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Mike Babcock is an embarrassment to the NHL

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Guest Hatethedrake!

It's always funny listening to other teams hockey media pretending like they know anything about other teams. Nashville is always funny but Phoenix fans may give them a run for their money. Babs since he has been in Detroit has taken his team to a Western Conference Final, won the Stanley Cup and got to within 1 win of winning another Cup. Before Detroit he coached the Ducks to within 1 win of a Cup in 2003. He also recently coached Team Canada to Olympic Gold. If he is an embarrassment to the NHL then give me 20 of the same on my team anyday. That team will embarrass itself to winning the Cup every year.

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LOL so true. What an ass..

Too bad Babs doesn't have the time of day to respond - I loved the Roenick quotes last year "does Jeremy have some time on his hands?" "if he wants to talk about the SCF maybe he should try playing in one".

Aucoin even mentioning Lidstrom's name is an embarassment....

I should count the number of individual posters so far in this thread, so I know how many hypocrites have posted here so far.

"Aucoin doesn't have the right to talk about Lidstrom" etc.

How many times do you guys bring up the "You probably have never played hockey" or "You can't talk about that because you don't know what being a professional athlete is like"

Pretty much everyone on these boards agrees that Lidstrom has been declining and has lost a step. Now it's a huge scandal because Aucoin, who in his prime was consistently one of the ten or fifteen best defensemen in the league himself, says that Nick isn't the player he once was?


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