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  1. TimeBinder

    3/30/2024 GDT DET vs FLA

    what radio station are they on?
  2. TimeBinder

    2024 Offseason Thread

    maybe we could get a lottery pick!
  3. TimeBinder

    New New Prospects Thread

    Is ASP playing yet or still injured?
  4. TimeBinder

    Howard = Average

    just can't stop thinking about that poor button
  5. TimeBinder

    Ding Dong its Danny Sprong

    steve he wants the team to be harder to play against & husso could just yell when someone is blocking him " help, spronger! he's trying to run me over!" crease cleared
  6. TimeBinder


    What about elmer?? Is he gonn stay in GR??
  7. TimeBinder

    Provorov now this?

    so sad this is why the future is so bleak - and you don't even understand why - but you will pay and your children will as well - glad i won' see it
  8. TimeBinder

    Provorov now this?

    this is the saddest post i've seen in a while; please, just take it down you speak out of ignorance and youth
  9. TimeBinder

    New New Prospects Thread

    all i can think about is that struggling button just trying to keep him together - such determination - what we need in goal - put the button in net to spell husso
  10. TimeBinder

    New Vrana Thread (frig off Matt)

    kuklas korner - vrana to be called up soon (later this week)
  11. TimeBinder

    New Vrana Thread (frig off Matt)

    2ng goal +2 I'm hoping he turns this around - we need his shot/scoring - need him to be whole to tho
  12. TimeBinder

    New Vrana Thread (frig off Matt)

    OH boy - not good (what happened to the prev thread?)
  13. TimeBinder

    New New Prospects Thread

    why isn't edvinsson playing with the grifs?? is he injured?
  14. TimeBinder

    New New Prospects Thread

    Any news on Edvinsson? I don't see any mention of him
  15. why is no one talking about our new goalie - i'm concerned. anyone else?