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    Bar Down

    Class Act Organization

    I've been casually viewing this site for awhile but until today I never felt the need to share my opinion. Today, however, was different. My brother was diagnosed with leukemia while playing junior hockey in Saskatchewan earlier this year and he had a bone marrow transplant a couple months ago in Calgary (he's had to live there for the last several months due to the lack of facilities in Sask.). We have been die-hard Red Wings fans since we were really young and it's been a dream of ours to someday watch a game at the Joe but today he experienced the next best thing. Mike Babcock gave him a call this morning and invited him to the Wings practice in Calgary and invited him to meet all of the Wings. Every single Red Wing took the time to not only introduce themselves but genuinely get to know him. He was encouraged by Dats and Zets to stick around for practice prep and to come back after practice for some autographs. Ken Holland offered him tickets for tomorrow's game and Babs invited him back tomorrow to once again hang out with the Wings after their morning skate. For a kid who's been through a lot in recent months, he was on cloud nine today. The Wings have always been my favorite team but today they turned it up a notch. I was absolutely blown away by everything today and I think it's safe to say we all cheer for one of the classiest organizations in the NHL .
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    Hello fellow Red Wings fans. Before the 2011-2012 NHL season started, I decided to register the domain freeredwings.tv and operate a site providing live streams of Detroit Red Wings games. Yesterday, I received a cease and desist email from an NHL attorney ordering me to stop any and all unauthorized streaming of NHL copyrighted works. With the recent arrest of a Comstock Park, MI man for copyright infringement, I have made the difficult and unfortunate decision to stop streaming NHL games. I am expecting my first child in August and I cannot get arrested, especially over something like this. I would like to thank the letsgowings community for always linking to the site in the GDT and being grateful and appreciative fans. I hope you enjoyed what I was able to provide. I would have loved to continue providing the service, but you can thank the NHL for ruining the party.
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    From all Blues fans...

    ...best of luck to Shawn Burr in fighting this horrible disease. It would be way too soon losing another Wing. I just want the great Detroit fans to know we are thinking about Mr. Burr and praying for a speedy recovery. God bless.
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    Devin Setoguchi

    He even dives in shootouts! esteef
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    My first attempt at editing a .gif Hope you like. ;-)
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    Per Darren Dreger's Twitter: "In an hour or so, the Detroit Red Wings will announce veteran asst coach Brad McCrimmon won't be back for a 4th year on the Wings bench."
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    [i know this isn't really a Yotes war thing either, but oh well. I thought I would try to complement St Nick.]
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    Not mine, but I saw it the other day and it made me laugh.
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    [posted this a few months ago in a gdt, but it is more appropriate now]
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    Brad Stuart to the West Coast?

    Too bad Ericsson doesn't have any family in California.
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    Roenick's Rant

    TSN reports:
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    Everybody throw one! They can't fine us all! esteef
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    Here is mine from last year: A new one for this year:
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    a list of things I take more seriously than mindfly: 1. A promise from a politician 2. The artistic musical styling of one Justin Bieber 3. The word of an AD in college football that there will not be a coaching change and they are committed to the current coach, after a couple sub-par seasons 4. Brett Favre's retirement announcements 5. The complaints of a woman wearing a low cut, 2 sizes too small shirt, that guys always stare at her boobs 6. The weather report I could go on...
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    Doc Holliday

    Put Ozzy in.

    You are an idiot. Too obvious...
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