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  1. Rumors Thread

    Alright against my better judgement. Green goes for a 2nd and Cal Foote Glenner goes for a 3rd and Leivo Nyquist goes to Nashville for a 2nd Dekeyser and Helm go to the Jets for a 2nd and prospect/player If I get one I will be shocked.
  2. Rumors Thread

    This will be yet another disaster. Green will net a 3rd at this point
  3. Rumors Thread

    Why do I have the feeling this trade deadline will not be as profitable for the Wingsas once thought
  4. Mrazek traded to Philly for Conditional 3rd and 4th Picks

    Sounds like he was a horrible teammate. What you'll find in a lot of these trades over the next week is that the guys leaving will play much better. Would not shock me if Petr is leading Philly to the playoffs. A change of scenery will be huge for them.
  5. Rumors Thread

    Good to see LGW hasn't lost the hostility. AA goes anywhere a first has to be coming back plus others. No way he goes for a goalie prospect. I don't care if Matt Millen was the GM that won't happen. They're doing exactly what they should be doing now. Taking their time and waiting until desperation creeps in. Green will net a first and prospect. To hope that 8 players get moved off the roster though is insane. Won't happen
  6. How's the LCA

    Love it, absolute palace. The pistons being there sort of takes away from them. Everything about the LCA screams hockey. Seats were comfy- walked around could see from anywhere. I never used to get up at all. Didn't want to miss the action. Wow this place does it for me.
  7. Non Stanley Cup Seasons that were the most shocking

    96 they were the best team on the planet
  8. Tatar, Athanasiou, and XO's new deals

    Trade tots now, before you screw this up
  9. 2019 Free Agency Class

    I can't see Karlsson leaving Ottawa. Would offer him the world.
  10. 2017 Opening Day Roster

    14-40-39 72-51-21 43-71-59 15-41-8 6-3 65-25 61-18 IF 55,52 are on IR 35-34
  11. Off-season moves

    Need to see a trade. Tatar and Nyquist are essentially the same player. Get rid of one of them and find a defensemen that can actually play.
  12. Breaking News

    In 2022... Did the Wings win the cup?
  13. Breaking News

    Does Mantha look as good as anyone picked ahead of him in his draft? Sure does to me... The point is you don't know. The Wings wanted to get bigger and that's what they did. Ras could be the biggest steal at 9 or he could be a bust. We don't know.
  14. Off-season moves

    I actually love this entire draft. They have needed size for a long time and finally drafted it. I still want them to trade Gus/Tatar and get the Dman they need. Other than that I think Holland has done a fine job to this point in the off-season.
  15. Targets for the Wings

    The object remains to get a puck moving defensemen. Still hasn't gotten it done. Have assets, use them. Get the job done Holland