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Danny Markov

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Danny Markov  

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I for one think this is a good deal for the Wings, as long as his salary is >2.2 Mil.

Pros Of Markov


Hard Hitting

Defesive D-man ( I'd pair him with Lidstrom Or Kronwall)


No offense to speak of and the wings are used to Puck moving d-man.

All in all I think he brings the much needed toughness. With Him and Kronwall out WATCH OUT!!

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Who cares if he is not a goal scorer..........Chelios contributes huge and he don't score either. I think he is the best available and we did not have to give up our young talent to get him. $2.5 million ain't alot of money now days for a talented gritty defenseman. I am more interested in the plus and minus department and Markov does well here.

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I'm ok with it.

I'm just wondering one thing. We all saw how the defensive D-mens were immediately signed july 1st- july 3rd,they were so popular. Why not Markov? Is he not as good as we think -were we the only club willing to pay him that kind of money? Or was his agent on holiday?

But having said that,he was the only choice (out of UFA's) out there who seems to have some kind of shot blocking & grit mentality. We know how Kenny's not keen on making any trades,so he did what he had to do and signed him.

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