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  1. 10/13 - Red Wings at Golden Knights - 10:30 PM EST

    I think Mrazek will start tonight and I think that is a good thing. I want him to play against the team that I bet he is pissed didn't select him in the draft and out to prove them wrong.
  2. Athanasiou Signed 1 year $1.4 mil

  3. Training Camp Opens

  4. Training Camp Opens

  5. Athanasiou Signed 1 year $1.4 mil

    Not Looking Good
  6. Athanasiou Signed 1 year $1.4 mil

  7. Athanasiou Signed 1 year $1.4 mil

    Not sure how legit, but interesting
  8. Tatar Re-Signs 4 Years $21.2M ($5.3M AAV)

    per Elliotte Friedman
  9. Tatar, Athanasiou, and XO's new deals

    Tatar come on man
  10. Ouellet signs a 2 year deal

  11. Looks like it is going be around 3 million a year... not too bad actually
  12. Targets for the Wings

  13. Targets for the Wings

    If it is only a 2 year deal... that would be just fine by me
  14. Targets for the Wings