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:hysterical: at the negs because I said I would puke if he drafts Swede's. I guess nobody can even have an opposing opinion on who they'd like to see drafted. It's not like I said "I hate (insert nationality here)" I simply just said, in not so many words, I think the organization has enough influx of European defensemen. I would really love to see Morrow drafted instead of Jonas Brodin. Come on folks, lets remember how the negs and positives are supposed to be used. Of course when someone negs someone else, they never have the balls to admit it and explain why. Negs are not used because someone has an opposing opinion, but some kiddies just can't handle open forums...

Let me put it politcally correct for you: Its my personal opinon that Joe Morrow would bring more to the future of this hockey club than Jonas Brodin would. If Holland has both of these players available at #24 and opts for Brodin, I will be very disappointed...

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