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  1. Errorson isn't in the line up & he has around 12-14
  2. Wonder when they will be played? Excited to see what they have!!
  3. How many own goals do we have this year. Good god
  4. Who? Does he play for us?
  5. What happened to the scouts finding hidden gems??
  6. We will get minimal return on anyone traded - unless someone gets desperate(injury) - we are stuck in a rut. Everyone knows this; prepare for the long hall and new GM. Rocky times ahead - don't think chris is as interested as his dad(always was his mom's team).
  7. Great Blash decides to remove mantha from pp and give it to sheahan instead - brilliant
  8. Draft picks can be a crap shoot - but if other teams see them as expendable - why?? that's my issue
  9. ?????? The trash was put out - pickers went through it and decided it was still trash. Why are we recycling our own trash???????
  10. GDT

    who the hell is "moe"?
  11. GDT

    green & Richards 9 MILLION! thanx kenny
  12. GDT

    where the hell is mantha anyways???
  13. GDT

    What an absolute abortion of a performance. They should not be in the playoffs. The puck looked like they were playing with a rubber ball. The constant back pass to the rangers(or any pass for that matter). Looked like watching peewee hockey for most of the time. so sad - team needs an overhaul-clean house - why the hell isn't Tangrandi brought up yet we get Anderson(again) - too much to state what was wrong - ugh - what a mess - first round punching bag - oh well
  14. WTF WHY NOT TANGRANDY - SERIOUSLY - I don't get this