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  1. The only player on the list that I'd be disappointed in losing is Mrazek, poor decision in my opinion. Here's hoping GM GM rates Glendenning's grit.
  2. Saw on twitter that Mueller was the player San Jose picked when the wings traded down to pick Mantha and Bertuzzi. Looking like a good decision now.
  3. I'm not totally against re-signing Smith, he doesn't nearly infuriate me as other D on the team. The fact remains that the other D are already signed long term, with far too many contracts in the 3 to 4 million range something has to give. At this time I think there is more value in getting the assets for Smith than giving another average player a pay rise and an extension.
  4. Would give them the opportunity to protect all 4 of those guys (8 players 1 goalie route). Not saying it necessarily makes sense but it's something that is discussed repeatedly on Hockey Central at Noon and the Leafs have been very calculated in most moves they've made last 2 years.
  5. Think Marchenko was only claimed by Leafs so they could meet expansion draft exposure requirements.
  6. It's a salary cap move. As I understand it, because Kronwall didn't go on LTIR the wings never got relief from his cap hit and sending Street down for Pasquale gets them just under the cap. I'm sure there's a more elegant way to describe this. Hope it makes sense.
  7. Just signed in UK for Nottingham Panthers
  8. Read somewhere that Paterson will be given chance to make Griffins.
  9. Totally missed that, thanks for info.
  10. He's walking away from $5.5 million, the contract was front loaded.
  11. This is almost identical to how the wings approached Maltby's retirement, I don't remember the same animosity aimed at Maltby at that time.
  12. This is exactly what Malts did, if I remember rightly it was because he neededa contract to come to camp. Any player that was with that team the season before needs a contract to attend, can't sign a PTO with them.
  13. Surely the waiver wire is more likely?
  14. You think he's in the top 9 ahead of Datsyuk and Helm? Or would you cut someone else?