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  1. lightthelamp13

    Red Wings make contract offer to D Justin Schultz

    Crosby actually scored over 300 points in those 121 games. Obviously that's rare, especially as he was only 16 and 17 years old, and is more than enough reason to bring him straight to the NHL. Even if it's the Q. You can't even compare Juniors to the NCAA. Look at the amount of games that kids get to play in a season in the NCAA. I hate that. You play more games in a season playing minor hockey. I think that's one of the reasons why kids that come straight from the NCAA end up spending more time in the AHL. It's not that they aren't skilled enough or whatever, I just don't think that they are ready for the grind. Kids from the CHL come from a 65 game season and playoffs. They're used to playing lots of games. McDonagh, Gardiner and Gilroy never spent their entire first season in the NHL. They all got sent down at one point. And look at Gilroy now? He's a joke. More and more kids are leaving college to head to the CHL. Probably for a good reason.
  2. lightthelamp13

    Scott Niedermayer's number to be retired

    if it wasn't for Nicklas Lidstrom, he would of won a couple more Norris trophies. Personally, I don't understand how you can't NOT retire his number. He was every bit as important to those Stanley Cup teams in New Jersey as the other two guys. That's arguable, but I think it's true. - on another note, it's kind of weird to see them retiring his number. just because last year, I could swear that I saw Mike Mottau wearing #27 for the Devils. Kind of odd how they let somebody wear a number that they were going to retire...while they waited for that guy who wore that number to retire first. - if he was a Red Wing, he'd still be going to the rafters.
  3. lightthelamp13

    Power Forwards

    oops, looked at games played by accident that time
  4. lightthelamp13

    Power Forwards

    as much as I hate the blackhawks, you can't deny that they've got something cookin over there with their first rounder in 08, Kyle Beach. 06-07, 29 goals, 196 PIM 07-08, 27 goals, 222 PIM 08-09, 54 goals, 165 PIM 09-10, 52 goals, 186 PIM now, I'd bet anything saying that he wont have that kind of production when he makes the big club, but still.
  5. lightthelamp13

    Red wings Photos

  6. lightthelamp13

    NHL's Most Unbreakable Records

    all of these records will fall before somebody even gets 70% to +124
  7. lightthelamp13

    Riley Sheahan puck-tricks

    and how is that illegal? stick is below the crossbar. it's perfectly fine.
  8. lightthelamp13

    Jimmy cracks top 10 goalies in NHL

    i dunno about Howard being there right now. First year goalies USUALLY slip after the other teams have an entire summer to watch tape on them. which in itself, is why brodeur's run has been so sick.
  9. lightthelamp13 Newest mock draft

    yikes. funny that you say that. i've wanted him all year long, but then he had a disgusting playoff run with Kitchener and now is like a top 10 pick
  10. lightthelamp13

    Reunite Zetterberg And Datsyuk

    I'd rather they load up one power play unit, and let them play the full 2 minutes. It's not like they are hard minutes to play, and will wear the guys out.
  11. lightthelamp13

    5/1 OOT Playoff Gameday

    you can say that again. holy smokes
  12. lightthelamp13

    Great story from game 2.

    for throwing something on the ice
  13. lightthelamp13

    Sammy is clutch

    Thanks! But yeah, even at 5.5 I would take Franzen 10 times out of 10 over Sammy at 2.5
  14. lightthelamp13

    Sammy is clutch

    technically right now, Mule and Z are making a lot more than Sammy. The original argument was for THIS year's SALARY, not cap hit. Both their contracts' cap hits are weighed down due to the extra years added towards the end. Z makes around 7 mill this year, and I'm not too sure about Mule. But it's significantly higher than 2.5, if I recall correctly. Not 3 times as much, but still a significant digit.
  15. lightthelamp13

    Bench Williams Thread // Merged

    Williams is benched. Abdelkader is in the lineup tomorrow night. Freep edit: Stuart playing the point on the PP.