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  1. _SP_

    2019 Trade Deadline

    Right. So there's an intangible factor of trust and camaraderie, complimenting personalities and gameplay. I'm not in the locker room or watching practice. Are Kronwall, Green, and Vanek player-coaches? Are they showing up to practice early, setting good examples with conditioning and workouts, watching tape and giving pointers? These are things I can't answer. But they have to be considered by GMs. Those influences are huge. And they, or the the lack thereof, can have long term ramifications for our rebuild. So while it's easy for us to put a value on someone's play, it is difficult to measure their total team impact. I do think people overvalue players. Fans, I mean. I do think there is the occasional overpay, but to me it is more common to see players moved for what fans consider UNDER value. But in reality, there is so much that goes into building a team, it is hard to potentially give up a high draft pick with the possbility that the dynamic of the team is actually harmed and the outcome is not what they wanted. Particularly with 1-year rentals.
  2. _SP_

    2019 Trade Deadline

    I feel all pending-UFAs should be moved, unless the team feels it would hinder the development of the players that would need to be called up to fill the roles, or those currently on the team. Draft picks should be the goal, or players under 23 with team control. Nyquist - 1st or 2nd. Howard- 2nd or 3rd. Kronwall-4th or 5th. Jensen - 5th or 6th. Vanek-6th or 7th Then I'm moving veterans that don't have a long-term role. Green - 2nd or 3rd. Daley - 3rd or 4th. Dekeyser - 4th or 5th. Ericsson 4th or 5th. Now, obviously the team has to field a roster. It's not possible to get rid of 6 defensemen. But they should be shopping all the players above. Get rid of 2-3 wingers and 2-3 defensemen. Secure 5-6 more picks.
  3. _SP_

    Rumors Thread

    IDK... 32-years-old? I don't see a re-signing happening. From the Red Wings' perspective, he's "old" for the movement we are going with. From his perspective, he probably has three (ish?) more years as a top-2 defenseman, does he want to spend them with a team that's not competing for the Cup? Given the questions about his medical, taking the best offer at 1:30pm would have been best, I think. And if it's medical, do what they did with Mrazek: conditional picks.5 reg games = 310 reg games = 215 reg games = 16 playoff games = 1+210 playoff games = 1+1Just don't get it. SOMETHING is better than nothing.
  4. _SP_

    Slump started last year when,

    I know it's slow, I know there's not a lot of traffic with the team doing poorly.... but come on. And I'll be honest, shame on me for clicking on a post that didn't have a complete thought in the threat title. I knew it was going to be bad. If it wasn't, you wouldn't have been too ashamed to put it in the title. But, please, don't post stupid stuff. It's wasting people's time who want to engage in actual conversation.
  5. _SP_

    NHL 2018 Player Ratings

    Should use the term "Beta" loosely; EA churns out the same dang game year over year. Roster update, remove two features, and add one of the features back that was removed last year...
  6. _SP_

    Development Camp

    1980s black magic or 2010's conspiracy theorist Dave?
  7. _SP_

    Development Camp

    Al Green or Rhonda Vincent?
  8. _SP_

    New arena construction updates

    "The Detroit Downtown Development Authority, the public entity that owns the arena, is expected to collect $726 million in school property tax revenues through 2051. The money will be used to pay off $363 million in public investments in the $862-million arena and the surrounding development district. The DDA and Brownfield Redevelopment Authority were named in the initial suit. A new DDA amendment proposal that council is to vote on June 20 would issue an additional $34.5 million in bonds to support the Pistons' relocation. The estimated cost of the project has increased from $450 million to $862 million. The project is anticipated to be 62% privately funded and 38% publicly funded." That's disgusting. How do you go over budget by 92%?????? Meanwhile, the publicly-funded percentage stayed the same. Bunch of l*b**al BS.
  9. _SP_

    Development Camp

    Mehhh.... all that from a single game? On a player he wasn't even intently scouting? I would want to see some consistent reports before jumping on that one.
  10. _SP_

    Little Caesars Arena worker dies after 75 ft. fall

    Ha, I worked for Schindler Elevator Corporation, dispatching service mechanics, including for NYC. 30 Rock is one of the properties they have (had?) the contract for service (inlcuding all of Rock Plaza). Had no idea this was from that building.
  11. _SP_

    Little Caesars Arena worker dies after 75 ft. fall

    ^I have seen that photo many times in the past; is it a real photo? What building are the constructing?
  12. _SP_

    Breaking News

    You really felt the need to post your own thread on this subject which is discussed for almost 80 pages in the draft thread? I feel like I'm doing a disservice to all by bumping this thread up the list, but I really wanted to call you out on the annoying, petty attention-seeking post. Sorry, ya'll.
  13. _SP_

    2017 Draft

    Can you NOT jinx us for the second round, please???
  14. _SP_

    Looking ahead at expansion draft

    What TIME is the official announcement today?