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  1. Chuck Murray

    GDT 12/9/23 Klim Kostin/Wings vs Brady Tkachuk/Sens

    I really need to better understand why Kostin was not dressed for last night's game? Yzerman brought this guy on board specifically to deal with teams like Ottawa who took liberties with the team last season ... yet he's a scratch last night, and *surprise* Ottawa took liberties again. If Kostin was "banged up a little" or "under the weather" (as I've read elsewhere) ... take some meds and power through, sit at the end of the bench, and give us 5-10 minutes plus a fight IF necessary. Do you seriously think that wouldn't be a deterrent to scumbag pukes like Joseph taking liberties with our captain, or anyone else? The Sens have scouting reports too, y'know. Larkin just got run the other night by the Rangers, and has been playing despite tragedy in his personal life, so he's putting out and sacrificing for the benefit of his teammates - real captain-like stuff. And then, when it matters, in a game against a team that pretty much put the wheels in motion for Yzerman to get him here ... Kostin isn't dressed?!?!?!?!? If Kostin asked out, as kip said earlier ... why is he even here??? Get Reaves in here ASAP. If this was Lalonde's decision not to dress Kostin ... what was he thinking???? This is on him. Yzerman saw this happen in '96 with Draper getting suckered by Claude Lemieux, and I don't think he'll be happy that this decision has cost his team his captain/top scorer/best player for a few more games (at best) AND whatever suspension Perron gets hit with. Edvinsson also need to be recalled stat. First 25 games have gone well, but cracks are now starting to show, and while we wait for Yzerman to fleece some other GM out of a top quality goalie at the deadline, he needs to toughen up the team he's putting on the ice NOW. JMHO.
  2. Chuck Murray

    2023 Trade Deadline Thread

    James van Riemsdyk trade from Flyers to Red Wings falls apart before deadline ( No big loss here, expiring contract, player has seen his best days, etc.
  3. No crap, Captain Sniffles better get over it ... can you imagine the watch party in the Ottawa locker room yesterday during Larkin's weepy presser? Tkachuk must've shat himself silly. Yzerman didn't even cry publicly in the aftermath of the Konstantinov limo tragedy. And that was a real tragedy, not just some overrated teammate not getting the deal he wanted, forcing his way out of town. Or Fischer stroking out on the bench mid-game. Can our best players stop making us look like the softest team in the National??? Jeezus H ...
  4. Chuck Murray

    Playoff HYPE, next 6 games

    I still want to see what's left of DRW pushing hard for the rest of the season to sneak into the playoffs. Just playing games like these are gonna be worthwhile learning experiences for the young players, and they will have to learn the hard way (see Ottawa) what's required, and what isn't good enough to cut it at that level. If nothing else, those kids got that lesson in spades this week, and Yzerman cutting ties with two more Holland leftovers (for two more first round picks) sends its own message. The kids are seeing the GM sign the valued vets to deals, and shipping the others out for picks. If they're not putting two and two together, and coming out to show they are willing to lay it on the line meaningfully for their teammates now ... then ship them out, too.
  5. Chuck Murray

    2023 Trade Deadline Thread

    We'll never know if that may have been on the table, until the Wings pulled a no-show for their two biggest games in recent memory. Obviously our GM didn't appreciate the brainless PP giveaway by Hronek last night, wonder if he decked him in the locker room between periods? Mickey was saying Hronek wasn't on the bench after the first period?? Between that weak penalty shot decision, the SHG that followed was the one that broke them on the spot. Stunned they got a 1st and 2nd for him ...
  6. Where are Probie, Kocur, Shanny, Vladdy and Maltby when we really need 'em?? Wings badly need to build one full unit that can dish the pain, the last two nights were a total embarrassment to the Winged Wheel. I see it took less than 24 hours to get Hronek out of town for picks. Good start, keep it going ...
  7. Chuck Murray

    Jake Walman Megathread

    This is without doubt the best, most informative thread on the forum. Everything I need to know, right here. Keep up the good work.
  8. Chuck Murray

    What's the latest on Vrana and Fabbri?

    Things seem to be going pretty well so far with the revamped Wings this season, and with Bertuzzi back in the lineup it's only a matter of time before he starts hitting the scoresheet again regularly. I haven't seen much (if anything) recently on the return status of both Jakub Vrana and Robby Fabbri - does anyone have any insight into those situations? Also, how is Edvinsson doing at GR?
  9. Chuck Murray

    Rumors Thread

    Doesn't hurt to ask. I think the B's overpaid for Lindholm at the deadline, so if Vancouver really wants to clear salary in this deal, straight up for Zadina might be enough. That's where I'd start, and ask for their #1 in exchange for our #2. We definitely can use someone like OEL right now.
  10. Chuck Murray

    Bertuzzi and Hronek

    I think Yzerman needs to sign Bertuzzi at this point in the rebuild. That doesn't make him untradeable in the future, not in the least. See how Yzerman dealt Mantha a year ago, and overall, we're probably pretty pleased with the return on that deal so far. There is room under the cap now, sign an impact FA or two, keep drafting well, make some trades here and there when the pieces fit your purpose, and see what the next HC and his staff can do to get the team closer to the playoffs. If he stays healthy, and the Canadian restrictions on his travel go away soon, he will have trade value for the next few seasons, at the very least. No need to trade him now. JMHO.
  11. Chuck Murray


    He had some success in US juniors and at Western Michigan before coming to the Wings, so yeah it would seem to make some sense, plus he's well-positioned for USNDT if something opens up there, as you indicated. Blashill turned out to be the walking talking embodiment of the "Peter Principle", and unfortunately found himself in way over his head as an NHL head coach after being pretty successful at everything else he'd tried before that. Just reading some of the speculation on here after a while away, it'll be interesting to see if Yzerman holds to form and hires someone like Lambert, or tries to make a bigger splash ...
  12. Chuck Murray

    Chuck Murray

  13. Chuck Murray


    If he's likely to go back to NCAA coaching, do you think Michigan or MSU are likely to consider him for their openings? Any insight into whether Blashill would consider either of those jobs, or might be inclined to wait for any pro openings this offseason, or just take a year off to reassess?
  14. Chuck Murray


    Not that it's at the top of anyone's priority list on here, but what do you think is the likely next stop for Blashill, now that he's not been offered another job to stay in the DRW organization in a different capacity?