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    I just want to say, f*** each and every one of you that ever doubted Anthony Mantha. That is all.
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    Happy Thanksgiving LGW!

    I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all the good people here at LGW, thanks for those of you who are sticking this out through a frustrating and painful rebuild and continue to post and keep this place afloat. I hope you eat a lot of food, drink a lot of beer and wine, watch some football, and enjoy this day with your family, loved ones, fellow Wings fans, your cat, whoever it may be. I'm glad to be a part of this site and what we all have created over the years, it's our own little hockey family and through thick and thin, i'm looking forward to the rest of the season here with everyone. Thanks everyone, be safe, enjoy your holiday, and i'll see some of you tomorrow for the Flyers game. LETS GO WINGS!! Happy Thanksgiving.
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    Does this count as a winning streak? (see last GDT)
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    I don't think this is the trade that fixes us or anything but WOW Yzerman is a mad man No loyalty to Holland's players. The swift action is refreshing. I take back all I said thsi summer about Yzerman being more of the same. Tinker away Stevie boy. Acquire all the disappointing former 1st rounders. DLR is probs thrilled to be joining the Blues. Good for him. That's our Nov trade boys, see you all in Dec.
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    I was just about to post this. I'd be open to it. Guy has a fantastic resume. He's won a Stanley Cup in Carolina, and he has been to the finals with Nashville and Philly. Going to the finals with 3 different teams is impressive. A lot of people keep saying that we shouldn't fire Blashill until there is a viable permanent replacement, is this it? We may not get a better option in the off-season.
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    Merry Christmas LGW!

    Good Jule!
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    Happy Thanksgiving LGW!

    Carley Johnston.
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    He smol. He play C. That's all I've got. Yzerman likes him some small centermen, so I'm fully expecting Fabbri to become Brayden Point. REBUILD'S OVER, NERDS. LET'S GO.
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    Jonas Mahonas


    Lets Go Baby. Mantha! Hype! Zadina. Seider. Larks, AA, Filly Hro. LGW
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    RED WINGS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNDEFEATED IN THE PERLINI ERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Because this game has been so fun to watch...
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    Welcome back LGWers
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    AA vs. Mantha

    Howard vs Bernier, you cowards
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    Oh I like the trade. I don't see Saarijarvi ever becoming anything. Sounds like Comrie will be our 2/3 goalie. Howard and Bernier are both becoming expendable quickly. I'm ready to go full Pickard/Comrie is we have to.
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    LGW Upkeep

    It really would be nice to get some more official insight on what’s going on and where things could go. I’d love to start Photoshopping something other than Svech Lives if it’d help. Also work in digital marketing/e-commerce and have built sites and done replatforming and the like. I’m sure many here have skills they could bring to the table, aside from our never-ending onslaught of s*** talking. Seriously. I’ve been posting here basically my entire adult life. Living outside Detroit, it’s become my main connection to other Red Wings fans. Feels weird watching all the games when this place is down. HF boards is not the same.
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    Can we talk about how great this win was? It was pretty great. Some hiccups, for sure. The last five minutes or so of the 2nd were dreadful. Total hold-on-for-dear-life deer-in-the-headlights hockey. Took our foot off the gas. Can't do that, ever. Other than that, pretty good. Bertuzzi was absolutely loving life. Setting up Fabbri's goals. Finishing checks. Getting under people's skin. Shutting down the best line in the NHL. Ho-hum. Speaking of shutting down Boston's top line...yeah, that was a thing. The Larkin line won that matchup. Pastrnak had an assist on the Krug goal. Nothing for Bergeron. (Larkin more than held his own in the faceoff circle.) Nothing for Marchand, who got frustrated and probably hurt his team more than he helped it. I don't think he liked that Hronek dropped the gloves. I don't think he liked that all the jawing in the world didn't seem to rattle a bench that was supposed to be lacking confidence and composure. I don't think he liked that Mantha is actually a better shutdown (or, power-versus-power) player than people give him credit for. Speaking of Mantha...I think I finally get it. I think he finally makes sense. Dude was playing like he was sleepwalking last night. Except, he wasn't sleepwalking. He was engaged. "We've always known that's a thing with him. He's big, so he can cover a lot of ground without exerting as much energy as a smaller guy like Bertuzzi. People see it as laziness. It's not." Right, sure, but that's not really what I'm not talking about. It's more that he looked like he was stuck in slow motion while everyone else was playing at normal speed...and yet, it was more than a few times that the Bruins players playing at full speed seemed to struggle against him. It looked like he wasn't putting a ton of effort into anything he was doing...and yet, he seemed to cause some serious problems for the Bruins. I guess the word I'm looking for is..."effortless"? Sure. At times last night, he looked effortlessly effective. Maybe it's a fine line between A) not putting in enough effort and B) pulling stuff off so well that you make it look like it's nothing. I think what's finally clicked for me is the notion that an Anthony Mantha who has realized his full potential is a guy who routinely makes big-time plays look effortless. I'm thinking the challenge he's been facing is figuring out how to walk the line between playing hard, hard, hard and trying to become a Zetterberg-esque playmaker who's so freakishly good at slowing the game down that he can stand still with the puck in an o-zone pocket for what feels like ten seconds without the opposition swarming him and stripping him of the puck. He's doing that Zetterberg thing now where he just holds the puck and then maybe loses the puck but then gets it right back and just kind of circles around the o-zone like a shark, and the other team isn't quite sure what to do so they just kind of cautiously shadow him and wait for him to give a sign that he's about to make a play, at which point they try to close him off and shut him down. I think Mantha realizes this and I think it's exactly how he's always wanted things to be. He wants to be big and dangerous on the ice, yes, but just as big and dangerous in opposing players' heads. I think players are starting to treat him as a legit dynamic offensive threat who can burn you in a second, in any number of ways. While that means tighter checking and less time and space, he's hitting his prime and really coming into his own, which I think sort of offsets things. "Power versus power." Does that make any sense? I feel like I'm doing a s*** job of explaining this. The following (Mantha's empty-net goal) is absolutely not a perfect example of what I'm talking about, but I like the contrast between exhausted-looking Bergeron and confident-looking Mantha: https://www.nhl.com/video/t-310452140/c-4553264
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    I picked a bad time to quit drinking
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    Next game, Perlini. Next summer, the cup. LGW!!
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    Names GDT after song, doesn't post the song How do you people manage to get through an average day?
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