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St. Michael (the Red Wing)

7-6 Philly midway through the 2nd period

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That type of game is not just "Two good teams". That type of game is an example of why the East is nothing like the West.

I can't wait until Detroit gets to play some of these East powerhouses.

Otherwise, it was a pretty exciting game to watch.

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Guest Heaten

Here's the question on HFboards:

Do you think he [stamkos] has moved up to the level of the "Big 3?"

My question is "do you think the 'Big 3' will move up to the Stamkos level?" The guy is amazing.

Crosby who?

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No, it was Philly's s***ty coaching. Boucher should have been put back in over Leighton but because Leighton had a couple good games while Boucher was out, Boucher got the bench. Even though he is like five times better than Leighton.

Positive he is not 5 1/2 or 6 times better?

surprised that phillys defense and suspect goaltending allowed a game like this? no

Leino Factor

stamkos + st. louis = :wub:


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