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  1. RedWings

  2. Holland Wants Bert Back

    He's costing nothing, ok. But he is constantly in the PK box (usually it is imaginary calls, not his fault, but refs are calling minutes anyway and that costs the team). + his ice time could be better used by a young kid with potential. Bert has NO upside potential and did not show any chemistry with anybody.
  3. Jimmy Howard has championship skills

    Wings were dominated by SJ in the goaltending area. Howard was solid in round 1, but totally outplayed by Nabokov in round 2. With a championship goaltender, the wings would be right now en route for the cup finals.
  4. Hawks or sharks?

    Sharks took out a great Wings team in 5. They deserve the cup. Montreal is a just a goaltending cinderella story.
  5. Who should we Keep? Release? Sign?

    every sweede D is not Lidstrom. Look at Eriksson... this guy has absolutely no hands.. we need some great draft picks...
  6. if lidstrom retires?

    We need offensive defensemen... Rafalski is a big defensive liability, much more than Gonchar. Offensive defensemen make the difference in PP and in 5vs5 offense. You cannot be a puck-possession team without an offensive D.
  7. San Jose to Finals?

    Thornton is scoring playoffs goals. This is a different shark team. I'd like them to sweep the Pens in the finals.
  8. Good Series Wings!

    Well done sharks! We have won a lot of series against you, i guess this was your time. Losing in 5 is not as painful as losing in 7 so at least you were kind enough to beat us quickly. I don't agree about Howard, I think he is unforgivable in game 3. And he can't stop a puck (he just turns them away).
  9. I think detroit winning lastnight affected your rep a little

  10. The real reason we are losing this series...

    we can't really stand out of the box if the refs are calling dives
  11. No Worries

    In game 2, I have seen arguably the best Datsyuk since 2007. Dangerous every time he had the puck... He has lifted his game up to an incredible level since his disappointing olympics.
  12. Ovi's postgame

    The Caps were up 3-1 in the series. The comeback was VERY unlikely. This is not arrogance, just statistics.
  13. Detroit Red Wings Game 7 History

    Low-scoring game: PHX advances High-scoring game: DET advances
  14. The Sens are terrible.

    They were for long the San Jose of the Eastern conference... they always suck in playoffs
  15. Will Hossa score in the playoffs?

    3 games and zero goals so far for Chicago's huge summer acquisition. With Nashville leading the series, will the guy at least score one before golf course ? The bad mojo for Chicago will obviously get going, this is not the question, but will he be able to at least score an empty netter and justify his huge salary ???