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    Ladies and Gentlemen. Tonight's GDT will be a role playing fantasy of the Red Wing's players starring in a fake Dragon Ball production. Click pics to see player names/portraits clearly. Main Cast Information Henrik Zetterberg as Prince Vegeta Anthony Mantha as Goku Dylan Larkin as Trunks AA as Gohan Coach Jeff Blashill as Master Roshi The Villains of tonight's production: Jaromir Jagr as Babidi (old ass wizard dude) Mark Giordano as Majin Buu For those of you who grew up watching Dragon Ball Z or who had children watching the show; please take a seat back to the past and enjoy the two 30 second promos. For those of you who didn't watch the show, watch the promos anyway to witness the hype the kids saw everyday all those years ago. I bring you the year 2002 on Cartoon Network. As the Red Wings struggle to maintain their legacy, one may wonder.. HOW, JUST HOW WILL THEY OVERCOME THIS TERRIBLE PREDICAMENT OF HAVING THE HIGHEST PAY ROLL AND s*** PERFORMANCE? My answer is this. They need a... Desperate Assault at victory. I now bring to you, the Hype theme for tonight's game. Desperate Assault In closing, here is a quick gif of Don Zetterberg (who practically runs the team) and Ken Holland's relationship every night after the Wings lose a game. Blue haired gal is Holland. Safe to say The Don does not like losing. Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z, all characters are copyrights of Toei Animation, Funimation, and their respective companies. This is a fan based fiction.
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    Hey guys -- apologies for the issues. I was out of town when the forums went down earlier this week (part of a faulty security update that didn't completely finish) and didn't even realize it until someone reached out to me via the Facebook page. Should be all set now. Best way to get ahold of me if there are issues is through Facebook or via Twitter (@LetsGoWingscom).
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    6/22 GDT - 2018 Entry Draft

    *Zadina adds BigWillieStyle to his list* I also like how he doesn't even mention the Yotes. That is some top-tier shade-throwing right there.
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    https://www.cbssports.com/nhl/news/2018-nhl-draft-grades-sabres-panthers-red-wings-get-top-marks-for-their-picks/ Detroit Red Wings: A+ They should be absolutely enthralled with what transpired this weekend. Even if you look just at the first round, they landed maybe the draft's second-best goal-scorer at No. 6 in Filip Zadina, then got another steal with center Joseph Veleno at No. 30. http://www.sportingnews.com/nhl/news/nhl-draft-picks-2018-grades-results-trade-rumors-rasmus-dahlin-brady-tkachuk-quinn-hughes/37z44iwdg3q5z9c3nm9j05h8 6. Detroit Red Wings — Filip Zadina, LW, Halifax (QMJHL) The Red Wings really needed a puck mover who can run their power play, but Filip Zadina is an elite forward they simply couldnt pass up. This kid fills the net and competes hard in all three zones. A real leader and sets a great example. Grade: A 30. Detroit Red Wings (via Golden Knights) — Joe Veleno, C, Drummondville (QMJHL) About time a team woke up and took the draft's fastest center, except Veleno is a premier playmaker who busts it from start to finish. Mark my words -- he will be one of the better NHL players to come out of this draft. Grade: A https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2782556-2018-nhl-draft-results-team-by-team-grades-for-notable-picks Detroit Red Wings: Filip Zadina, LW, Halifax, Grade: A Zadina has a terrific shot, and his ability to go to the front of the net is notable. He' also solid on both ends of the ice. Center Joseph Veleno, right wing Jonatan Berggren and defenseman Jared McIsaac all look like potential big-time contributors. So apparently all of these guys are clueless too.
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    it's confirmed Z-Z in the Top line...
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    Glad I'm not the first to mention this. Should Holland have started the rebuild sooner instead of holding on to the playoff streak? Sure, I won't disagree with anyone who wants to argue that point. However, all of you who see Hollands name and automatically scream about the sky falling, cannot claim these last 2 seasons of rebuilding haven't been wildly successful on his part. Tatar = 1st, 2nd, 3rd (fantastic haul for a middle 6 forward) Mrazek = 3rd, 3rd (great haul for a backup goalie that could be in Europe next year) Sheahan = 3rd (sucks we couldn't get more, but his value was at an all time low and we needed the cap for AA) Ott = 6th (fair) Vanek = 3rd (fair) Smith = 2nd, 3rd (highway robbery with Smith in the minors screwing up NYR's books) Jurco = 3rd (fantastic haul for an AHL/NHL tweener) Datsyuk = 2nd (between a rock n a hard place, traded out Chychrun for Cholo and got the cap space, fair) Kindl = 6th (thrilled just to get anything) I'm not at all mad about a single trade he's done since the rebuild started. And the Mrazek, Tatar, and Smith trades have me particularly happy. For a man who's never had to rebuild before he's doing grade A quality work so far. If you need every roster player to be traded in order to be happy, I think you're being a bit unrealistic with your expectations. Where I do draw issue, and where I think most of this boards frustrations truly lie, is with Blashill coming back. The whole "fresh voice" thing hasn't worked at all. Young players who had bright futures under Babs almost immediately regressed, and he's getting subpar performances from our vets as well (though aging plays a role with some). If we should damn anyone right now it's Blash, and if you wanna put Holland on blast, blast him for keeping Blash, otherwise Holland has been fantastic the last 2 seasons.
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    *singsongingitalong* Today's my birthday! Yes, it's my birthday! I'm going to the game! I'm taking my son. It's my son's first game. He's only three! I'm hoping we lose! Isn't that terrible! He's going to be sooo confused! Section 126 Row 24 if anyone wants to buy me a birthday beer (...or give me a punch to the gut for all my smartassedness around this joint over the years!) LGRW!
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    6/22 GDT - 2018 Entry Draft

