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  1. _SP_

    New New Prospects Thread

    I just read another article that said it was: 1) points 2) regulation wins 3) regulation + OT wins 4) Head-to-Head
  2. _SP_

    New New Prospects Thread

    I was trying to research it, and all I could find was a "Capitals Clinching Scenarios" article that mentioned them locking into 8th place with just a 1-point game. Tie breaker wasn't explained.
  3. _SP_

    New New Prospects Thread

    Drafting 9th. Washington lost in OT with less than a minute to go before shootouts.
  4. _SP_

    New New Prospects Thread

    Don't knock it til.... Listen, my wife never had to worry about her husband paying the bills. Even while unemployed for years.
  5. _SP_

    SY Press Conference - New Coach

    Derek Lalonde is a PHENOMENAL person. He was a gem while with the Walleye and really turned things around here. His personality is outstanding. Super approachable, genuine. The kind of person you work hard for because you feel like you're letting your parent down otherwise. Not an iron fist by any means, but you can tell he cherishes relationships and performance.
  6. _SP_

    New New Prospects Thread

    I thought you quit hockey after your left hand was amputated? How... how did you acquire a second thumb again?
  7. _SP_

    4/19 GDT - PEARSGOD RECALLED - Cup Champs v Wings

    Wow. Our power play is just awful. And TB's is stupid impressive. This team needs so much help.
  8. _SP_

    2022 TDL

    With you on this. He, Larkin, and Vrana are key veteran cogs to a SCF. You need guys like Bertuzzi in the playoffs. I would rather see them move some of our D prospects to gain a legit NHL 1D with term. I don't know if it is enough, but I'm hoping Berggren, Wallinder, Johansson, and picks get the ball rolling on Chychrun or another guy with 2-3 years remaining. Otherwise, if they move Bertuzzi, I hope they blow it to hell and move anyone over the age of 24/25 that is not named Larkin.
  9. _SP_

    New New Prospects Thread

    Berggren should make the team as well. Unless he is moved, with Wallinder or Johansson, for a 1D? I would like them to put Zadina back on the first line for the remainder of the season. He may even stick. If not, move him to 2nd line back with Vrana where he seemed to have success and move Bertuzzi up. I just don't like him with Suter. Zadina - Larkin - Raymond Vrana - Hertl - ? Bertuzzi - Suter - Fabbri You could run 18-18-18 minute lines and everyone should be happy, so long as we are winning. The D is a little tricky. We have true top pairing potential / already there defensemen (Seider/Edvinsson), a plethora of top 4 candidates (Wallinder / Johansson / Hronek / Buium), and a bevy of bottom pairing (Lindstrom / Sebrango top the list). Not including guys on expiring contacts. But for a handful of guys - and, especially important, the middle bunch - you're probably 2-3 years away. That totally screws our timeline up front. That's what makes me believe a move for a guy like Chychrun should occur now. Even if you have to give up some important depth pieces, I think we've done well enough at drafting that we can move two of our top five defensive prospects and one or two of our top five offensive prospects, intrigue another team, and still leave ourselves with a pipeline. If this team can hold on to Edvinsson and still acquire another 1D.... watch out. The rebuild is over.
  10. _SP_

    Elmer Soderblom

    The team's U-25 roster/prospect depth chart is insane. Zadina-Larkin-Raymond Berggren - Suter - Niederbach Soderblom - Veleno - Rasmussen Smith - Stephens - Mastrosimone Mazur - Savage - Hanas Edvinsson - Seider Johansson - Hronek Sebrango - Lindstrom Wallinder - McIsaac Buium - Viro Can you name a deeper team looking forward two years??? WOW! And to think... Stecher isnt listed. Vrana isnt listed. Fabbri isnt listed. BERTUZZI isnt listed - and he is the oldest of the three at all of 27! We're going to be good. Cap management will be the only concern.
  11. _SP_

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    IDK. There's worse issues than having a team with Larkin, Bertuzzi, Raymond as a top line. Our D corps has some serious potential coming through the pipeline. If we see a 2.00-2.25 GAA across an entire season... watch out. There is plenty enough firepower up front to win a Cup in the next 3-6 years. You should see Edvisson in a Wing sweater next year... Sebrango sometime in 2022-2023, Wallinder and Johansson in 2023-2024... You add one more veteran top-2 / top-4 player and that is some serious strength on the back end by 2024. Even if just two of Tyutyayev, Söderblom, Berggren, and Niederbach end up as top nine players, this team is ready to compete based on that D alone. Edvisson - Seider Johansson - FA/Trade Wallinder - Hronek Sebrango - Tuomisto McIssac - Lindstrom That is a stud depth chart considering their ages!!
  12. _SP_


    The anecdotal stories of 20-30 year-old, TRULY healthy people getting severely ill and/or dying is still such a far cry from what we are seeing on a macro level. If you are under the age of 40, and you do not have a history of heart conditions, diabetes, AIDS/HIV, auto-immune disorders, etc., then your net gain from the vaccine is statistically insignificant against the odds of recovering naturally as a whole. Yes, it reduces your chances of dying, but it doesn't reduce transmission - which would be the most important factor for young people. So we know there are 22,115,000+ cases AT A MINIMUM in people under 40. We know this is the MINIMUM because there are no estimates for ASYMPTOMATIC UNTESTED cases. It is a complete unknown. ESPECIALLY in young people. This 22 million plus is only the number of positives reported to health authorities. Now we know that just under 35,000 people have died (under the age of 40). We also know that the majority of these people have lung issues, cancer, diabetes, and the #1 correlated health issue AND the world's #1 killer... obesity. Obesity is a more significant predictor than AGE! So 0.158% of people under age of 40 who get this die. That's not 15.8%, but 0.158% And we know that's the MAXIMUM because the numbers do NOT include asymptomatic, untested cases. Out of 2000 cases, 3 people under the age of 40 die. And we can assume that they are extremely unhealthy, right? Given that 1997 people survive? Come on. This is totally overblown. We are cancelling sports, sending children into isolation due to exposure, etc. etc. GTFOOH. I understand the concerns of the hospitals. My wife works in pain management. But haven't the unhealthy ALWAYS abused and misused the E.R.? Now you're just getting a much larger influx of cases of people who are not well, in combination with burn out from the medical field. "available beds" is a misnomer - our hospital system isn't out of BEDS (there are dozens of empty rooms) - they are out of EMPLOYEES to take care of them. Because of the burnout, lack of pay, and vaccine mandates. These people were heroes, but now they're villains if they don't take a shot they likely don't need? These people have robust immune systems because of their exposures over time. They're the LAST people that should be getting mandated; why don't we start with CONGRESS since the average age is 57 and 63 in the House and Senate respectively???? No...?
  13. _SP_

    New New Prospects Thread

    Did you try deleting your account and not coming back? ... ... Yeah, sorry. I mean, it was just (*gestures towards nothing in particular*) there for the taking.
  14. _SP_

    Cholowski Waived by Seattle

    Yeah, I agree with Jonas. I'll tell you, though, it really comes down to attitude and intelligence. Is he just not understanding the play and his role? Is he disregarding responsibility? Or is the caliber of his talent just not high enough to be an NHL regular? if it is the latter, I would be okay with bringing back for Grand Rapids. But if it is either of the former, then I am NOT a fan of bringing him in.
  15. _SP_

    2022 TDL