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  1. TLGTrico

    New New Prospects Thread

    Danielson will be turning 20 before next season starts, he'll definitely be in Grand rapids
  2. TLGTrico

    Wings Get Filip Zadina! (HYPE! Thread)

    Talk about Doom and gloom.
  3. I didn't watch this game. Did we go into a defensive shell after going up 4-0?
  4. TLGTrico

    New New Prospects Thread

    I was just about to post this. Please find a way to get this kid into the NHL
  5. TLGTrico

    11/29 GDT - Red Wings @ Rangers (7:30 PM EST)

    Is this Husso's best game of the season?
  6. I'm paying to watch the Griffins game right now
  7. This gives us an even split of positive and negative 5 game segments this season
  8. Completely forgot about this game and just now tuned in
  9. TD garden's getting Rick rolled
  10. Compher passes up on way too many shots.
  11. Funny that the guy who was supposed to be the starter is the only one without a shutout so far
  12. Way to go Ray! Larks too.
  13. This team seems to be in a constant state of having crappy defense and crappy goaltending.