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  1. TimeBinder

    Provorov now this?

    so sad this is why the future is so bleak - and you don't even understand why - but you will pay and your children will as well - glad i won' see it
  2. TimeBinder

    Provorov now this?

    this is the saddest post i've seen in a while; please, just take it down you speak out of ignorance and youth
  3. TimeBinder

    New New Prospects Thread

    all i can think about is that struggling button just trying to keep him together - such determination - what we need in goal - put the button in net to spell husso
  4. TimeBinder

    New Vrana Thread (frig off Matt)

    kuklas korner - vrana to be called up soon (later this week)
  5. TimeBinder

    New Vrana Thread (frig off Matt)

    2ng goal +2 I'm hoping he turns this around - we need his shot/scoring - need him to be whole to tho
  6. TimeBinder

    New Vrana Thread (frig off Matt)

    OH boy - not good (what happened to the prev thread?)
  7. TimeBinder

    Canes @ All Black Red Wings - 12/13/22 GDT - 4 PM EST

    only thing i could focus on was jimmy's savage button holding it all together - what a legend
  8. TimeBinder

    New New Prospects Thread

    why isn't edvinsson playing with the grifs?? is he injured?
  9. TimeBinder

    New New Prospects Thread

    Any news on Edvinsson? I don't see any mention of him
  10. why is no one talking about our new goalie - i'm concerned. anyone else?
  11. TimeBinder

    Red Wings players / prospects on loan

    why are you hijacking this thread with relevant info - rather than debating the worth of a prospects ability of being a 3c ugh?!
  12. TimeBinder

    2020 Draft Thread

    ? but why?
  13. TimeBinder

    2020 Draft Thread

    What did the wings get for trading back?
  14. TimeBinder

    2018 Prospects Watch

    yes it does; thought the thread was about redwings prospects? I guess it is just about super posters ramblings amongst themselves and not really going anywhere Pablum, hubris, etc tug tug
  15. TimeBinder

    2018 Prospects Watch

    ken kal a prospect ? is there a video related to him?