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Babs calls out Hasek...what gives?

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“We explained to each other what we feel about it,†Hasek said. “I don’t agree with him that I embellished or whatever he said, but we were talking about it and I don’t have any problems with the coach. He called the meeting and he explained to me everything. No problems, no bad feelings from him to me or me to him.â€Â

Babcock said after the game that Hasek embellished a bump from Calgary’s Jarome Iginla when he flopped to the ice and was out of position when Kristian Huselius scored at 17:34 of the second period. Hasek insists he wasn’t trying to draw a penalty.

“No, not at all, I was elbowed by Iginla and before I got up they scored the goal,†Hasek said. “Mike probably couldn’t see from the bench and he was frustrated as everyone was in that game . We got a lot of penalties, we didn’t score too many goals, so it was probably frustration on his side. I think the way he explained it to me was he felt sort of disappointed the way the media were taking it. So he said sorry how the media took it.â€Â

Babcock’s comments were aired over and over on Canadian television. He felt too much was made out of it.

“It wasn’t about Dom, it was about our team,†Babcock said. “You can get mad at the officials, but don’t ref the games, play the games. That was the intent. I think what we’re doing here is making it into a one-on-one thing, that’s not how it is at all.â€Â


Yet another situation where too much was made of a situation that should have been handled privately, but that's life, I guess. Precisely what I said when the media picked this up and made a big deal: Babcock was frustrated and took his anger out on Hasek.

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