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  1. BlakKy


  2. BlakKy

    Wings top 2 FWD lines starting the season

    No Nyquist?? awww...
  3. All the North American pro sports trophies are made of sterling silver. This means they are all relatively the same hardness.
  4. BlakKy

    So I Met Some NHLers Yesterday

    My only brushes with NHLers come from work. I work downtown at Bestbuy (don't make fun) and Leafs come in pretty regularly. First guy I met since working there was Ron Wilson. He bought the nicest Mac laptop we have from myself and we just conducted business regularly. When he was skimming through his wallet I asked "What do you think of the team this year?" (this was my first indication I gave as to knowing who he was) He responded, "Best team Toronto has had since Sundin has been gone-what kind of discount can I get?" He seriously didn't take a breath between sentences. I offered him the 'student' discount which is to say $100 off in lieu of buying a service plan for $450. He said "Do I have to do anything?" and I let him know that I'd take care of it. He then asked for my card and he gave me his along with some nice gold seat tickets for the second home game of the season. The best NHL souvenir I now own is Ron Wilson's business card. MLSE Ron Wilson Head Coach, Toronto Maple Leafs Blackberry # Fax # Email Since then he referred JM Liles and Lupul to the store and they got in touch with me. They were furnishing there new condos with home theatre stuff. Both were nice enough guys and Lupul brought tickets to the store. He also left tickets on his counter for the installers. After I helped them out I texted Ron about the Wings game in TO and let him know they were my favourite team and he made some comment about them "being a good, but easy choice to cheer for". He had someone drop off the same Gold seat tickets to the store in an envelope with my name on it. Funniest thing about all this is how badly I wanted Wilson to be fired before I started getting hook-ups lol.
  5. BlakKy

    Props to the DJ at the Joe

    I hate this song because it is the Leafs goal song... for every leaf goal.
  6. BlakKy

    Tyson Nash

    I hope Dats does it again soon... just to prove to himself that Smith got lucky and it is still the most beautiful and effective shootout move ever.
  7. BlakKy

    Detroit player on NHL 36?

    Just curious as to why you would say this? I think that Lids is a better choice but still Dats could have been fun!
  8. BlakKy

    The ONE thing I can't stand about Wings games on FSD.....

    could hope they choose a better song i guess.
  9. BlakKy

    The ONE thing I can't stand about Wings games on FSD.....

    I really wish the Fillet o Fish commercial was back. Also the new Rahmani commercial isn't as good since there is no wings soundbite. And also... I already know a pick-up truck is a better hockey player than Franzen, and I'm cool with it. Just stop telling me.
  10. BlakKy

    1/8 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Blackhawks 2 (OT)

    What is going on with Lids lately?
  11. BlakKy

    Henrik Sedin's Comments on Vancouver's Toughness

    From comments on youtube. POSTGAME INTERVIEW Interviewer: Was anything said between you two before you gave him those shots? Marchand: Nope Interviewer: Then why did you hit him? Marchand: Felt like it *37 Thumbs up (including mine)
  12. BlakKy

    Winter Classic 2013

    But it came true!
  13. BlakKy

    Krys Barch.

    I get where you are going. If some player is dumb enough to use *** as an insult and really mean it I guess a peer could receive it and really take it to heart. ie. successful trash talk.
  14. BlakKy

    Krys Barch.

    Probably good because calling someone *** who isn't makes you sound like a grade-schooler.
  15. BlakKy

    Your favorite DRW memory of 2011

    I think Dat's backhand pass to Fil in game 6 was it for me. Seeing the Joe jump on that play is just awesome. in fact let me post my fav memories of this year all in one nifty video.