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WJC Gold Medal game

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What happened to the usual Canadian mantra of "we could have put 3 equally good teams on the ice"? :P

Save the ifs and the buts for NHL2011 on the XBox.

Canada sent the team it did, that team was very good, good enough to dominate Russia for 1 1/2 games. The reason they lost wasn't lack of talent. In Quebec Sr Canadian WC team laid almost as big an egg leading by 2 goals and losing in the final.

You lost. Deal with it. I can respect a Canadian saying: "We'll get you next year". And you quite likely will. But quit this excuse-mongering.

You send the best team you can to every tournament. Other countries have their own problems, and they send the best teams they can. The very best team at that moment in time is the one who won gold. By the time the next tournament rolls along, everyone starts from the same level again. C'est la vie.

You actually think russias best could beat the team tane listed?

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You actually think russias best could beat the team tane listed?

Well, they didn't have to, because that team wasn't there. Russians beat the team that Canada did send and got gold medals to show for it.

In the hypothetical, I really don't think it would have made all that much of a difference. Lack of skill, especially on offense, wasn't the problem for Canada in the gold medal game. They scored 9 goals in 2 games on the Russians. Your team choked, team defense and goaltending broke down in the 3rd period. The same exact team had no problem dominating Russia in the round robin game and in the first half of the final. Unless you had an Yzerman-type leader to put on this team, no amount of skill would have saved you. And a better psychologist for a coach wouldn't have hurt.

So lick your wounds, Canada, accept your inferiority for the moment, and come back stronger next year. :P

You are usually good at that.

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