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3/19 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Predators 3

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Good pressure by the Helm/Homer/Flip line there.

Headshot elbow on Applefritter? Anyone see it?

Yup. Erat threw up an elbow to catch Abby in the face. He didn't have him lined up for the hit at all, just did a flyby. Then some other pred tried to check Abby as he was reeling from the elbow, and long after the puck had gone. Tough first shift for Abby and dirty play by Erat.

Now Cleary looks shaken up a bit.

EDIT: well, everyone but the refs saw it.

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Guest Howard He Do It?!

Did the Red Wings kill the Predators' mother? Dirty play so far and the refs, as usual, will just sit back and let it happen.

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