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Need your THOUGHTS Game 5 - Red Wings Nation WEST

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Hey Red Wings Nation West!!!!

Event in question Game 5 - Saturday, April 29th 3pm EST (12pm PST)

I am thinking of pulling together a RED WINGS NATION WEST event at my place on April 29th for Game 5 which happens to be at NOON Red Wings Nation West Time....

Right now I need a head count since it's Monday and I still have time to gather people up and food items for Saturday's game.

How many of you are interested in coming up or down to the OC for Game 5 at Noon on Saturday, April 29th - please advise me ASAP either by pm or post if you're interested. The response will help me decide and I'll need to know your reponse no later than Wednesday April 26th.

Let me know ASAP!!!

Your self elected Red Wings Nation West President and Owner of the Official Red Game Day Thong!

Speak up Red Wings Nation West!! I want to hear from you!

And yes I'm insane for trying to pull this together in less than a week and also on Paris jetlag!

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