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Sadly due to the underwhelming response to this and the crappy timing of the game for west coasters (RWNW) this event has been canceled.

Hey RED WINGS NATION WEST!! The Playoffs are almost here.

I wanted to get an idea of who would be interested in gathering to watch Game 2 of Round 1 (saturday..tentative) The event would be at EastLansingNative and my place. Our place is in Huntington Beach.

Post here if you're interested.

This year will be potluck gatherings as I've discovered I'm not made out of money!

Anyway - please let me know if you're interested.....as soon as the playoff schedule is released we can set more concrete plans!

Let me hear you RWNW!!!

Please note - Superstitions are welcome, allowed, and supported. (As long as they do not burn, pillage or destroy anything in our home :cool:

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