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One of Mickey Redmond's best quote's ever!

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I really like when he gets on the refs for calling bulls*** penalties, on either team. I always feel the same. You can always sense a little awkwardness that Ken doesnt agree with him.

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I doubt Mick has a clue how to operate a computer, let alone knows the existence of message boards. Mickey is a pabst-drinkin old timer...he used to have a radio show on WJR, that lasted a month or so.

I was about to say the same thing. Kenny always makes a computer joke every once in a while during games too. :lol:

Although that would be really cool of Mickey did come and post here. Heh.

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I have to agree... HNIC could make Mickey a huge star... dump Bob "I Bleed Maple Leaf Blue" Cole and Harry "I Save All Sundin's Underwear" Neal and give me Mickey anyday. The one thing I feel sets Mickey apart from all others is that he calls a spade a spade. Whether it's pro Wings or anti Wings if it's a bad call, good hit, bad hit, whatever... he calls it like he sees it, without the homerism or flat out bias of 99% of the other announcers out there. I wonder if Mickey would respond to a request to join LGW and come on here now and again... hmmm??? Mods, you could always ask, couldn't hurt.

Mickey did broadcasts on HNIC way back in the day.


Check out Broadcasting a little ways down the page.

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