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  1. Slave

    Brown Gets ejected for clean hit

    To me it looks like brown skated up from behind him, then cut over to hit him side on and his shoulder hit the guys head. The shooter had his head up but no way he could have seen that hit coming....Just my opinion
  2. Slave

    Brown Gets ejected for clean hit

    Isn't that exactly what they are trying to stop?, looked like a blind side head shot to me, at first i thought the guy who potentially charged/boarded, was getting ejected and i thought that was BS, but the hit by brown is definately ejection worthy
  3. Slave

    HELP! How can I watch the opening game on Center Ice?

    5:30, channel 427 on center ice with bell express view here, didn't check my HD channels yet
  4. Slave

    Eberle's 1st NHL Goal

    in 3 years the oilers will be ready to make a serious push for a playoff 4 years they will be crap again cuz the rookie contracts will be up and they will all bolt for another team
  5. Slave

    Official Detroit Lions thread

    anyone have a livestream of this? i have bell and 1200 channels but all i get without the nfl package is miami vs minnisota on like 52 channels and greenbay vs someone on another 10
  6. Slave

    Who do and did you hate more?

    Pens hands down, in my mind they didn't deserve the cup in 09, they were handed it, plus they were handed it in our building
  7. Slave

    Official Detroit Lions thread

    meh second chances and all that, what he did has nothing to do with his ability as a football player. getting anal raped might not be too bad on him since he did spend 18 months in prison.
  8. Slave

    Official Detroit Lions thread

    Gonna get beat up over this, but i hope vick throws for 500 yards and runs for another 200 this sunday. What the guy did is digusting and inexcusable, but he did his time so let the guy play football. (yes I was and still am a big Vick fan) sucks he gets chance to shine against the lions, but I hope he dominates.
  9. Slave

    Modano's first skate with new teammates

    that is a pretty sweet looking jersey
  10. Slave

    Stanley Cup Predictions

    Wings over Caps in 6 Caps should still dominate the eastern conference, in my mind they are like the mid 90's wings, full of talent but just unlucky in april, after blowing a 3-1 series lead last year and having all summer to stew over it, I just can't see them bowing out that early again. The Wings are a given I honestly believe they ahve what it takes if they stay healthy, they have a roster that for the most part has played together long enough to not need time to gell so they should be firing on all cylinders for the majority of the season. But to be honest, if the Wing roster was only 4 players I would still pick them to come out of the west, That is how much faith I have in the boys. If I had to pick another team it would be either the Canucks or Kings
  11. Slave

    All-time favorite Wings roster

    ranford is still probably my alltime favorite goalie, i know he did f all with us but still my favorite player came to my favorite team; so i put him on there.
  12. Slave

    All-time favorite Wings roster

    Zetterberg -Datsyuk- Hudler Shanahan - Yzerman- Fedorov Carson - Filppula - Kozlov Dandenault - Helm - Burr Sheppard Lidstrom - Rafalski Stuart - Kronwall Fischer - Konstintinov Ranford Cujo
  13. Slave

    Howard Worthy of Mcfarlane Figure?

    yup mule would be great, i love the idea of a kronwall/havlat 2 pack it would be sweet, rafalski would be cool, another one of zetterberg and datsyuk would be pretty sweet, since they have what 4 crosbies and ovechkins or something, i would also love a filppula and a hudler one could come with 2 hookers, the idea are endless, i would say about 75% of this team could legitamately get a figure made.
  14. Slave

    Habs re-sign Carey Price

    i agree, I think price is just about peaked, I could be wrong, but I think we are seeing him as best as he can be
  15. Slave

    Byfuglien jinxed?

    To be fair who needs a 4th line when kopecky will score 78 goals and get 132 assists, all while playing on the 3rd line without any linemates