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Should Sergei Fedorov's number be retired in the future?

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Should Sergei Federov's number be retired in the future?  

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  1. 1. Should Sergei Federov's number be retired in the future?

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    • No

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Octagon negotiated two national commercials for Fedorov, with FedEx and ESPN, and got him national deals with a Bristol-Myers Squibb shampoo product and Siberian Hardwood floors. Additionally, the company got him his own cereal, Fedorov Crunch, appearances for Cartier, and deals with Upper Deck and Topps.

"Those deals were delivered despite the fact that he routinely missed appearances and we had to overcome his DWI [driving while impaired] charge 18 months ago," de Picciotto said. (Fedorov pleaded guilty to a charge of impaired driving in a Michigan court in January 2002. He was arrested in September 2001 after police said he ran a red light and registered a 0.09 percent blood alcohol level.)

De Picciotto declined to comment on whether Fedorov's firing of Octagon was related to his breakup with Octagon client Kournikova. But he said, "In our judgment Sergei would be better served concentrating on hockey rather than on Hollywood."


After an already long holdout...

During the 1998 Olympic break, Carolina rolled out a huge Group 2 free agent offer for Fedorov, which the Detroit Red Wings begrudgingly matched.

daddy drama

Fedorov, father of Detroit Red Wings star Sergei Fedorov, spouted off to a Russian newspaper this week about his son's treatment at the hands of Detroit coach Scotty Bowman.


Interesting BTW that he turned down the Islanders for Carolina.

"Come on, $26 million up front," Rangers star Wayne Gretzky says. "Are you sure it wasn't the Charlotte Hornets who made the offer?"

Six weeks ago, Fedorov, who had been ridiculed by several of his Russian teammates, said he never wanted to play for the Red Wings again. About that time, Hurricanes G.M. Jim Rutherford got approval from owner Peter Karmanos, a longtime enemy of Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch in several non-hockey ventures, to begin negotiating a trade for Fedorov -- even though Karmanos says he expects to lose $25 million this season.

When the Islanders submitted a seven-year, $42 million offer sheet, which Fedorov turned down because too much money was deferred that provided a signal for the Hurricanes to stop trying to trade for Fedorov and start working on an offer sheet the Red Wings would not be able to match.

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I have never been a Fedorov fan so I say NO! He was good for a time...now during his last couple of years here I got tired of hearing all the ooohhhs whenever he had the puck and he hardly every finished what he was trying to accomplish. He was never a team player. I do think although that the booing from Detroit fans has gotten old.

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Maybe it's just me, but I don't see Fedorov in the same class as Yzerman, Linsday, Howe etc. Fedorov could score, but now is washed up. Yzerman was never washed up. Howe was never washed up. Lindsay was never washed up. Fedorov's number will not be retired.

I agree with that totally. He had some great moments in Detroit but just isn't in the same elite class as Yzerman and company.

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I agree with that totally. He had some great moments in Detroit but just isn't in the same elite class as Yzerman and company.

Fedorov is performing better offensively than Yzerman did at the same age. So if Fedorov is washed up because of his declining offense, so was Yzerman. I love Steve Yzerman...but that statement was just plain ignorant.

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The only number worthy of being retired in the near future is Lidstrom's.

First off, the more numbers you stick up in the rafter's, the cheaper the honor becomes. It really should be for players who have been extraordinary throughout their career, and that said career was spent entirely in Detroit.

If they retire Feds jersey, then they need to retire Shanny's, since he was just as important to the 3 most recent Cups...

If they retire Shanny's, then they should retire McCarty's, since he was such a fan favorite, and he won the same 3 Cups that Shanny & Feds did...

If they retire McCarty's, they should retire Draper's...

And Osgood's...

And Maltby's...

And Larionov's...

And Homer's...

Once you start, where do you stop? Eventually the Wings would run out of numbers to use.

completely agree, this should be an honor not a manageri of good players.. it shoudl be the best of the best, not also dedicated to the organization, but the ones most effective for the wings like howe, or yzerman or lindsey, those guys deserved the honor..

osgood wont be up there. i can tell you that, good doesnt make him the best.. ala what jedi just said.. great post jedi i agree completely.

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