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  1. WRusco

    2/15 GDT - Blackhawks at Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    The last 3 games the effort was there. The 1st few games not so much. Not only the power play, but 5 on 5 scoring is terrible. They are getting chances, but cannot finish.
  2. WRusco

    1/26/21 - Detroit vs. Dallas 8:30 PM EST

    Nametstnikov's finishing issues are when he looks up, his support has disappeared or has stopped skating.
  3. WRusco

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    I would like to see Lindstrom given a fair chance as a RHD. I liked what I saw in his limited time with Detroit. If he can develope a steady defensive game as a 3rd pair, it's win.
  4. WRusco

    2021 Season

    Red Wings Roster https://cms.nhl.bamgrid.com/images/assets/binary/320225112/binary-file/file.pdf
  5. WRusco

    2021 Season

    I think Svechnikov may only be an Admin. move. He was injured and missed a lot of training camp, further hurting his development. He needs to clear waivers to go to GR and Steve may want him in GR to 1st heal and then get some meaningful games in GR.
  6. WRusco

    2021 Season

    So looking forward to Thursday. Drop the puck.
  7. WRusco

    Red Wings players / prospects on loan

    Zadina may well be a 1st line winger. He has improved every year so far, but he would need to bump Mantha down. Possible, but not likely as Mantha has shown flashes of being a top 10-15 range power forward. So, a tough road ahead. Understood about 3 scrimmages. I want to see Fabbri, Nametsikov and Zadina together for 10-15 games. That will give them time to gel together and give us a good idea of how good they can be. I think Brome has earned a 3rd line roll. He looks to be able to play 2nd line if needed.
  8. WRusco

    2021 Season

    I think you have to have 1 Goalie on the taxi squad.
  9. WRusco

    Red Wings players / prospects on loan

    Other centers in the NHL. What I'm saying about Zadina is he will be a real good #2 line forward that can fill in on the top line if needed. Also I see a place for him on the 2nd PP unit. And after watching the Red/White game tonight, his stock went up. I thought he played real well. Zadina, Nametsnikov and Fabbri played real good. I can see a second line capable of consistant scoring.
  10. WRusco

    Red Wings players / prospects on loan

    Who say's people a lot smarter than me or you? They have their opinions like anyone else. But when you belittle people for their opinion makes you the biggest dummy on the board. The average I use is other centers. I stand by my opinion that Larkin is not a #1C. As to Zadina, I never said he was a bust, only he is not a #1 line forward.
  11. WRusco

    Red Wings players / prospects on loan

    I don't listen to dummies. I can form my own opinions. Larkin is not a #1C. I never thought he would be. But I think he can be a very good #2C. As for an explaination, His hockey IQ is only above avg. His passing skills are only above avg. His skating is well above avg.
  12. WRusco

    Red Wings players / prospects on loan

    The point is, is Larkin is NOT a #1C. He is a real good #2C. The only reason he is #1 in Detroit is we have no one better,
  13. WRusco

    Red Wings players / prospects on loan

    We do not need another #1C or #2C of Larkins ability. We need a true #1C and Larkin can go to #2C where he belongs.
  14. WRusco

    2021 Season

    Wings claim Christian Djoos, LD, off waivers from Anaheim.
  15. To all interested. Enjoy