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Put Ozzy in.

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Some of you forget, if Howie doesn't play this year the Wings are already golfing, they were golfing at seasons end. He flat out WON games for the Wings and being top 5 in the league should have earned him some wiggle room with fans right. Not on LGW, where half of the board thinks no matter what happens or whom is on the team the wings should go 98-0, and win every game by either a shut out or by allowing no more than 1 goal that better not be soft.

And I thought pot messed up my short term memory, what drugs is this board doing.

Whatever Ozzie may or may not have been in the past, this year he is a goalie who has not played in months. Hell hasn't played with any regularity since November, and you want to throw him in front of this offense (the Sharks) and behind this defense.

The Red Wings are getting smoked on the face off Dot, last night was better, but not by much. They clear the zone about as well as I imagine a seal with a hockey stick would.

How many times have the Wings tried to leave the zone and failed on multiple attempts, and I am talking ES here? How many odd man rushes have they given up?

This is the 1 seed playing a 5 seed that just played a 7 game series. Psst, new break, the Wings should lose to the one seed. I as a fan say they will beat the one seed, however I have enough brain cells to realize it may not happen.

Soft goals or not Howard has not lost a game by more than 1 goal this series. The all of the sudden "Anti-Howard"(really the Anti-Goalie in net for a loss) crowd that shows up whenever the Wings lose is in full effect and converting new recruits with every post.

And for every soft goal in the series where you can say, "Oh Howie let in a Softie", I can say the team let him down for 2 goals. So which is worse a goalie that gave up 2 soft goals or a team that left their goalie out to try for 2 goals?

I say they are just as bad as one another and it is the teams fault they are losing, actually I would blame McClellan and the Sharks, but that is just me.

But the Team as a whole has crapped the bed in the 3rd period, including Howie this team has been out played in the final frame every game, and this was the first game they didn't give up a goal in the first 5.

Did you ever think that maybe, just maybe the Sharks are actually the better team and winning not because Howie is a horrible goalie and should be traded for that seal I mentioned above with all of that skill.

Plus how many times have we seen Ozzie do the exact same thing, let up a game winner, that wasn't exactly the toughest goal of the goal scorers career.

These things happen to goalies, hell Luongo got torched last playoffs, look at him this year.

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True to form, Detroit turns on its goalies when failure in the playoffs happen.

Howard has been great, but obviously not elite. However, that being said we have no choice but to give him the starter job next season. The key is in having Ozzie fight with him for the starting position. If Osgood is better next year a tandem will work the best.

Consider Howard at this point a good stop-gap while we wait for Pearce, McCollum, Larsson, etc. to be ready.

Howard certainly isn't bad, though and shouldn't just be given up on. It's not his fault we're behind in this series. He hasn't been great but neither has the team.

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Howard obviously doesnt have enough experience to face San Jose which is a more veteran type team. last year i believe ozzy was the best goalie in the playoffs with the best goals against ratio, somewhere around 1.88 or something? i dont remember. the point is howard just isnt ready for this veteran team, we need to put in our veteran goalie. please. everyone knows the last two goals scored by SJ was howards fault.

anyone agree


The first and third goals howard let in were pretty bad. if we are going to win four straight games i dont see it happening with a rookie goalie. go with our veteran goalie. especially from how howard has been playing against the sharks, i mean he has made a few good saves at times but he let in soft goals at the wrong times.

Osgood is worse dude... you should know that being a Wings fan.

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If my calculations are correct, Jimmy Howard has let in 33 goals in just 10 playoff games... that is unacceptable. I have never been a fan of Howard; yes he helped the Wings get into the post-season but I never found him to be consistant with his saves and I knew it would be a mistake to not play ozzy to get him ready for playoffs and start him in the playoffs. 33 goals in 10 games is terrible and Jimmy REALLY sent the Wings golfing with his performance in game 3... While the Wings can come back it is unlikely, and I think Babs is probably sitting right now thinking that he made a HUGE mistake by not playing Ozzy in the playoffs.

At this point, the Wings are down 3-0 and have nothing to lose; I say start Ozzy in game 4. If the Wings are to win this series, they need a major shake-up like a goalie change anyways, so I say get Ozzy in there and aim for a comeback.

I agree 100% . We will not win this series with Howard in net, but if you put Ozzy in and by some miracle he puts up that playoff wall of his the Wings stand a slim chance at making a come back.

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Guest teef

i'm not so sure that howard is the problem. the only soft goal he has really let in was the tying goal from coture last night. it would probably be best to keep him in net rather than go to a rusty osgood.

but i voted for ozzy, cause i wouldn't mind clinching another series over the wings with him in the net.

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