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  1. signed

    Helm is going the way of Cleary, a bad contract tainting a lot of fond memories of the guy.
  2. Hopefully Kindl and Marchenko are fired up, the team needs them now.
  3. GDT

    Think Milbury and Olczyk could possibly sound more dejected by the Wings win?
  4. This would be hilarious, if it wasn't so sad. I'd rather have Bertuzzi for that money.
  5. signed

    I've generally been quiet and tried to avoid any sensational posts...but damn...Quincey again, with a raise? I would have been happier signing no one. Was Jim Nill the real brains of this operation?
  6. Stuart traded to Colorado? I hope he wasn't too settled in Cali.
  7. Holland needs a mental health evaluation...the absurb justifications they come up with for even TALKING to Cleary are ridiculous. There's no room for Legwand or Tootoo, but god forbid we lose those eight points that Cleary contributed.
  8. Interesting.
  9. Seems like a smart move, the Wings have had almost no net-front presence so far this series. I like Jurco's speed and energy, but realistically who else could they take out of the lineup? As much as he deserves it, Franzen is not getting benched.
  10. Bold is one way of putting it
  11. With Weiss on LTIR, that should free up $4.5 million in cap space? Roster size is an issue but I don't think this decision comes down to money anymore.
  12. gdt

    Ah yes, another arbitrary "This play isn't reviewable." NHL officiating is the worst in the all of professional sports.
  13. Awesome news
  14. At this point I'd rather have Tootoo on the fourth line, at least I'd notice when he's on the ice. So far Cleary has done everything he can to prove that he shouldn't be signed again.
  15. The Cleary and Samuelsson signings really hurt at this point. I'm not going to wade into the Holland debate, but I hope that at some point Tootoo will be back on the 4th line where he belongs.