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Ron Wilson violates salary cap rules

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Z bets with Monopoly money

But everyone knows coaches and players put money “on the board” from time to time, adding a little incentive on certain occasions. They just do it quietly. And usually it’s all in good fun.

“Absolutely it is,” Detroit Red Wings forward Henrik Zetterberg said. “You want to have that guy pay. You don’t want to lose that game. You want to win it.”

Why would millionaires care if a few hundred dollars are on the line?

“Well, it’s a few hundred dollars here and there,” Zetterberg said. “In the end, it makes up to a nice little team fund. It’s a fun thing. I think all the teams have it. We enjoy it.”

Don’t they worry about breaking the rules?

“Oh, yeah,” Zetterberg said, smiling. “But we’re just putting Monopoly money up there.”

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We have no problem with this fine," GM Brian Burke told The Star today. "Ron wasn't aware this conduct is not permitted, nor was I. We accept the fine without objection or protest of any kind

Yet more evidence that Burke is an idiot. ITS YOUR FRACKING JOB TO KNOW THE RULES!!!!!!!!!!

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