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    It was mostly a bunch of guys sitting around a smoke filled room bragging about how they’d been fans since the 40’s.
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    Mantha is Lazy and He Sucks

    if Mantha read this thread he'd go supersaiyan on your arse... Franzen 93 - Mantha 39 Coincidence?
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    The way I see it is the Wings will still miss the playoffs, and chances are we'll have a reasonably good chance at picking in the top 5. This team needs these stretches of success in order to tolerate the losses which will eventually come as well.
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    Bernier this morning on the phone with Holland...
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    So I gotta ask...

    Tanking is for democrats and children Gimme dem wins boi
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    Let's start a thread about who we want to play in the second round.
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    Put McIlrath and Witkowski out there and have them mug Marchand.
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    On special right now. Buy one Red Wing, get an Abdelkader free.
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    Have a nice 'break', fellas!! See you guys next game! LGRW!!!!
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    30th place. 1 pt up on La LA Land with the extra game played. If I was allowed to post images it would be Mr Burns doing his best "excellent!" Now trade those assets and lock this tank downnnnnn
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    Arby's new offer!!!! it used to be free curly fries in case of a hat trick... we are so poor this season that it is in case Wings score 3 goals now
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    Baguettes can't be choosers.
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    WITH PLEASURE! The rebuild we've been clamoring for is here. The youth movement we've been clamoring for is here. Our 1C and unofficial captain is 22 years old. He's put up a goal and two assists through these first two games. Despite being only 20 years old and having zero NHL experience, Dennis Cholowski is quickly establishing himself as a legit top-four NHL defenseman with legit top-pairing potential. He's put up a goal and two assists through these first two games. Last night he logged a team-high 24:50 of ice time. Potential trade chips have played well. Howard stole a point for his team against Columbus. Nyquist has three assists. If Jensen can keep playing like he did last night, his trade value could soar. The power play is scoring goals. Jack Hughes.
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    Jonas Mahonas

    New Lettering

    I like the straight style they are using this year.
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    Jersey Wing


    These are the standings: http://www.espn.com/nhl/standings This is a parade route
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    Jersey Wing


    At least one time in the preseason I'd like Ehn, Athanasiou and Frk on a line regardless of position so I can market shirts that say "The Frk-Ehn-A Line"