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Somebody need to get the video of the guy so i can laugh some more of his idiotic way of flipping the bird.

That would be really classy of whoever has the class to get that classy video of a not so classy Coyotes fan, so i could be less classy and laugh my classy ass of :rolleyes:

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Being a Yankees fan is unforgivable. I'd imagine you got behind the Yankees and Cowboys as a kid, though, when we all wanted to back winners. I was huge Yankees fan the season leading up to that '96 (?) World Series win - but I've just grown to hate them. Not as much as I hate the Red Sox, though. They've become a Championship-purchaser just like the Yanks, yet pretend like they aren't.

But I digress.

Having more than 1 favorite team really isn't - especially when they don't generally compete. As Carman said, being a Pens fan and a Wings fan was never an issue for him until recently. In addition to the Tigers, I also love the Cubs - they just happened to play an interleague series last year. My friends and I went and I wore my Cubs shirt to get a rise out of people, even though I was perfectly happy to see the Tigers take the game and the series.

I personally can't really get behind another hockey team on any level other than jersey appreciation, but that's just me. There's absolutely nothing wrong with following or rooting for more than one team.

edit: Formatting.

Here's my story...

Actually I've been a Tigers and Baseball fan since a kid, mid-80s, I'm 33. As I got into the other sports, I naturally became fan of the Detroit teams. With the Tigers tough times from the mid 90's to the mid 00's I appreciated what the Yankees were doing with ONeill, Williams, Jeter, Tino, Rivera, Pettitte, etc.. Even though they had a big payroll, they never had the best player or pitcher in the league. After 2001 they went crazy with the free agents, so just like the rest of Detroit I was thrilled to see the Tigers beat them in 4 games in the 2006 ALDS.

The Cowboys, I really became a big fan of Troy Aikman, plus the Lions just plan suck, but I'm still a Lions fan! Funny we're talking about this, today I just bought the book called Boys Will Be Boys telling about the inside dirt of the 1992-1996 Cowboys teams.

Basketball, I'm not a big enough fan of the game to have a second NBA team. Go Pistons!

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LOL...I personally think those chants are idioitic. It would be one thing if Howard was getting shelled, but the game was tied 1-1 when they started piping up...

correct my "heckle ettiquite" if i'm wrong, but i think the "hoooo-waaaard" (or insert goalie name here) chant supposed to be chimed in when your team is actually in the offensive zone? seemed like phoenix was always chanting it when we were on the attack!

strikes me as logical that the chant should come up when it actually might have some kind of effect...

i could be wrong. i'm told i usually am...

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I like the finger. Direct and to the point. Somebody flips you off, you flip them off back, you're even, you go on with our lives. No one-upping necessary, and consequently no escalation to violence. Well, usually anyway. I mean, if you start talking, it's all over with. The trick is to keep it nonverbal.

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