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WCSF Game 2 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Sharks 2

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Wings had a near perfect game one and everyone is freaking out. We weathered the storm of a long lay off and almost pulled off a win on the road. Who cares if we got dominated on the stat sheet? Truth is, we brought the Sharks to OT in their home arena while playing short handed the entire second, third, and OT. We just need to steal one of the next two in San Jose and we have the series won because I don't see San Jose winning in Detroit. I mean, look at all the line matching Babcock had to try and do FFS.

Go Wings and F off haters, go be a Vancouver fan if youre going to be a fair-weather ****** :)

I thought they played a good game too, but after reading all the negative ninny/nancy posts I figured what the hell do I know?! :huh: And I thought I relied on them too much to give me a life! :hehe:

I firmly believe they will not only play well (again) today, but they will win. :thumbup:

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I'm feeling a strong game from Dats, Mule, and Abby today.

I feel like Abbey needs to come out here and just rock Pavelski's mind! I think he comes out strong and whoops ass and plays his ass off.


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i think they said "empire"

You sure?

I thought he said, "The San Jose Sharks have driven a stake into the hearts of the vampire that is the Detroit Red Wings." Not sure though....just what I thought I heard.

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