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  1. "Real Wings fans voted for the obvious choice in the poll, Kronwall.", if you want a Todd Bertuzzi bobblehead you're not a REAL Wings fan?
  2. VOTE BOBBLETUZZI got some love frome The Malik Report!
  3. this would be the PERFECT opportunity for Mahimahi23 to come and "talk hockey" uh... where is he?
  4. this book talks about our first cup win:
  5. it would be nice if we could have a do over in detroit and honor him they way he ought to have been honored.
  6. "I'd love to see an octopus on the ice, just to piss everyone off. " ...i think that might make my christmas.
  7. When he scores, they should play a clip of Magic Man by Heart... ya know, the part where she says "He's a Magic Man!" cause he is.
  8. i made a promise that if the Habs knocked s***tsburgh out of the playoffs last year, i'd be eternally grateful and would hold a special place in my heart for them. they did and i kept my promise. as for teams that i hate: 1) Chicago (for all the reasons people mentioned and it's a beloved tradition) 2) s***tsburgh
  9. Dear Dirty Bert, i'm sorry for saying mean things about you in the past. i was wrong. i'm also sorry for sandwiching your name in between a barrage of profanity. i didn't realize that sloppy passes, turn overs, and stupid penalties was just your way of warming up to awesome. i hope you'll forgive me someday.
  10. ...thank you for this. it really made me smile
  11. having 8 wins and 8 losses isn't impressive... kinda like 1 cup in 49 years and 4 in 84 years isn't impressive.
  12. hopefully it peels off easily.
  13. what's next? ...will Neil Young be forced to change the lyrics of You Never Call? will Cameron's Howe sweater be edited out of Ferris Bueller's Day Off?
  14. Envy? ...envy of what, sweetheart? 1 cup in 49 years? 4 cups in 84 years? finally winning a cup and dismantling your entire team (except the precious core)?