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  1. AA 3rd period ice time: 0:00
  2. NotTooAbby and I are meeting up with 11 other Wings fans at the Hooters in the west end
  3. Getting ready to head to the pre game festivities with NoTooAbby, bring the loud rrasco. I'll be with the same group of 14 rocking my Helm jersey. GO WINGS!!
  4. If it was held at the big house I don't think they would be able to sell alcohol inside the stadium.....that is a problem
  5. Been in the Dallas area for almost six years now and the big problem here is the bandwagon. If the Stars are doing well in a few months the place will be packed, if not they will stick with the only team that fans seem to be "loyal" towards....the Cowboys. I wouldn't have guessed there were 50,000 Rangers fans total in this area a few years ago, but they make the post season last year and the bandwagon fills up. It's sad but that is the way it is here, makes us people from Michigan appreciate our fans even more.
  6. Looks like Yahoo has the game streaming on their site if anyone needs a feed:;_ylt=AkYr4llvJ6J4u9asvfl9wTV7vLYF
  7. Mindfly would be proud of you for this, hahaha
  8. The better question is where are LGW's tough guys??? Mindfly, Carman, where are yoooouuuuuuu?
  9. I saw that stat and it doesn't make me happy, however, I think Jimmy will pull it together and tonight should be a good opportunity for him. *Khabibulin's drunk driving stats are worse than Jimmy's, point for Jimmy.
  10. On my way to hooters in downtown Dallas to pregame, then off to the game with a group of 16 Wings fans! Let's Go Wings!!!!
  11. says Ozzy is playin
  12. Yes and when Stu saw this moment of vulnerability he seized it by intentionally hitting Cleary since he is jealous of Dan's recent success. I didn't realize what really happened til just now....
  13. Yes, he skated from Stu's right to left, you can't expect guys to hold off on taking a shot everytime a player is near their shooting lane. Heck you often see plays just like this where the guy in Cleary's position creates a great screen, this time he got hit. Sucks yes, but this is where our young boys get their chances.
  14. This is a perfect example of how little you understand the sport, go back and watch the tape. Its an accident, nothing more nothing less. I'm surprised Cleary isn't getting blamed for his own injury since he jumped, if he would left his skate on the ice it wouldn't have happened either......Freak accident, we'll be fine. *and it was 4-0 when this had been for quite some time.