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  1. ADQF | Game 3 | Boston 3 @ Detroit 0, BOS leads series 2-1

    anybody have a stream?
  2. Draft Rankings 2014

    I've watched Barbashev all year and he is going to be a good player! He's a center and has some size.
  3. The most annoying things about being at games?

    Welll I'm really looking forward to my first ever Wings game after these posts LOL . Nah nothing will bring the excitement out of it for me. Maybe if I was a season ticket holder but for one game ill stick it out!
  4. First Wings game!

    wow awesome info! thanks guys
  5. First Wings game!

    Thanks for the info!! Are you able to go down to the ice during warm ups to snap a pic or two?
  6. First Wings game!

    Hey guys! My first time posting in a long time but i'm very excited to say i will finally be attending a game at the Joe. I'm coming all the way from Northern Newbrunswick Canada, and I'm just looking for some helpful tips and advice. Ill be at the Nov 15 game against the caps! What do you guys suggest for a pre-game spot for a meal or just to hang out? Is there a place to possibly wait for players to grab an autograph? I heard there are not a lot of bad seats but i was just wondering if anyone has been in around section 200 before? how are these seats? Any info will be greatly appreciated Thanks guys and girls!
  7. Any NHL'ers from your home town?

    well probably no one has heard of where im from lol small village called Tide head,New Brunswick. Cory Larose is from here, last played in the sharks system, played a few games for the rangers. Pretty good for a villiage of 1000.
  8. Time to start looking for a new coaching staff

    Just wanted to share a story with yous.. I played hockey two weeks ago with paul mcleans nephew tyler.We had a good chat talking about the wings and sens,and he told me that paul had talked to babs the week before and he told paul you know i never really knew how much you did till you wernt there anymore. Babs took on basically rookies which i think most would agree was not the best choice. In my opinion its not babcock that should have his job in question.
  9. How WC tickets will be sold

    Well the non season ticket holder will have to try our luck i guess!. Hopfully ill be able to make the long 20 hour drive!!
  10. Wings' first draft pick - 22nd overall

    I would post a link if there was one, but like i said it was told to the public that they were sending him back for development. So my source is an inside source with the team. Another thing i think you guys know was he was kicked off russia's team because as the coach said he came in thinking he was a star and he could do it by himself. I heard that the final straw for the russia coach was he told the team to wear a certain helment and jersey for practice and he showed up in complete opposite lol..I was just wondering if he would be the type of kid if detroit drafted him, would he be willing to stay in the minors for a couple of years???
  11. Wings' first draft pick - 22nd overall

    Yah i posted the comment on Kabanov just a little bit on how i know what i said was true..I live in Moncton, and i have been to every moncton game this year, and also know a few players on the team. So what i have said about Kabby is 100% true. I like the kid cause he does have some amazing talent, its just that he has a poor attitude. Also he did get sent back to russia by the wildcats, the team played it off for the public as they were sending him back to play in the under 18 tournament for his own development must it was all about him not being liked in the locker room and his Prima Donna attitude.
  12. Wings' first draft pick - 22nd overall

    I wouldnt mind if they took a look at Galiev
  13. Wings' first draft pick - 22nd overall

    A bit on Kabanov...he started the year in Moncton with the Wildcats, as i'm a wildcat fan, i have heard many stories about this kid. He missed about 45 games with a wrist injury, he came back expecting to be on the top line and first PP unit, when that didnt go his way, i was told that he said put me on the top line or im going back to russia, and a few players stood up and told him that they would help him pack, so he was not well like ethier ...but he is a serious talent watchen him on the ice when he did play reminded me of datsyuk , he has some sick puck handling skills, so it might be worth the risk
  14. 2010 Draft

    I hope they take a look at Kabanov..
  15. 3/7 GDT: Red Wings 5 at Blackhawks 4

    howard needs to work on his rebound control