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Who to add on D?

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    • Witt
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Alright, Since a lot of us out there think our D needs some help, Who would you rather have? Salei or Witt? or perhaps somebody else

Also, feel free to put down some trades (realistic please tongue.gif) that you see happening to get said player here.....

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Colin White would be my first choice, but I think the Devils would unload Malakov before White.

I'm not sold on Witt, I know he's not happy in Washington, but I don't think he's as consistent as people think he is. He'd be a 3rd or 4th defensemen here IMO.

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Who do I want? I want Brendan Witt. But I have an awful feeling Holland will go after Janne Niinimaa. That guy is a little on the soft side, and he's massively overpaid too.

But Heaton is correct. Witt is somewhat overrated by the posters on this message board (myself included) and he is not a top two defenceman by any means. IMO, Fischer is by far the better defenceman, despite the fact that he has a lower salary. I've been pushing for Witt, however, because he's willing to scrap and is excellent at laying guys out. This team could really use a player like that right about now.

I like the suggestion of Colin White, he's another strong d-man and him and Witt are in the same price range. But it's very unlikely that the Devils will want to dump him.

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I never really thought about that. Does anybody know if Babcock took a liking to Salei?

I've asked this question already, and somebody went through the trouble of asking the Ducks' fans. The answer is very much.

Personally I'm more interested in either Witt, Exelby or White. Salei is the most realistic player though.

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