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Will Malkin get a call from Shanahan?

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Exhibit A:

On one hand, you can say that since the headshot didn't connect and there was no injury, there's nothing to suspend. On the other, however, Malkin was clearly trying to take Giroux's head off (and lost his balance a bit when Giroux ducked, so the momentum was there showing this wasn't just some attempted little tap) so you could make the argument for intent to injure. It's just such curious behavior from the team that was speaking out so loudly against headshots (and Matt Cooke's been relatively quiet this season, so you can't even blame it on him).

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maybe a call but nothing more.

but how about giroux's ninja-like reflexes there!

I thought that was rather impressive too. Would have been hilarious if Malkin took a header after missing a la Pronger trying to take out Yzerman that one time.

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