursday. We are looking to get something to eat, and get a buzz going before we go check out the arena and area around it. Suggestions on places to eat/drink would be awesome. All suggestions will be appreciated, I do not wanna spend crazy money and do not really want to go to a dine in restaurant as time will be tight. Greasy food, dives, food trucks etc. Would like to go somewhere that is local, like classic Detroit if that makes sense. Also generally like all types of food. So after food, any suggestions for places to check out near the arena and in the arena itself while we wait for the game to start. After the game, would love to hit up a local bar for a couple drinks or if anyone can suggest something to do on a Thursday in Detroit. We are 24 and drink quite regularly so with that would love some suggestions. Also late night drunk food is a must. I wanna thank you guys in advance for helping me out. I do not get to the games nearly as much as I would like to and really want to make the most of this little trip. Thanks and most importantly, GO WINGS!!
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    BERTUZZI! Rasmussen gets his first NHL point! 1-0! Nielsen with the other assist.
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    Do you think Blashill has a strategy to deal with the "Flying V"? Just curious.
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    I am going to Montreal game week Monday. I was thinking of putting a White tape C on my Jersey like old minor hockey days... Thoughts?
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    WHY NOT BOTH Sorry for the yelling. I'm drinking.
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    First the Wings lose the opener, then we have to wait 3 days for the next game, and the next game is a 10:30 start. I'm already hating the scheduling this season.
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    I'm more excited about Cholowski than I should be, I know better from the past but the senseless fan is pumped.
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    Soo.. like I said about the beers.. I switched over to Forza and I guess paused my live stream from NHLTV or whatever. Then I played Forza and came back like 20 minutes later, and then sat there and watched the entire intermission thinking "This sure is taking a while, is intermission like 40 minutes now? So when I posted about no goal yet, my time clock was at 16:48 in-game and there's only 8 minutes left in the 2nd.