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  1. Lashoff

    Carlo has played 2 gms and been to the dressing room 12 time. Kenny knew this so whay the hell did he sign him? Very impressed with Lashoff, he definatly needs to see some time. Quincey is awful and needs to sit.
  2. Marchand Suspended 5 games

    Marchand gets 5 games
  3. Stay classy Kesler

    I think it has more to do with Kesler being one of the biggest idiots in the league. Kesler knew that Kronwall would never fight him that is why he went after him. If Weber had nailed him he would have been rolling around on the ice screaming headshot. He is a piece of s*** and he fits in well in Vancouver.
  4. Jonathan Ericsson Watch Thread

    Ericsson could use a few nights in the press box. He needs to get a wake up call. This Edmonton game, with how fast it was really exposed just how slow his brain is working his body. Some very bad decision making that put the team trouble. Both him and Kindl need to fight for their jobs not just be handed one. Commie or Smith in for a couple of games might be what they need. They clearly cannot be paired together in a fast game, so thats hard to blame the players because thats the defense coaches job.
  5. 12/19 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Oilers 2

    Edmonton has been in a rough patch the last couple of weeks. They always play hard though. The Red Wings need to play a full 60min and have their power play clicking and they should be fine. 4-1 Wings
  6. Turris speculation

    Turris would been fantastic on the Wings! Hudler out Turris in! Yes please. I can't see it happening though...
  7. Brendan Smith watch thread

    Smith needs to play in the NHL. I could see Commie being waived.
  8. Brendan Smith watch thread

    Selanne WILL retire a Duck. Stuart is not expendable, he is the only one that will play tough in front of our net and help Jimmy out with net crashers. If anyone is expenable with Smith being in the line up I would say it is Ericsson.
  9. Do They Deserve It?

    I thought Bert played pretty good tonight. Made some space for Pavel(2goals) Bert should probably be playing on the Abby Helm line but his size is needed on Pav's line because Mule dosen't use his size.
  10. Make this team better

    Hemsky????? Why? He is made of glass and even when he isn't hurt he can be streaky at best. Kenny bet on Hossa over Mule and lost then he signed Hudler for some reason after he didn't fit the first time. Ken Holland has made some amazing deals in the past but his track record in the last couple of years looks not so good. Sure the team has been very good but when a player like Hossa that is a true sniper and very good two way player comes along you can't let them get away. I think this team needs a trade. The comfort level amoung the players is too high and its starting to show. Kenny should shop Mule and Flip and see whats out there. Maybe the rumour of a trade would spark this team up a bit???
  11. 11/15 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Blues 2

    I would bet money that there is no change for next game. Nobody beats a dead horse for as long as Babcock does. He does not like change.
  12. 11/15 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Blues 2

    Datsyuk is playing like s***. Blame it on his wingers if you want but he was playing like s*** at the start of the year with Hank as well. Its like he has no focus, he is just not himself. The power play is just ******* bad. I would rather see Helm Eaves and Miller out there.
  13. This team screams for a trade

    This team has looked too comfortable for the last couple of years no doubt. Going deep in the playoffs every year and no real risk of being traded has taken some of the hungar from the team. A big trade might be the best thing that could happen. But if you think any team will take our scraps for their quality it is not going to happen. The way Jagr is playing in Philly maybe he was worth a few more bucks after all???????
  14. 10/25 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Blue Jackets 4

    No production out of the top six. Babcock needs to shuffle the deck before the game not all night long because its hard to get things going on a 30 second shift. Homer needed to retire.
  15. What's up with Zetterberg?

    I think the whole ZDC line is not playing that well. They seem to turn the puck over a lot. Datsyuk seems to want to dangle the puck too much instead of making the simple play and more often then not he is turning it over. Cleary looks like he is trying to use skates with no edge and spends a lot of time on his ass. Zetta seems lost. The thing is I don't think that they should be split up because when they finally find their groove they are one of the best two way lines in hockey. Lets hope they can turn the corner soon.