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I've decided-Datsyuk for Captain

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When Lidstrom and Draper's time is up I would personally like to see

Zetterberg "C"

Datsyuk "A"

Rafalski "A"

Holmstrom "A"

any complaints?

I think Holmstrom and Rafalski will retire the same year as lids... Well I guess I could see Rafalski signing maybe a 1-2yr deal after this at a reduced price but I don't think he has ever had a leadership role on this team.


C- Lidstrom

A Zetterberg

A Datsyuk

(I don't think Draper will be asked back after this year unless Eaves and Miller both leave for more $)


C Zetterberg

A Datsyuk

A Kronwall

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That was perfect. I also agree Hank will get it, I guess I was silly to think it was an interesting topic to discuss...

welcome to letsgowings, its still a great forum and i visit it everyday but i've given up making topics cause people take them too seriously and it ends in arguments

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That's a pretty lame comparison, seeing as the Caps have accomplished exactly f*** all in the post season recently, and therefore should not be used as any sort of example for sweater letters...but just to entertain your argument for a moment: you do realize that Ovechkin's english is heads and shoulders better than Datsyuk's, yes?

Maybe that's what Datsyuk wants everyone to think. He is rather crafty, that one.

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