    New to this board, largely because I fell in love with Veleno's game the first scrimmage I watched him in Saint John. Not a season ticket holder, but I've seen him play many times. My first impression his first scrimmage when he was 15 was a tall, lanky floater. He looked first for someone to pass to. Then he out-fought a bigger, older, experienced player in a corner; then he stole a few more pucks along the boards; then he drifted over center, saw an opening and shot like a rocket around everyone to get a scoring chance with a great shot, with his head up. NHL speed at 15. NHL skills at 15. Two seasons ago I watched him out-skate and outwork Nico Hirchiser in the playoffs. My son and I agreed he was the better that game. The only other Q player who has ever excited me so thoroughly is MacKinnon. (I missed Crosby) I rarely once saw him play first line or first line minutes until this season. His coaches groomed him for an all around game, taught him defense, and I think that approach was best for him. He can skate and score but he looks for teammates first. Plays a team game. Others, IMHO, had trouble playing with him - didn't know how to get open. Also keep in mind he was captain in Saint John, for the 2017 Hlinka team, and his NHL Top Prospects team; because he is a leader. I'm biased, but in my opinion he's NHL ready and has HOF stamped on his forehead.
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    6/22 GDT - 2018 Entry Draft

    http://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/23888005/2018-nhl-draft-winners-losers-draft-weekend-including-detroit-red-wings-new-york-islanders-artemi-panarin-gary-bettman Winner: Red Wings Filip Zadina might be the surest scorer in this draft, and somehow -- miraculously -- he fell in the Red Wings' lap at No. 6 overall. This is a winger who can play as soon as this season, even in a top-six role. The Red Wings then capitalized on another draft faller, when center Joseph Veleno was available at No. 30. Detroit's biggest need was defense, and they addressed that with three defensemen during the next two rounds. Detroit is embarking on a total makeover, and this draft couldn't have gone any better for GM Ken Holland -- who has been on a roll since the trade deadline after bringing in a haul for Tomas Tatar. Apparently, reports of Holland's demise have been greatly exaggerated. The Red Wings being good again is fun for everyone!
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    SPOOPY GDT OMG GET IN HERE YOU JERKS (If DET lineup is wrong, blame Khan. If ARI lineup is wrong, blame Daily Faceoff.) YOUTH WATCH - 10/31 HALLOW BE THY NAMES EDITION Darkin: 10 points (1G + 9A) thru 12 games Mothra: 9 points (4G + 5A) thru 12 games Berfrker: 4 points (3G + 1A) thru 12 games Anathematoyou: 1 point (1G) thru 2 games TRADE BAIT WATCH - 10/31 LAME SPOOPY NAMES EDITION Green Goblin: 11 points (1G + 10A) thru 12 games Howlard: .929 Sv% thru 9 games BLASH WATCH - 10/31 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ EDITION Today's HYPE! jam: Happy Halloween! LGRW!
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    Just imagine a Wings jersey.
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    Holland reaches down = he doesn't know what he's doing Holland reaches up = It fell into his lap The man simply cannot win. It's truly an amazing complex/paradox that Leftwinger has built. You can't find mental instability this good just anywhere, only at LGW.
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    6/22 GDT - 2018 Entry Draft

    Guys, remember that time we drafted Zadina???
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    What? You mean the media and activists were too quick to rush to judgment before all the facts were known and before the accused had a chance to defend themselves? That never happens.
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    2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    Maybe the second wasn't to take Fleury but rather incentive to not take someone else. Just because everyone thought Fleury would be their selection from the Pens doesn't mean GMGM didn't tease that he might take someone else... Anyway... good for the Golden Knights. The team. The management. Their fans. ALL OF IT. I love watching other "more deserving" teams and their playoff drought, no Cup, "long suffering" fans crybaby their way through the playoffs and offseason. BOOFREAKINHOO.
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    Rumors Thread

    I agree. It's amazing how low most all Red Wings fans are on DeKeyser. Some even go as far as to say they'd eat half his salary for a 7th round draft pick. I would trade DeKeyser, but it would have to be worth it. DD isn't near as bad as fans make it seem, and on a better team, I think he's a legit top 3/4 defenseman. And like you said, he's getting paid as such.
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    Kinda digging the whole youth thing as I believe we are doing what Jersey did last year. Semi throw in the towel let the kids gain experience and hopefully get some more help at draft time. I have accepted no playoffs this year and watch the games with eye towards the future.
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    Ericsson needs to sit

    If E was 22 and was being paid league minimum, nobody would have a problem with him on our third pairing. Given he is 30+, being paid 4mil+, and is on our 1st pairing, he's under a microscope.