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    Star Wars, reading, Harry Potter, sarcasm, wittisms, movies, bar hopping, Avater: The Last Airbender, cooking, writing, amusement parks, LOST, baking, eating said baked goods, Regina Spektor, swimming, watching Olympic Curling, Bat for Lashes, singing along to The Sound of Music and Disney movies, and shopping.

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  1. EuroTwin


  2. Finally got a life huh? Can't say we don't miss ya around here but I'm happy for ya!

  3. EuroTwin

    It's Official: Happy Hudler is Back

    I believe this requires me to say f*** yeah, Rex!
  4. EuroTwin

    Hudler's return

    YES. Hudler!
  5. EuroTwin

    This sounds like a challenge

  6. EuroTwin

    Who will have the best playoff beard?

    I'm not sure Hank should count, as he usually has a beard. I vote for Draper. FEAR THE GINGER.
  7. EuroTwin

    Lilja Appreciation Thread

    I love him so much the last time I was at the Joe I asked if they had a Lilja jersey to buy. He said they had to make is special, but their equipment was all put away (this was after the game). Perhaps next time, Lilja!
  8. EuroTwin

    DET-PIT Post-Game Discussion

    Of course I would cheer for him. Rooting on someone who plays for your team, however, does not mean you have to like them. I don't particularly like Bertuzzi, but I root for him because he plays for my team. Were Sid to join the Wings, it would probably be much the same.
  9. EuroTwin

    DET-PIT Post-Game Discussion

    Just a couple weeks ago! My boyfriend got transferred from SF International Airport to Detroit Metro, which is something we'd been hoping for. Got the news at the end of February, and had about 10 days to pack up everything and move across the country. Lucky for us, we have friends in Ann Arbor that we're staying with while everything settles. I was internet-less for a while. But very relieved to be back.
  10. EuroTwin

    3/22 GDT: Penguins 1 at Red Wings 3

    I noticed this also. Actually, the guys I was watching the game with were laughing because there was 12.6 seconds left and the Pens were still trying. I told them that we scored twice in 5 seconds last game, no reason someone else couldn't. It ain't over till it's over. I was also amused that Crosby decided that cross checking Zata in the back for the last 12.6 seconds was more important than trying to score again. It's all about choices, I guess.
  11. EuroTwin

    DET-PIT Post-Game Discussion

    If this even thinks about going beyond unsubstantiated rumors, I will be pissed. I also think Howie could use a game off before the end of the season, but it's the principle of the matter. If Howie gets suspended for something so indescribably stupid and minor like facewashing Crosby, whereas other players can not get suspended for hits to the head or repeated crosschecks to the back and head to other teams star players... it's just asinine.
  12. EuroTwin

    Canada vs USA - Women's Gold medal game - 6:30 EST

    Great play by the USA, and fantastic save by the Canadian goalie. edited for brain malfunction
  13. EuroTwin

    Canada vs USA - Women's Gold medal game - 6:30 EST

    Both teams are looking great so far. This is going to be a great game.
  14. EuroTwin

    Canada vs USA - Women's Gold medal game - 6:30 EST

    Wow, I'm totally excited for this game. I think it's going to be awesome. The women have displayed some of the best skills I've seen in any hockey game this Olympics. Jocelyne Lamoureux still has the best goal of the tournament. Can't wait until this game. And in the broader sense, I can't wait until they allow body checking. It's going to be amazing.