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  1. Holy Homerville!
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WG2b_yqv2q8
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2JJN3-YzqQ
  4. LETS GO SHARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I think this is a great tradition, and aslong as the team is ok with the 2 min penalty assessed also, should continue for every game.
  6. It was more Wellwood with the beaut of a pass. and i feel the same way every game! GO SHARKS!
  7. I hate Dan Boyle so much.
  8. Do you think if Boyle sends a self addressed stamped envelope Eave's would send him back his jock?
  10. By the SHARKS
  11. Quite a few no calls on both sides... getting frustrating.
  12. FN DAN BOYLE! Ugh.. ok.. 1-1.. terrible no calls on both sides.. 2nd Period.. Sharks OWN! all year.. Lets Go Sharks!
  13. See this game going to OT, Perhaps tied 2-2.. Goals by Dat and another blast by Lidstrom slammed home on the rebound.. San Jose will probably see a goal by Couture and a D bomb tipped as well.. If it goes to OT I like the Sharks chances.. With another 4th Line goal on a misplay by the RedWings.. GO SHARKS! and just a good game in general by all.. hard from line to line with no free ice and maybe some free sno-cones for Jimmeh
  14. I think you meant 1-6 in the Post Season(So Far), 1-3 these last regular season including 0-2 at The Joe. "When you've been around like I have, and you've gone through it a number of times, you've got lots of experience to go back on," said Babcock. "Now, what does that mean really? It must just be hokey. But I remember being up 2-0 on Calgary [in 2007] and coming home 2-2. I remember being up 2-0 on Nashville [2008] and coming home 2-2. I remember being up 2-0 on Pittsburgh [2009] and losing Game 7. There's lots of hockey here. But we got to be better. I'm not taking anything away from San Jose, I think they've been good, I really do. They've played well and they've played hard. "But we can be better, so let's be better." The Sharks get amped up to play the RedWings.. No doubt about it.. and I dont think its coaching or system. Its execution of that system. I hate to say it but you'll never see the Sharks try to play harder than you will against the RedWings.. OK maybe against Chicago this past regular season (Revenge) .. These two franchises while their rivalry is very young, is already storied. I dont know too many Sharks fans that will ever forget the 93-94 playoffs.. Sharks knock Detroit out in Round 1, 7 game SHOCKER. Jamie Baker with the game winner with 6 Mins left in the 3rd(?) The next season the Red Wings come back, and destroy the Sharks in the season series and then sweeps them out of the playoffs also that year. Sharks and Redwings are 2-2 in All-Time Post season records. Its all execution of the system. Sharks show up huge to play you guys, and I think the Red Wings always underestimate the Sharks because of some silly "choker" label. I was at Game 1, watched Game 2.. dont think I wasnt jumping out of my chair all 70 mins of Game 1, and all 60 of Game 2. this isnt easy for either fanbase. Regardless, No matter the Jokes.. There has to be respect on both sides for two of the best teams in the NHL going at it all 60 mins.