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  1. shoe

    Jimmy Devellano

    Hmmm you cant type dork on this site eh?
  2. shoe

    If you had the choice...

    I miss staying up till 2 am waiting for someone to score in OT durring the playoffs and going to work the next morning after 4 hours of sleep all messed up.
  3. shoe


  4. shoe

    McCollum back

    Too bad he had to leave and missed out on the cup.
  5. I hope it's not a sunny day white jerseys and white ice with barely any red on the jersey that was a well thought out idea. Bring your sunglasses fans. Looks like a rushed design compared to the leafs jersey.
  6. shoe

    Official - Little Caesars Arena

    This name is the most boring un original un sexy personality of a lamp post name. Sounds like a name a 3 year old would come up with. If it were up to me id call it: "Ol rich Mikey dug a big hole and named it after his little dough boy Cessar."
  7. They would have someone else in net the wings couldn't score on seems to always be the way dosnt it.
  8. The way Howard turns around and looks behind him after all the scrambling around in front of him when the puck is lost scares me. Im all for Howard being in net right now but his confidence scares me.
  9. shoe

    4/9 GDT : at Rangers 3, Red Wings 2

    This years playoff is the equivalent to taking your sister to the prom so you have a frikin date.
  10. shoe

    4/9 GDT : at Rangers 3, Red Wings 2

    Just WIN
  11. shoe

    4/7 GDT : Red Wings at Boston Bruins, 7:00 ET

    That leaf power play sure looked nice, 2 on the back 2 up front defence rotating back n forth Liach screening the goalie. I hope next year the wings go back to using 2 actual real defence men on the PP
  12. shoe

    4/7 GDT : Red Wings at Boston Bruins, 7:00 ET

    Couldn't agree more, Im expecting a better 2nd. THEY BETTER!
  13. Is this a concert or a hockey game?
  14. shoe

    2017 Outdoor game rumored to be Red Wings at Toronto

    There will never be an "outdoor" hockey game at the rogers centre cold weather snow and wind messes up the mechanics its too bad really ROOF OPERATION GUIDELINESWhile Rogers Centre strives to make the comfort of our guests a priority when it comes to the opening and/or closing of our roof, there are certain limitations and conditions we must adhere to prior to making a decision to do so -- the four main reasons being temperature, wind, rain and snow. TemperatureThe retractable roof operating system was designed to operate at or above temperatures of 10 degrees Celsius. Attempting to open or close the roof at temperatures below this mark could easily lead to mechanical failure. Additionally - the mechanical systems within the stadium are not winterized and, as such, opening or closing in temperatures that approach zero Celsius would likely result in major damage. WindWind is an important factor to consider when deciding to open or close the Rogers Centre roof. A wind speed approaching and/or exceeding 64 km/h, for example, would most certainly cause damage to the roof panels and possibly the rail system that holds them. Also -- depending on temperatures -- we might factor in the fact that any wind above 20 km/h would have a cooling effect on guests within the facility. RainIf the possibility of precipitation over Rogers Centre is 75% or greater - a decision is generally made to have the roof closed so as to keep our guests comfortable and dry. SnowAn accumulation of snow on the retractable roof panels affects their movement - endangering the integrity of the panels themselves and placing strain on the equipment that rotates them. An effort to open or close the roof under these conditions would likely cause significant damage, and is therefore - not attempted. not sure that link will work its cached from a broken link