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11/13 GDT: Avalanche 1 at Red Wings 3

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Western Conference Standings updated, and the opposition GDT now up

The opposition GDT thing is great. Hockeytown, we should practically be paying you for doing this thread every game.

Only problem I have with the Opposition GDT, is after I get a few beers in me, I want to register an account and start posting to it.....but from experience that NEVER turns out well :)

I like the quote:

"I don't care if the Avs lose every other game on the schedule, just beat the Wings"

Lol. Makes me proud.

Otherwise, they seem pretty civil. I lived in Colorado for a few years, and while they had a buttload of Fair weather fans, most of them faded away, so a lot of their fans now are legit.

Wings 4-2. Zett, Cleary, Hudler (Yeah, I said it), Franzen. Dunno about Avs. It's hard to pick when half the team that I recognize is injured.

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Yip always seems to tear us up for some reason. Aves are one of those teams that seems to just step it up against us. But come on, they have PETR BUDAJ.

My ex girlfriend when I lived in Colorado knew Budaj. He was her favorite player. She was in his fan club. We'd get occasional tickets to the games for discount rates because of it. One of the games we went too was a Detroit game in Denver. She wore her Tanguay Jersey, I wore my Yzerman jersey. I got booed a lot, but I'm a pretty big guy so people did it from like 100 meters away. Ah....good times.

I was sitting in the "Peter Budaj Fan Section" in my Red and White. This was in 2003 as well, so Animosity was strong. Avs had just won the cup in 2001. Detroit won it in 2002 (After beating the Avs, and the statue of liberty goal).

I was in Colorado for Detroit's 2002 victory over the Avs too. There was a sports bar downtown Denver called "The Tin Lizzy" which would overflow with Red Wings fans. Good times, good times :)

Yes, I do tell this story every time we play the Avs.

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Gonna be a few mins late for this one. Let's hope the Wings play as dominant as they did in the last game (cept for the last few mins of it) and for our big guns to step it up some more. Here's to a good game!

Red Wings 5 (Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Cleary, Filppula, Modano)

Avalanche 2


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