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  1. RedWingCraig


  2. RedWingCraig

    Stars for Cup Wins

    Baseball and Football are extremely popular in Mexico
  3. RedWingCraig

    Red Wings select RW Anthony Mantha 20th Overall

    Crosby is offended for you calling him fat
  4. RedWingCraig

    Alfredsson and the #11

  5. RedWingCraig

    Alfredsson and the #11

    They're prepping it for retirement the same night Lidstrom gets his retired Maybe they made him choose another because Modano spoke up on twitter lol
  6. RedWingCraig

    Alfredsson and the #11

    Was listed on Wings website roster before that
  7. RedWingCraig

    Alfredsson and the #11

    He sure has earned it lol
  8. RedWingCraig

    Alfredsson and the #11

    I wonder what the holdup is...I see Weiss has #90
  9. RedWingCraig

    Parkes and his new friend!
  10. RedWingCraig

    Brunner Contract Talks

    He won't be back at the price he's asking but I'd rather pay him that for a few years than sign Cleary for 3
  11. RedWingCraig

    Henrik and Pavel

    I bet you he won't Ilitch was reluctant to honor Sparky Anderson at all and he finally gave in....just waited til after he died. I wouldn't be shocked if Fedorov's number was retired. He was just as important to those 3 cups as anyone else was. Plus when he, Vladdy and Lidstrom showed up that was the beginning of their rise to Championships
  12. RedWingCraig

    Happy Birthday Dean Chelios!
  13. RedWingCraig

    kronner a #1?

    He may not be a franchise defenseman but he's our #1
  14. RedWingCraig

    Holland on SiriusXM w/ audio link

    Gonna be hard to manhandle anyone when they both get Kronwalled
  15. RedWingCraig

    Any new Helm Updates? Updated roster and Dekeyser is not on it