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12/21 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Canucks 4

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just watching that's hockey on tsn.

panelists and reporters have ALL heard today that the goal that was scored on Howard when Z apparently pushed the player into him SHOULD NOT have counted.

no penalty but no goal either.

let's see if they start to crack down even more now.

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met ian white after the game and told him hes a warrior and that us pple on this site n wings fans love the fact we have him "n im not just saying that" his eye was fine that mans just a beast he was good tonight i thought... i was at the game n im still fired up i was right behind detroits bench 2 rows behind and when kronwall delivered the "U GOT KRONWALLED HIT" all i remember is me jumping up n screaming KRONWALLED! with many other Redwing fans in the barn... also when kesler the ***** went after kronners i yelled .."take a seat kesler uuuu *****" lol kindl and ericsson look back at me n just smirked n laughed babs smirked to also even some nux fans laughed... i was so fired up i cant stand nux fans oh my i live here near vancity i cant even put it into words how stupid and dumb there fans are and obnoxious ... so please detroiters who will be going to the next redwings n nux game at the joe ... if we do end up lighting up luongo or just having a good lead .. rag on him like we did on patrick roy.. and give kesler the boo chants show him michigan doesnt give 2 s***s about him.. once again sorry for my frustrated rant its 4 am and im walkin around the house wanting to pucnh the ***** wagon burrows face in n that model wanna be keslers freakin nose in! on the good side i got my helm jersey signed by helm after the game:)

You were excited! So excited I barely understand what the frick you are saying! Please, I know internet chat has it's own words, but please, use them sparingly. Or at least not in your entire post. I know spelling and grammar aren't always the best here and most folks look the other way, but man this was brutal! But at least you enjoyed yourself! Go Wings!

didn't watch the game but watched the replays.

that is such a ridiculous quote. "If you're going to hit guys like that, you're going to have to drop the gloves."

he turned with the puck with his head down, got destroyed, and kronwall is responsible for fighting him?

no. kesler got embarrassed and was still embarrassed when he made that stupid quote.

i'll tell you what, though. howard's getting pissed. teams are running him like crazy knowing nobody's going to rough them up afterwards. that's gotta change, and i wonder if he plays a part in us finally getting some MEAN players.

I like it that Howard is getting pissed, would be great to see a rebirth of Eddie Belfour in todays NHL! Expect to see Howard develop some stick-work soon. "Come near my crease, feel the pain..."

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