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  1. TimeBinder

  2. GDT

    who the hell is "moe"?
  3. GDT

    green & Richards 9 MILLION! thanx kenny
  4. GDT

    where the hell is mantha anyways???
  5. GDT

    What an absolute abortion of a performance. They should not be in the playoffs. The puck looked like they were playing with a rubber ball. The constant back pass to the rangers(or any pass for that matter). Looked like watching peewee hockey for most of the time. so sad - team needs an overhaul-clean house - why the hell isn't Tangrandi brought up yet we get Anderson(again) - too much to state what was wrong - ugh - what a mess - first round punching bag - oh well
  6. WTF WHY NOT TANGRANDY - SERIOUSLY - I don't get this
  7. put a pair of taped black rimmed glasses and he's got to be one of the hanson brothers LOL
  8. GDT

    I agree - but these were their acquisitions to bolster a weak team - & they have been crap
  9. GDT

    Hate to say it, but just not fun to watch anymore - grandpa Richards LOL what an anchor (green either)- they are slowly going to sink - it just sucks - have not made a good trade/acquisition since when? - old feelings of the 80's creeping in - ugh
  10. GDT

    off goes the game - on goes the xbox - not going to watch a s*** game - they don't have it
  11. Why risk another concussion? The chances multiply greatly with each sub sequential injury? Not worth the getting your brains scrambled; stay home with the family. Thanx for the goals.
  12. Anyone - Ian Mckellan - hobbit - you shall not pass - pic/quote would be awesome
  13. Wouldn't mind seeing cleary in for Anderson/Weiss - (I hate myself)
  14. GDT

    Don't care - wiped in first round - lucky if they make it a 5 game series - 1st round mockery
  15. GDT

    this has been going on for a while - I get the father passing - but let your team s*** the bed?