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  1. That actually sounds very Canadian.
  2. A large chunk of greatness is gone from the world of hockey. RIP Gordie.
  3. trade

    He'll be trade material to bring back Samuelsson.
  4. Boom...headshot!
  5. I like it! I'm hoping for Richards, too.
  6. This is good news as long as they stick with getting nhl level experience for replacements. I wouldn't want to ice an entire team of rookies and I don't want all rookies behind the bench either.
  7. By previous years, I mean more than two or three. The Wings have been lacking a bit when it comes to motivation. While I wasn't very vocal about it, I was hoping to see Babcock leave four years ago. I do blame Blashill because I think he failed to place players where they needed to be and to motivate. I felt the same about Babcock. I know the players are the ones on the ice, but they take direction from behind the bench.
  8. I'm okay with Kronner on the first unit as long as he stops racing up the ice with the puck only to pass back thirty feet and just stand at the blue line waiting for the puck to cross.
  9. It was one year, yes...a bad year. We made it to the playoffs on momentum from previous years. Blashill is in over his head. If he were a coach that could do his thing on the main stage, we wouldn't have crawled into the playoffs. This team should have steamrolled half the league this year. There's only so many nhl level coaches to go around, is my point. We should be so lucky to have one next year.
  10. Exactly...they should bring up a coach from the minors. That worked well for us.
  11. I think they're coming after you first for that comment...******?
  12. Errorson is already a cardboard cutout of a defenseman...we should have seen it coming!
  13. Too soon...it'll always be too soon.
  14. I agree. I couldn't care less about how he talks to a reporter, but he's got a spine and he's not afraid to say what he's thinking. Detroit's locker room could use some strut like that.