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  1. ashenhigh

  2. Forward lines next season?

    Filppula - Datsyuk - Holmstrom Hulder - Zetterberg - Franzen Cleary - Helm - Bertuzzi Miller - Abdelkader - Eaves with 10 minutes to go in 3rd: Filppula - Datsyuk - Cleary Hulder - Zetterberg - Franzen Abdelkader/Miller/Eaves - Helm - Bertuzzi Holmstrom or, when we need a goal: Zetterberg - Datsyuk - Holmstrom Hulder - Filppula - Franzen Cleary - Helm - Bertuzzi Miller - Abdelkader - Eaves
  3. Ken Holland: Open to trade to replace Rafalski

    I don't think you understand the concept of "future" or have not seen Campbell play since 2007. 5 years. NTC clause. $7.1 cap hit. -He had 27 points this year, oh but he had injuries this year.... -He had 38 points last year, oh but he had injuries that year.... Well he had 5 points in 19 games in the Blackhawks Stanley Cup run. I'm sorry, but you are so off if you think the Red Wings are going to bring in a guy, with a 7.1 cap hit, who was outscored by 4 defensemen on his own team, where is upside is supposed to be his scoring. Brian Campbell's contract is probably the worst next to Dipietro's.
  4. Ken Holland: Open to trade to replace Rafalski

    Funny you said that... I actually just posted something very similar over at HF: "I could argue against everything you said, but I'll only do this paragraph. Yes Datsyuk is a steal. But the idea is, that if Campbell is a Red Wing, his terrible contract is going to be used as bargaining power for an agent in contract negotiations. There is not a prayer Holland could have in justifying a Campbell's salary in RFA /UFA discussions. He is clearly overpaid. He isn't even the #2 guy on his own team, with that cap hit. What happens next season when Stuart's and Kronwall's deals expire? How is Holland going to tell Kronwall that his cap hit should be around 3.5 million while Campbell is robbing Illitch of 7.1 each season? Brian Rafalski circa 2007 with that contract was worth it, Brian Campbell in present times with that NTC and a 5 year long 7 million contract... no way jose."
  5. Ken Holland: Open to trade to replace Rafalski

    I'm shocked by this Brian Campbell idea... Couple of things... - He has a $7.1 million cap hit until the 2015-2016 season, that is 5 years not 3, with a NTC. - His cap hit would make him the highest paid played on the team. - He scored 5 points during the Blackhawks cup run, in 19 games. Brent Sopel scored 6. - Rafalski has consistently outscored him each season with no friggan ligaments in his knee. - Campbell's career year doesn't even top Rafalski's seasons at age 34, 35, and 36. I don't even want to go on but the idea is bad, bad, bad. We need to dump Hudler yes, but this is not the solution. Having Hudler back next season would be a better option. Hoping for Hudler to return to form (2008) or possibly even reach a higher potential is a smarter move than pushing the panic switch, and helping out our division rivals. This trade does not help the wings. They will have better options. If trading is the way to bring in an elite puck moving defensemen, lets shoot higher and use Filppula as bait. Hudler would be better used as a salary dump to move up in the draft then in a package for an drastically overpaid player.
  6. Hudler's Future

    I have to say I am sick to death of seeing people say "Hudler excels in a top 6 role." This season proved that is a crap statement. Hudler was terrible most of the season. The short period of time in which Hudler wasn't the Red Wing whipping boy was while he was playing on Datsyuk's wing. Wow, big deal. Anyone NHL caliber player can score with Datsyuk as your center. Datsyuk turns Holmstrom into a 40 point player each season. Hudler is garbage. He is tiny, and his $2.8 mil contract is going to hurt us moving into this off-season. The guy contributes ZERO to a bottom 6 role, which is fine being he is a finesse player, but if he isn't good enough for a top 6 role on this team, then there is no room for him. He is just eating up cap space at this point.
  7. So nothing at all really changes with our team? I really hope this isn't the roster. We didn't win this year, not even close. We're suppose to contend with the same roster, save happy happy Hudler? I hope we make some huge off-season changes.
  8. Put Ozzy in.

    Osgood is worse dude... you should know that being a Wings fan.
  9. Leino to Join the Zetterberg-Cleary Line

    Heres to hoping Lebda is too sick to play tomorrow and Meech, or anyone else at all who knows how to ice skate can play for him!
  10. Bert & Lebda

    Honestly? Lebda sucks and skates like a square. He also has NO BUSINESS trying to come into the offensive zone with the puck during his shifts either. Waste of space, I would rather have Meech out there. Where is my Lillypad to save us?
  11. Players That Are Wasting Space

    Osgood is not a #1 NHL goalie. Either is Howard. They both suck. The Red Wings easily have the worst goaltending duo in the league... easily. Osgood needs to be regulated to backup. Also, LEDBA IS TERRIBLE. Get rid of him! Ledba makes bad passes, sucks at defense, and always has this urge to rush into the offensive play. He skates like a box too. The guy really needs to relax his shoulders when he skates.
  12. With Franzen gone, who would you trade for now?

    Shanny could definitely fill the PP hole left by Franzen.
  13. [GDT] 9/30 - Red Wings, 6 @ Farjestad BK, 2

    Wow.... and I'm the IT guy at work LOL Thanks LOL next time Ill look for the play button. I kept think it would auto start.
  14. [GDT] 9/30 - Red Wings, 6 @ Farjestad BK, 2

    The screen is black for me after the NHL ad, on IE and Firefox. HELP!